“Social Justice” Is Not Kids’ Play by Jane Gaffin

In reference to Don Laird’s Selfish Spoiled Brats Steal Money from 9-Year-Old Girl Scout, Say They’re Entitled to It  and Christopher di Armani’s Telling the Truth to Spoiled Brats Across North America, it sounds as though the epidemic of ‘spoiled brats’ infiltrating society need to be tuned up.

Each generation wants the next generation of children to be better educated and have an easier life than their parents before them.

This honorable, feel-good parental philosophy has evolved into a disgusting, socialistic generation of whining, sniveling, lazy, jealous, envious, greedy, grabby, selfish, irresponsible, ill-mannered, uneducated, idiotic, hedonistic, petulant, feel-sorry-for-me brats and lotus-eaters who operate on the pseudo premise that life is fair and that the world owes them a living.

Socialism — which doesn’t work; never did work; and never will work — has become so pervasive that the strong gravitational pull has even sucked an unwilling middle-class psyche into the vortex, too.

The German Karl Marx, who never had an original thought in his head, managed to patch together a string of rag-tag ideas for the masses to live by that he had stolen from other theorists and produced the Communist Manifesto in 1848.

His economic, social and political theories are insane which is why they proved totally unworkable in practicality and reality.

Yet the opulent people-control freaks — the globalists — keep dragging this despicable piece of trash back into the limelight under the guise of different names and agendas.

The latest document is the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the blueprint on how world’s society will be architected for the 21st Century’s living patterns.

Agenda 21 is based on the Communist Manifesto that the failed United Nations, a supplant to the failed League of Nations, eagerly adopted as its manual during its formation in 1945 before World War II was officially finished in the Pacific.

One of the main ingredients to the anti-capitalism treatise is the promotion of the misleading phrase “social justice”.

The wacky “equal distribution of wealth” theory calls for a ban on privately-owned property which would serve to destroy and blend the affluent middle class in with the lower class. If the lower class can’t afford to own property, therefore, the middle class should not be allowed to own property either.

Voila. Equality!

Environment. Economy. Social Equity.

The three linked pillars of the Sustainable Development scheme flows from Agenda 21. The Three Es is a concept in direct conflict with the traditional American bottom-line system that denotes free enterprise and capitalism.

The Communist Manifesto calls for all property to be publicly-owned. It assures the right of each person, regardless of how lazy a dolt he is, to reap riches and benefit equally off the back of the hard-working middle class that obviously stole the abundance of rich resources from the Earth in the first place that Gaia obviously intended to be owned by the state and worked by every serf in a classless society.

Exactly how this is going to work in the future, nobody has explained; it certainly never worked in the past.

Nevertheless, all those whining, sniveling, lazy, jealous, envious, greedy, grabby, selfish, irresponsible, ill-mannered, uneducated, idiotic, hedonistic, petulant, feel-sorry-for-me brats and lotus-eaters yell “gimme my share of social justice”.

This young breed of useless humanity has been easily brainwashed into joining the ranks of the loyal Marxists who think they are going to get “something for nothing”.

They’re not going to get “something for nothing”, especially in a “social justice” system.

Yet they are so uneducated they have never heard of Karl Marx and don’t know that Marxist means “collectivism” and “totalitarianism” which these young idealists accept to mean life-long “equality” while basking in a psychedelic la-la land.

The problem with this picture is that collectivism — for the good of the whole — does not tolerate idle louts lazing around hazing up their brains smoking pot and snorting coke all day while sending unintelligible text messages or watching sports on the big screen.

The serfs all dress identically in year-round “social justice” costumes of faded cloth and slave in the scorching-hot cornfields and vegetable gardens all day and half the night but can’t even eat a kernel of what they grow, hoe and harvest.

They’ll be lucky to get a glass of water and a fishbone at mealtime. Dictators are not notorious for wasting money feeding the valueless, dispensable working class.

The foodstuffs, given by Goddess Earth for the good of the Motherland, are exported to foreign countries.

Payments come back to the rich rulers who share a smidgen of the wealth only with a small coterie of obsequious henchmen and buy supplies to maintain a strong military force who help guard the workers and the palace.

