The Muslim Brotherhood… Lovers Of Peace And Cutters Of Throats…

Note To Reader: Please Watch The Videos. They Are Very Important And Relevant!!!!

Hello there…..its me again……. Don Laird…

Behold…..The Arab Spring…….. Do you recall the bloody fools who heralded this as the liberation of Middle Eastern flower children, dusky hued flower children clad in love-beads and smelling of patchouli and granola, flower children who wanted nothing more than to frolic through the groves of fig trees?

These bloody Liberal, Leftist fools should be shot with a ball of their own feces.  In reality this was a carefully planned coup d’état………..jackals waited in the wings………now they take center stage…… placing butcher knives in the hands of every muslim…..we were warned, we ignored the warnings… they say………the enemy is now at the gates……..

This is not a couple of bald guys with beer guts and swastika tattoos…….

These jackals number in the thousands….in the tens and hundreds of thousands……..and all we do is blog……..all we do is write letters……..all we do is dither……indecisive, afraid and uncertain……..and they laugh and laugh and laugh………certain in the knowledge that we will do their bidding and march meekly to our own subjugation and slaughter……..they sit and sneer and smirk and put a finer edge on their weapons……

Here in Canada and the United States of America they conduct their murderous business with virtual impunity, safe in the knowledge that they are protected by the choking cloak of multiculturalism and socialist politically correct madness………

Educated men like Frank Gaffney and many others scream warnings; warnings based in fact; warnings based on over 1400 years of muslim intimidation, treachery and murder….and yet in the face of such historical clarity, our leaders….our treasonous and seditious leaders dismiss these warnings as “unacademic”…..and these muslim jackals laugh and laugh….emboldened and strengthened by their allies in the White House and in the senior command of the American Armed Forces…..

Filled with malevolence, our enemies walk amongst us in the form of The Muslim Student Union, The Muslim Students Association, CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim American Society…..all of these groups, every single one, no more than whelps birthed from the same psychotic, malevolent, rabid, genocidal bitch….The Muslim Brotherhood……….

And still we wring our hands…still we ignore their plainly and oft stated goal of: Total Annihilation Of The West…….of course they do have priorities: the total annihilation of the West after every Jew on this planet has been butchered…..

What part of the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood do you not understand????

Allow me to repeat it for you:

“Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Here is a member of the Muslim Students Association at UCLA repeating it, as you click the video do you not hear the echoes of an Austrian madman currying favour and enlisting soldiers in the beer halls of 1930 Munich?……..

After you click this next video…….I ask you, does the message finally start to get through????…… Is the fog finally starting to lift?????….. Or do you, as fools, think that there maybe a message of peace and harmony here……

If only we read carefully between the lines……if only we invite them over for tea and crumpets and a spirited debate on islam, “The Religion Of Peace”?

Oh, if only!!!

If memory serves me correctly I recall another fool named Neville Chamberlain, a British Prime Minister, who thought he could make deals with the Devil. Neville Chamberlain once had a dream; a dream borne aloft by the smell of burning hair and flesh; a dream borne aloft on the screams of the butchered…

Excuse my profanity……but these jackals….this human garbage, means business…..they are not messing around…………and neither should we……….

The time has come to take this game of theirs very seriously…………we played it centuries ago and after a couple of hundred years of murder and provocation we had enough……..we saddled up and rode……. and laid waste to them in their entirety………

They need to be put back into the filthy islamic toilets they call home once and for all………..and we need to do it before they start stuffing Jews into the ovens again……..because as go the Jews so goes the entire civilized world……we cannot allow the light of Western Civilization to be smothered by the black-hearted cancerous blanket of the insane: the blanket of islam.

If we do nothing…….as did the faint of heart in 1930’s Germany, then we too will end our days as oily smoke rolling and boiling out of crematoria chimneys…………once more….the time has come to saddle up and ride!!!!

The storm clouds that gather on the horizon are the same as those that rolled over Europe less than 70 years ago…….

The time has come to take them at their word…. They have called for our deaths and our enslavement…….they are not shy about it…….they write it on signs, they publish it on the internet……. They scream it in our faces as they slaughter us and rape our women and our daughters………..

