Flying to the United States? Get ready for more “security measures”

You’re on vacation.  You’ve flown from from Vancouver, Toronto, or some other Canadian city to a more sunny place to spend a few weeks.  You get to the airport for your return flight and discover you have one of two really crappy options, or you can’t get on your flight home.

You can either be subjected to a “full body scan” that is basically porno for airport security agents, or worse, be subjected to a full-body “pat-down”, where the person will grope and fondle every part of your body to make sure you’re not a terrorist.

It’s actually terrorism for all at the hands of the state.  State-sponsored pseudo-rape, if you will.

They claim the full body scans aren’t kept on record, but as this August 2010 news report says, we’ve already got police agencies admitting that statement is a lie.

They’re trained professionals, we’re told.

Then why does it look more like “creepy guy” than “trained professional” with his hands all over your wife’s breasts?

I think I’ll drive to my next holiday destination.

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