RCMP Cpl. Monty Robinson’s stunning lack of character

I saw a great response to news that RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson’s sentencing date for obstruction of justice charges had been postponed today.

It’s a letter to the editor of The Delta Optimist that perfectly echos my thoughts on this pathetic excuse for a human being.

re: Robinson’s sentencing postponed until July, May 30

Monty Robinson’s defence that his reaction to the incident, namely returning to his home to have a drink because he’s an alcoholic, is laughable and as transparent as his moral character.

After all, character is defined by what we do when no one is looking. He (Monty Robinson) left a dead youth on the road and attempted to cover up the fact he was impaired. Period.

Any person that consistently drinks and drives knows that is an age-old trick to avoid the breathalyzer test.

God knows, we cannot convict Robinson of alcoholism, but he should be prosecuted for his lack of character and obstruction of the truth.

L. McLaren

As I’ve maintained all along, an RCMP member with the moral fibre of a gnat would have at least checked to see if Orion Hutchinson was still alive.  Not Monty Robinson.  Alcoholic or not, there is this little thing called human decency… clearly something Robinson lacks.

And in case RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson thinks we’re no longer watching… we’re still waiting for you to stop paying RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson and fire him from the RCMP.

That we’re still paying this piece of trash his full salary over 3 years after he killed Orion Hutchinson is nothing short of a national disgrace.


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