The time has come to take them seriously…….for if we do not… God is my witness…….the cattle trains will roll again…..the ovens will be fired……and we will richly deserve our humiliation, our agony and our tortuous demise.

The choice is yours………the choice is ours……the time has come to deal with Radical Islam.


Don Laird
Edson, Alberta, Canada

P.S. When push comes to shove……I’m packing my stuff and heading over to Jerusalem to stand a post, I will never be a party to another Auschwitz…….and besides……..this is a rodeo I wouldn’t miss for all the brandy and long legged women in France…….

P.P.S. If, during your travels, you happen across the path of a placid, long haired gentleman clad in a robe, healing the sick and turning water into wine, flanked by some real nasty motherfuckers astride pale horses….. Well, ladies and gentlemen, forget about your stock options and the time-share in the Bahamas……its pretty much game over at that point….

5 thoughts on “The Muslim Brotherhood… Lovers Of Peace And Cutters Of Throats…

  1. Knowing about this conflagration on our freedoms and our society is one thing, but a little definitive direction would be good about now. What do we do?? Do we refuse to do business with them such as do not sell goods, property, food or fuel ect. to them? Do not speak to them? Do not allow our children to play with theirs?

    Or maybe take the vigilante approach and destroy their temples, houses and other property that they may have control of? Do we start to eliminate them one by one from the face of the earth??

    What in the hell can we do without being charged with a crime of some sort and/or going to jail, for in this country we have laws against everything including protecting ourselves from having our throats cut by an islamic koran thumping freak!!

    I think we are all a bunch of pussies too afraid that we will hurt someones fuckin’ feelings or get into trouble with the authorities for trying to preserve our christian way of life and our beautiful country. I will probably hear from them just for writing this!! So be it. I am who I am with nothing to prove for I am a W.M.C. Canadian.

    bud young.

    1. Hello Bud Young….

      The short answer to your questions is Yes, Yes, Yes….and No, No, No

      The reality is that all of the muslim harassment of decent professors and administrators is a carbon copy of the muslim tactics as employed against law enforcement, judiciary, bureaucracy, business and virtually every other facet of our daily lives.

      This is a cultural war and they know it.

      This is a cultural war and they are pushing as hard as they can. I can guarantee with absolute certainty that these players are all members of groups closely connected with The Muslim Brotherhood. These individuals take their marching orders and follow closely, the carefully crafted scripts as prepared by the Brotherhood in relation to open confrontations and the use of every tenet of the Grand Jihad.

      Here is a quote from the documents seized during the Holy Land Foundation Trial:

      “The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” and all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad to eliminate and destroy the Western civilization from within, and sabotage its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers, so that it is eliminated, and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

      And this they have been doing unceasingly for years. They have burdened our courts and redress processes to the point of breaking with their acts of lawfare/warfare. They have grabbed the microphone and screamed their intentions and we have ignored them.

      These men who perform the call to prayer in parks, malls, streets have all been instructed to to exactly that by and through the Muslim Brotherhood. The women who attend swimming pools clad in burqua’s with their husbands are following a carefully written script.

      It is a script of open provocation, aggression and hostile intimidation. It is designed to intimidate us into looking the other way, and so far its working. It is working because the cancer or virus of politically correct multiculturalism is so deeply ingrained, to the very marrow of our bones, to the point where we are helpless and loathe to step forward and say anything….for fear of being branded with any one of the Multi-PC buzzwords like ….”Islamophobic”, Racist, Intolerant, Hateful, Right Wing Extremist.

      These men who perform the call to prayer are just waiting for a confrontation, take notice of who is quietly taking video off to the side, waiting to catch an “islamophobe” insulting the poor little humble muslim piously practicing his religion.

      Well ladies and gentlemen we had better get over our fear of confrontation and get over it quickly. Its one minute to midnight and we have not a second to lose.

      Walk up and pull the carpet away from them, step on the carpet, lean on your car horn, ask them if they molested their children today, tell them they worship a pedophile. Stop rolling over…..stop walking away!!!….stop ignoring them as they dismantle what took us 2000 years to build.

      Isolate them.

