Chicago’s Moronic Mayor Daley

Now here is a a guy that just plain doesn’t get it.

Chicago is one of the major US cities that has banned handguns from honest citizens because thugs and gang members control entire sections of the city through violence and murder.

He blames the honest citizens of Chicago for the actions of violent criminals.

Typical. Sounds so very… Canadian.

Chicago’s high crime rate is because criminals know they own the city. They know that Mayor Daley isn’t coming for THEIR guns!  Hell no. That would be effective. It would also be difficult.  Thugs don’t like giving up their guns, certainly not without a fight. Honest citizens don’t shoot back.

Mayor Daley and his City Council of Clowns pontificate about their moral superiority, but do as all big-city, anti-gun politicians do…. they take away guns from law-abiding citizens and cling to their Disney-esque notion that they really can make the world safe for everyone, if they can just take away one more gun… if they can just trample one more right into the dust…

I bet $10 that the second Mayor Daley is mugged by some thug, with or without a gun, his tune will change.

Original article: Gun Rights Advocates SUE Mayor Daley, City of Chicago OVer New Handgun Ordinance

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