Priscilla Dang sends her would-be muggers packing

In what can only be described as the bad guys getting precisely what they deserve, a story out of Vancouver, Washington really put a smile on my face.  A couple of juvenile delinquents decided young Priscilla Dang was a good target for harassment but they quickly learned otherwise.

Priscilla was jogging alone on June 15th when two young degenerates approached her.  They were on bikes.  One of them cut her off while the one behind her groped the young woman.  Anywhere that has common sense calls that sexual assault, and instead of capitulating to these two little perverts Priscilla thought she’d teach them a lesson in civility.

Priscilla Dang has studied Kung Fu for 18 years in her family’s martial arts school.

She grabbed the little jerk who had molested her and demanded he apologize.

“I grabbed him and said, ‘You need to apologize, and he did,'” said Dang.

Then the second little pervert decided to ramp things up a notch or two.  He started swearing at the young woman.  She retaliated with a couple of punches to the rude delinquent’s face, and that seemed to upset him.

Apparently he isn’t used to his victims fighting back.  That’s when he made an even bigger mistake.  He decided he’d go after Priscilla physically.

“He started coming in for a few, and I was lucky enough to dodge his shots. I came up for another one and I got him good, and I think that upset him,” she said.

Then the delinquent pulled a knife out and threatened the young lady with it.

No point getting into a fight with an upset juvenile delinquent with a knife, she thought and backed off.  Fortunately there were a couple of witnesses to the entire confrontation and they called police, who quickly apprehended the teenagers.

The two are 16 and 18 years old, and unfortunately now the justice system will kick in and do what it does best:  take the side of the abusers, not the abused.

The 16-year-old was turned over to his parents.  In other words the kid totally gets away with it. Yeah, that really ought to teach him a lesson.

The 18-year-old was arrested and will likely face charges of assault.  Why the 16-year-old was not arrested too is utterly beyond comprehension.

As for Priscilla Dang… what a brave young lady.  She is to be congratulated for not letting two uncouth young men harass her; for standing up for herself with dignity.

“I think they knew they messed with the wrong girl,” she said.

While this story had a very happy ending (unless you’re one of the two uncouth little brats who were on the receiving end of the lesson that day, that is) I have to wonder how many other young women these two pathetic excuses for humanity have accosted and abused before?

We’ll never know the answer to that question, will we?

2 thoughts on “Priscilla Dang sends her would-be muggers packing

  1. hey chris,

    please tell me that the information on the race of these punks wasnt available, or you will lose some credability here. i dont care whether they are white, hispanic, black, or oriental; but it seems important to see who it is exactly that are attacking women for sport.
    however, i do realize that often the race of the violent thugs is not readily available due to the complicity of the media in the lie that multiculturalism is wonderful(in other words, they cover for minorities–primarily blacks).
    in closing, im glad the woman whipped them, and hopefully they learned a lesson, but i have to wonder if the savage with the knife will just be better prepared next time with a gun, or if he will just attack violently without warning next time.
    of course, the race of the perpetrators would give us a better idea of the liklihood of them attacking again… have a good one !!

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