Murder and Theft… on a Gun Range

An article out of Pennsylvania caught my attention and gave me pause.  The title…

"Slaying probe focuses on gun range users"  led me to an article that, to be blunt, shocked me. Todd Getgen, father of 6-year-old Ethan, husband to Stella, was shot multiple times and killed at a shooting range.

Police have no suspects.

They believe his murder and theft of his custom .308 AR-15 with siliencer are related.  And they think it is related to the theft of another .308 calibre rifle in May.

This isn’t the first theft from a shooting range, nor does it appear to be the first murder, unfortunately.

While this happened on a shooting range in Pennsylvania, what it tells gun owners is simple: Use vigiliance while you’re at the range.

There are bad people willing to do bad things to take our guns.  And leave young boys to be the man of the house, long before they even reach puberty.

That isn’t right.

So all you gun owners out there… be vigiliant…  be safe.  This could happen on any range, anywhere, not just in the United States.

What?  You think there are no gang members at shooting ranges in Canada?  You’d best think again.

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