Anybody who is caught stealing food from the fields or is believed to be disloyal to the master or the “cause” is, without ceremony, introduced to the reality of “social justice” from the business end of a rifle.

Other than death, the workers get nothing. Their lack of food, worn clothing and squalor for Habitat means all serfs in the classless echelon are treated as “equals”.

This, my darling whining, sniveling, lazy, jealous, envious, greedy, grabby, selfish, irresponsible, ill-mannered, uneducated, idiotic, hedonistic, petulant, feel-sorry-for-me brats and lotus-eaters is what is meant by “social justice” where the “world of Marxism owes you an equal living”.

Now go play “useful idiot” on one of your useless “gimme” sit-in missions where you can demand “inclusion” into “social justice” that so far has left you feeling hard-done-by since you haven’t felt the full benefits of it yet.

While wasting time occupying this or that place and maybe receiving pay as a professional protester, albeit ignorant that you are prostituting yourself to denounce a free society, I suggest using some of your wasted time wisely.

Enlighten yourself reading–if indeed you are even literate.

Tackle the attitude-altering book First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia by Loung Ung who survived the Pol Pot nightmare but many of her loved ones did not.

Chinese dictator Mao Tse-tung mentored Pol Pot, who, from 1975 to 1979 — through execution, starvation, disease, and forced labor — drove the Khmer Rouge systematically to kill an estimated two million Cambodians, a goodly portion of the country’s total population.

Globalists of a “social justice” mentality look toward Mao, Pol and many other demented dictatorial creeps for guidance.

The United Nations’ High Priests have laid plans to rid the planet of 90 percent of the population. Humans are considered to be a scourge to the Earth and an insult to Gaia. In other words, the human population is not “sustainable” under terms of Agenda 21.

Or maybe reading one of Solzhenitsyn’s personal accounts about the Soviet’s re-education camps where the author spent eight years as a political prisoner in The Gulag Archipelago would be to your “social justice” preference.

“Social justice” is fun, folks, providing you like being starved, sleep-deprived, raped, tortured, having your nuts cracked under a sadistic guard’s jackboot or being impaled on a sharp spike with your guts oozing out.

This is the type “comradeship” enjoyed with the ruler under the guise of “social justice” when citizens want only to exercise their God-given rights to speak their minds freely or to read or write books of their choice.

When you finish these scholarly books, tell me that you believe that this type communal lifestyle of “social justice” trumps what remains of the free, individualistic lifestyle open for the taking in North America.

If you claim ‘yes’, I claim you are an incorrigible liar.

You stupidly visualize being bestowed a cozy job, maybe one as a privileged guard who lords power over others. It might be a shock that the guards and soldiers are just as miserable as the prisoners in a totalitarian system where humans are worth less than a gnat; the lives of guards, soldiers and the dictator’s special confidants are constantly on the line, too.

Who in their right mind — middle class or poor — would want to be part of a Marx-designed political system that modern-day Marxists eagerly thrust not just on North Americans but on the whole world?

Wouldn’t it be better to get off your duff and find a good job and pay your freight into the middle class with what freedoms and liberties that are remaining, rather than selfishly demonstrating in the streets that what possessions others have earned should be seized and distributed by the government to the likes of you and yours in the name of “social justice”?

Furthermore, every time I hear that conniving green crop of gimme NDP or special-interest sops trying to snatch privately-owned riches and resources from the middle class in the name of “social justice”, I think of The Little Red Hen.

For those who missed too much schooling to comprehend the above-mentioned books for intellectuals, maybe this illustrated, first-grade-level folk tale is more suitable.

But are you intelligent enough to understand the message? Or does it have to be text-messaged to you?

‘Spoiled brats’, who unknowingly espouse a society of “social justice” only because it’s brazenly “cool” to go along with politically-correct Crowd-Think, need to be edified with a strong, bitter dose of “social justice” first to see how they like the experience.

Then if they want to denounce freedom and liberty to embrace a lifetime of “social justice”, so be it.

Personally, I don’t think this dumb-downed, brainwashed group of Boobus North Americanus is going to like the experience very much.

June 11, 2012

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