Staff Sgt. Don Ray: the latest RCMP sex scandal

Staff Sgt. Don Ray is the latest in a long line of high-ranking RCMP members to be reprimanded for sexual misconduct on the job.

While stationed in Edmonton and in charge of the RCMP polygraph unit Staff Sgt. Don Ray regularly held parties, got subordinates drunk, made sexual advances and had sex in RCMP offices.

He has since been transferred to British Columbia.

An internal report that has not been made public yet was quoted saying Staff Sgt. Ray “exhibited a ‘serial’ pattern of ‘disgraceful’ conduct.”

The Edmonton Journal article about Staff Sgt.Ray said:

Sgt. Ray admitted to all allegations, expressed remorse and apologized in writing. The RCMP docked him 10 days pay, demoted him by one rank to sergeant, and recommended that he be transferred.

“It goes without saying that should similar misconduct occur, dismissal would be a very likely option for a future board to consider,” the disciplinary panel said.

Sgt. Ray also had “inappropriate and unprofessional” interactions with prospective female employees.

He sent them “disgraceful” emails, took them out for drinks during the hiring process and once falsified security clearance forms for one woman, exaggerating the number of years she’d known one of her character references.

The discipline board said Sgt. Ray’s conduct was “disgraceful because (it) compromised the integrity of the RCMP’s hiring process.”

Sgt. Ray’s “disturbing pattern of activity” dates back to 2006, when he would book a polygraph suite for lunchtime sex with a female subordinate.

“It is highly disrespectful to employees who legitimately use the polygraph suite,” the discipline board noted.

He would also sign out unmarked police cars for his sexual encounters, and was branded as “disgraceful” by superiors for having sex in a public parking lot with another female subordinate after a colleague’s transfer party.

Sgt. Ray was known for making inappropriate comments in the office, including one time he made public remarks about a female employee’s sex life.

The discipline board called the victim-impact statements troubling. Some victims said that it will take time for them to heal. Some said they had lost faith in the RCMP.

“The gravity of the misconduct was such that little room was left for discussion of aggravating factors, but chief among them were the member’s years of service and his rank,” their report said.

“Staff Sergeant Ray should have known better. Our organization relies upon its senior NCOs to set a good example for younger members, and Staff Sergeant Ray’s misconduct has had the opposite effect.”

6 thoughts on “Staff Sgt. Don Ray: the latest RCMP sex scandal

  1. I just knew you couldn’t resist you magnificent bastard!!!!

    But here’s the most troubling aspect of this case…they have transferred him to British Columbia but refuse to say where…..that in itself is very disturbing indeed.

    By the way…why is all the RCMP garbage dumped in BC…..I will admit there are very troubling cases wherever this collection of corrupted incompetents practice their trade….but it seems that whenever the RCMP toilet flushes it heads West…..WTF????

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    1. Right you are, Don. You knew I wouldn’t be able to pass up on this guy!

      I’m working on another article specifically about the fact that all the RCMP’s garbage ends up in British Columbia. I’ve got to dig back through the list of embarrassments shipped west.. it’s quite big, sad to say.

  2. Having sex in a polygraph room defies satire.
    “Was it good for you, too?” Don’t lie, I’ll know.”

    Out of tens of thousands of heterosexuals working in close proximity, stuff happens.

    Harassment should be a reportable offence internally, and a functional institution should deal with that quickly, before it becomes systemic.

    But it is a far cry from the endangering or injuring civlians in the course of duty. The media anti-male feminist will see their favourite agenda stories to take precedence over other far more serious issues.

  3. Staff Sergeant Don Ray, head of Polygraph for Alberta, gets a slap on the wrist for his diviant sexual behaviour within the RCMP. Staff Sergeant Owen Wlodarczak, head of Polygraph for British Columbia and head of Interrrogation for British Columbia gets a slap on the wrist for beating up his estranged wife, pointing his loaded RCMP gun at her and then at his own head in front of his two daughters. Ray gets transferrred to B.C. Wlodarczak has not been placed by the RCMP. He is still on paid leave since May 4th, 2011. Why???
    Obviously other members knew what Ray was up to, Owen had his guns taken away 10 months prior to the May 4th assault. No help for these members just many letters and acculades from other RCMP members during their tribunals. A complete “Good old Boys Club” reaction.
    The local media here in Kelowna have not even posted the Don Ray story in the papers, TV or on Castanet. Owen lives in Kelowna. Maybe too much bad press???
    The RCMP have a huge mess within their ranks and it’s time for them to step up and be responsible for their members and the families. Perhaphs a good look at polygraph might be a start. Interesting– Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens long time girlfriend was appointed head of Polygraph for British Columbia, taking Owen’s place.
    Maybe it’s time for the RCMP to take a good look at Polygraph, maybe it’s time for our Federal government to start a full inverstigation into the RCMP. Something has to be done!!

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