      Do not attend their restaurants. Do not shop in their convenience stores and gas-bars.

      Ask them if they are muslims, if they are, walk away and out of the business leaving your purchases sitting on the counter unpaid for.

      Take a meat purchase to the cashier, as the cashier if the meat was slaughtered in accordance with the halal laws of islam, if it was tell the cashier you refuse to eat meat that died a prolonged agonizing death…leave the meat on the counter….and be very loud in your conversation. Attract attention.

      Do not ride in their taxis.

      Do not allow yourself to be served in a shop, restaurant or coffee shop by a women wearing a hijab. If she says “can I help you” ignore her and catch the attention of another employee. This applies to government offices. If the woman pushes for an answer tell her you refuse to have anything to do with a woman who would allow her own flesh and blood to suffer the horror of genital mutilation or forced marriage.

      If they hate our society and refuse to assimilate…so be it.

      Do not hire them, ever. If you have one in your employ….take the first opportunity to fire them.

      Do not ride in elevators with them, get out and look them straight in the eye and say..”I don’t associate with people who worship a child molester”.

      There are many people who will read this and call what I am doing insanity……it is not insanity it is simply a logical extension of what they have been doing for years.

      Do not be intimidated, as Canadians and after suffering the cancerous ravages of Liberalism it may feel strange to look a muslim in the eye and tell him or her you wish to have nothing to do with them. Get used to it……its very refreshing….rest assured, I speak from experience.

      The time has come to start fighting fire with fire…..

      I will close now… and ask you a question…..

      I have always said we must engage in a program of arrest, internment and deportation of every single muslim from North America……..this has been met with sneers and dismissive derision from some people….particularly the socialist, politically correct leftists. But after over 18,900 acts of muslim terrorism and ten years of exposure to the insanity that takes place daily in Europe…people are waking up….very quickly.

      Rest assured… suggestions regarding deportation are now, rarely, if ever, met with sneers and derision……..rarely my friends.

      So I ask you, what were the alternatives we faced when we interned and deported the Japanese during WW2?…..whether it is fanatics flying planes loaded with explosives into battleships in 1940 or fanatics flying jetliners loaded with passengers into skyscrapers in 2001 there is no difference and they have no place anywhere in North America

      We can start with Canada’s first family of terrorism; The Khadrs

      Finally, killing any one of them makes us like them. Deportation rids us of the problem and sends them back to their own countries, deportation is the only answer I call it M.A.I.D


      To allow them to remain in North America will send us down the same path as Europe is on with the same tragic consequences….consequences as illustrated in these two videos.

      Watch them and be warned.

      In closing, talk about deportation, support deportation, talk about it with your friends, your family, local law enforcement and all levels of your government.

      The myth of the good muslim is just that, a myth. There was not one muslim protesting the trial of the Toronto 18, not one muslim protested the murder of the Shafia women….not one….not one single muslim protested these acts of terror. As such they should and cannot be heard to complain when they are asked or forced to leave Canada.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

  2. Thank you for your reply Don, it is getting increasingly difficult to take action against such things and remain within the scope of our lawful (legislated) society, but we do our best.
    Your comments truly give me, as well as others I’m sure, the necessary confidence to follow through with that which they believe in, and that is to rid our country of this scourge.

    islamophobic Bud

    1. Not a problem Bud….

      Read as much as you can…

      Educate yourself…….

      Become active and proactive…..

      Engage in full and active debate on websites…

      (a word of advice…threats of violence and death kill intelligent conversation and debate….be focused, be rational and be coherent….and with that move towards the goal of the complete elimination of every shred of islam from North America….not one whisper of it left from Inuvik to El Paso and from Los Angeles to Cape Spear, Newfoundland)

      Write letters and emails to all your Members of Parliament and the senate….believe it or not they do read them…..they really do and many time you will get an answer back.

      Write the Prime Minister and send the letter to his office in Ottawa…it doesn’t require postage.

      Harvest email addresses from these links, just click on the name and then look for the email on the page… them into blocks of no more than 75 at a time…..CC or BCC all your emails to every Member of Parliament

      ALL MPS



      Here are some great websites:

      Regards, Don Laird
      Edson, Alberta, Canada

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