Vic Toews’ Bill C-30: The cost of online spying — Your privacy and your wallet

Bill C-30 must be stopped and is helping spread the word about the assault on Freedom contained within it.

One person’s comment on YouTube pretty much summed up how I feel about Bill C-30:

I shouldn’t have to surrender my civil liberties just so I can access the internet to talk to friends and family or enhance my education in an online course.

Would you want up to three billion dollars of your country’s tax dollars spent on Vic Toews’ online spying plan? How would you feel if Public Safety Minister Vic Toews had already quietly set aside your tax dollars for the scheme?

This isn’t a hypothetical question. Despite media stories saying the bill will die, just last week Vic Toews arrogantly proclaimed that the government is still “intent on proceeding” with his unpopular warrantless online spying bill. And he just set aside millions of your tax dollars to pay for it.

To push back, we’re launching a viral video—a new tool to help you educate as many Canadians as possible about this costly online spying scheme. We know from experience that when people get informed and get vocal en masse, we win.

Take action:

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