NFA’s “Canadian Firearms Summit” cancelled due to lack of interest

Canadian Firearms Summit CANCELLED!

From the NFA’s website, all that’s mentioned is this:

Canadian Firearms Summit 2010

Sorry, this event has been cancelled.

On the CanadianGunNutz web forum a little more information was posted:

Unfortunately the Canadian Firearms Summit meeting planned for December 10-12, 2010 is cancelled. The critical mass of organizations needed to make it work was not attained with CSSA/CILA formally declining to attend as of November 2. Canada’s NFA may well convene another such meeting in 2011, perhaps in conjunction with its AGM. Please contact me directly with your questions.


Sheldon Clare
Canada’s National Firearms Association

There was a lot of chatter on GunNutz about the timing of the event, which was only announced in the wake of Bill C-391’s defeat.  One such poster commented;

Points to ponder:

  • December 11th is 2 weeks before Christmas, very busy time of year.
  • Airfares are at their highest.
  • Lodging rates are maxed out as well.

Is it too late to re-schedule for January? In January:

  • Christmas rush is over. Business is dead.
  • Airline seat sales abound
  • Lodging discounts (off-season)

Just a thought…

This poster obviously gave a lot more thought to the logistics than the NFA’s leadership.  Or did they intentionally not want a large turnout?  Invitations were sent to “a select group” according to Mr. Clare, and nobody could attend the event unless he personally signed off on them.

Pretty solid assessment by Griffoneur. If you want to reduce the number of attendees, hold it 2 weeks before Christmas.

That’s a guaranteed way to build grass-roots support.  [sarcasm intended]

2 thoughts on “NFA’s “Canadian Firearms Summit” cancelled due to lack of interest

  1. Looks like the NFA’s trying to blame the CSSA for their troubles again. Typical.

    The guys at the NFA oughta try talking with the other gun groups first if they expect everyone to jump on board with their program.

    Oops, that’s not the NFA way.

  2. Let’s see, the NFA won’t play hardball with government but they will against firearms owners in order to keep us quiet so we don’t ask any embarrassing questions.

    I guess it’s a good thing the Chilliwack Fish and Game club recently voted to change their affiliation from the NFA to the BCWF (as well, BCWF insurance will be replacing NFA insurance – all in all, a notable hit to NFA coffers).

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