Council of Guysborough, NS — SHUT UP!

Greg Vandermeulen’s August 1st diatribe “Municipal support for MP’s bill is wrong” is, well, wrong.  Greg is all upset because the good folks on Guysborough passed a resolution demanding their MP support Candice Hoeppner’s Private Members Bill C-391 when it comes up for third reading later this year.

He says they’ve overstepped their bounds. He also states “Nobody with a grain of common sense votes for a municipal councilor based on how they feel about national issues.

Really.  Well, I guess I don’t have a grain of common sense then, because I’d be the first to congratulate my city council if they passed such a motion.

It would tell me that a) my city council understands government waste should never be tolerated, b) that they believe in speaking their mind as the voice of their constituents, which they are elected to do, and c) that they’ve got balls enough to take a stand on what they believe is right, regardless of what level of government that’s at.

I applaud the folks in Guysborough for having the cohones to tell their MP what they as a community believe is important.

Because that’s who the Member of Parliament is supposed to represent.  Not his party leader.

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