Another Gun Registry Success!

Yes, it’s another gun registry success in La Belle Provence early Sunday morning as two unknown gunmen traded shots across a crowded intersection of Prince Arthur and Saint-Dominique streets on Montreal’s Plateau.

Thank God we have registered handguns since 1934 here in Canada… and I also thank God that we’ve required every individual who owns a handgun in Canada to have an Authorization to Transport (ATT) that handgun…

It should be a simple matter for police to see who was issued an ATT for the corner of Prince Arthur and Saint-Dominique streets and then go arrest the culprit or culprits.


You say that police never issued an ATT for downtown Montreal for Sunday morning? 

How is that possible? 

Clearly someone must have issued the ATT otherwise these handgun owners would never have been allowed to take their handguns downtown!

Criminals don’t obey gun laws?  Really?

You mean to tell me that the police have no idea who took a handgun onto the streets of Montreal and shot an innocent woman?

I don’t understand…  Montreal’s Chief of Police (and all the other chiefs of police across Canada) assured us that the gun registry was required to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, that the safety of Canadians demanded a gun registry!  Clearly 80 years of handgun registration must be good for something, right?

Umm… no, actually it’s not.  The only thing a gun registry is good for is bloating police budgets and keeping bureaucrats busy shuffling stacks and stacks of useless paper from one side of their desks to the other.

I know… I know…  It’s a shock to those progressive thinkers among us… but the fact of the matter is that gun laws only affect law-abiding gun owners.

Criminals like the ones who shot a woman on the streets of Montreal this Sunday morning have not and will never be subjected to our stupid and useless gun registry.


Woman hit by stray bullet on the Plateau

A 25-year-old woman is recovering from a gunshot wound after she was hit by a stray bullet fired into a crowd on the Plateau early Sunday morning.

Montreal police said the shooting happened at around 3:30 a.m. at the intersection of Prince Arthur and Saint-Dominique streets.

“There are two suspects who fired at least one bullet in the area when the street was crowded,” said Const. Simon Delorme.

The victim was struck in the ankle, police said.

The two male suspects took off in a vehicle.

The woman was taken to hospital for treatment, but her injuries are believed to be minor, police said.

1 thought on “Another Gun Registry Success!

  1. Chris…..

    Well it’s all coming together now! Last year I asked our CFO for an ATT, covering about 2 1/2 months (Vacation) and from BC to Nova Scotia. He gave me the time allotment, but the Transport Permit only went as far as the Manitoba, Ontario border. When I questioned this, he said…”We can’t have people running all over the Country with Handguns you know”. (IT’s ok for IPSC though ???)I guess us old Renegades with our smokey old single action revolvers are a threat to Society or….was it because he didn’t want us getting into a Gunfight in Montreal??? That was probably it, wasn’t it?

    Just last week, the Lady Governor of Oklahoma passed a Law allowing Citizens to openly carry Firearms (Hand and Long)and all that’s needed is a Safety Course and a Background check. Now….thats how you deal with reality.

    Poor old Canada….Back to Clubs and throwing stones I guess.


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