Geert Wilders and Bruce Montague: Sometimes the Cost Paid for our Rights and Freedoms is too high

As you no doubt recall, Katey Montague decided to take a step back from political activism because she felt the cost was simply too high for her to continue.

After watching her father endure 7 years of trials that ended in a prison sentence and the impending seizure of the Montague family home by the Ontario government who can blame her for not wanting the same fate for herself?

Bruce Montague stood on principle against an atrocious law that turns law-abiding firearm owners into criminals.  He paid an extremely high price for that stand, and is still paying that price as the Ontario government seeks to extort $50,000 from him in exchange for “allowing” him to keep the home he built with his own bare hands.

I’ll be writing more about this disgusting abuse of government power in the weeks ahead, but suffice it to say that the Montague family will never agree to pay off government extortionists.

The reason I bring up the Montague family’s ongoing persecution and Katey’s decision to step back from exercising her Right to Freedom of Speech is highlighted by the experience of Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

As you may recall, Wilders is an outspoken critic of radical Islam and the failed multiculturalism experiment that has left his nation torn in two.

Wilders has just published his autobiography in which he highlights the incredible cost he and his family has paid because of his very public stand against radical Islam.

Because Geert Wilders dared exercised his Right to Freedom of Speech he must now live under 24-hour police protection.


Because proponents of Islam, the so-called “Religion of Peace”, have repeatedly threatened his life and have attempted to kill him at least once that we know of.

“I live in a government safe house, heavily protected and bulletproof. Since November 2004, when a Muslim murdered Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh for the crime of offending Islam, I have been surrounded by police guards and stripped of nearly all personal privacy. I am driven every day from the safe house to my office in the Dutch Parliament building in armoured police cars with sirens and flashing blue lights. I wear a bulletproof jacket when I speak in public.”

Freedom and Liberty never come cheap, yet so few pay the actual cost of defending them.

When courageous men like Geert Wilders and Bruce Montague give up everything to defend our Rights and Freedoms, the very least we can do is say “Thank You.”

Yours in Liberty,

Christopher di Armani

4 thoughts on “Geert Wilders and Bruce Montague: Sometimes the Cost Paid for our Rights and Freedoms is too high

  1. For the third time I have been reading of the fall of the Ming dynasty and the dynasty just prior to it. Both fell when the bureaucrats felt their leadership was misguided and chose to exercise their power and numbers to bring it to an end. The “end” eventually not only included the leadership but the bureaucrats as well.

    It is always the same in any Empire; the leaders are required to be farsighted and require the bureaucrats to care-take the progress as dictated to them. When the tail begins to wag the dog it eventually leads to anarchy and with it decay, confusion, blood letting and chaos. It seems to stay that way until a new leadership emerges from the ashes of a once strong strong country.

    With Canada, The U.S. and numerous European countries suffering from weak leadership and top heavy bureaucracies, we are all ripe for the picking.

  2. What is happening with Bruce’s case now that the gun registry is no more? Are they still taking the property?

    1. Yes, they are. They are using the Ontario Proceeds of Crime Act as their rationale for stealing the Montague family home. Currently they have “offered” that if Bruce pays them $50,000 in extortion money they will “allow” him to keep his home. Should he refuse or not respond they will take that as his admission that they are in the right. It’s beyond absurd. I’ll be writing more about this shortly…

  3. hey chris,

    the sad thing is that katey will never be able to walk away. thats the problem with tyranny; it only yields to a greater force. you either surrender or fight on to victory; there is no middle ground.
    remember the alamo !!

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