Ted Morton, the destroyer of Albertans’ Property Rights, is booted from the Alberta Legislature

In what ultimately became one of the few bright spots on Election Night for Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party, Ted Morton lost his seat in the Alberta Legislature.  It was with great relish that I took in the news that Bruce McAllister had unseated the wannabe tyrant Ted Morton in the riding of Chestermere-Rocky View.

This is significant because Ted Morton was the architect of Alberta’s despicable set of laws that tossed Albertans’ property rights on the scrapheap of history.

Ted Morton, who has the audacity to call himself a conservative, led the charge against Alberta Property Owners when he created the set of bills that, when you read their actual function, give Alberta’s government the right to nullify almost all legal rights in that province, up to and including the ability to declare your marriage license null and void.  When taken to their logical end, they can even go so far as to declare any citizen’s Birth Certificate or Death Certificate null and void.

When the State has the power to declare you “not born”, and your land title non-existent, you are no longer living in a “conservative” province, or even a democratic one.  You are living in a totalitarian state far greater than anything even Joseph Stalin imagined.  While he certainly killed millions of his own citizens, he never attempted to declare them “not born.”

So while I am as shocked and horrified as anyone about how the polls could say one thing and the election results the exact opposite, I will take solace in knowing that Ted Morton will no longer be at the Cabinet table destroying what few rights remain for Albertans.

Not that Morton’s unceremonious exit from the Cabinet table will prevent United Nations-trained Alison Redford from doing her best to continue on with her own version of Agenda 21, of course.  Redford and her so-called conservative government has been intent upon destroying Alberta’s prosperity for some time and now that she’s been given a mandate to continue with that destruction I have no doubt she will move full speed ahead.

With luck the Wildrose Party will slow down Redford’s anti-freedom juggernaut or at least spend the next 4 years shining the light of truth on Redford’s assault on our Rights and Freedoms.

“I want you to know that I intend to be the best MLA you have ever had,” Bruce McAllister told his supporters at the Chestermere Recreation Centre.

“If I do nothing else but represent you, meet with you, advocate for you or bring your concerns forward then I’ve been a good MLA,” he said, to wild applause.

While Redford enjoys a substantial majority she won’t be able to hide from Danielle Smith inside the Alberta Legislature.  Smith will, no doubt, continue on her mission to make Alberta MLAs accountable to the people they are supposed to represent.

Danielle Smith was on the right track with her Alberta Accountability Act, something Redford was adamantly opposed to.  Redford, like all good career politicians, believes she knows best while feeling perfectly entitled to 30% pay increases for herself and her cronies.

I’ll be looking forward to watching the sparks fly as Redford continues to try and justify her feeding from the Taxpayer Trough another 4 years.

In the meantime MLAs will continue to be Edmonton’s representative to the people instead of what they should have been all along: the People’s Representatives to Edmonton.

Maybe then Albertans will finally have had enough of Redford and her Progressive Conservative Party, which isn’t conservative at all.

If you missed the series of videos I posted a few weeks ago that describes in great detail how Ted Morton’s laws destroyed the property rights of all Albertans then I highly recommend you revisit this article: Albertans: Alison Redford stole your property rights. NOW is the time to take them back.

2 thoughts on “Ted Morton, the destroyer of Albertans’ Property Rights, is booted from the Alberta Legislature

  1. A couple of points may have been missed regarding the Alberta election.
    First, I would suggest the Alberta unions of Healthcare, Education and the Civil servants realized at the last minute if they didn’t get out and vote in large numbers there could easily be job losses under a Wildrose government. Second is the swing in age of the voters in Alberta. Alberta went from the oldest electorate to the youngest in all Canada. The younger people were less aware of the losses of land rights than the older voter and landowner. The younger people own less land and are thus less affected. They don’t want cut backs in their work areas either. They felt that the Devil they knew, although he was arrogant and corrupt, was better than the one they didn’t.
    I feel this is the best thing that could have happened to the Wild Rose. This will give them more time to get acquainted with the procedures in the Legislature. The Libs and NDP will find they can be far more effective if they back up the Wild Rose.
    I feel the Wild Rose has committed themselves to a an almost forgotten style of Democracy where the personal opinions of their MLA’s will be overshadowed by their promise to uphold the opinions of the majority of their electorate. This will be a new style of government representation for Alberta and in fact, the country.
    Morton is of course no loss to the electorate in general and his former Department will have to be dictated to by the Premier and her like minded MLA’s. She will begin to lose focus on other issues. If the Opposition learn to keep hammering the PC’s the weaknesses will surface.
    Ken Kowalski, one of Alberta’s newest millionaires by way of severance pay and RRSP donations saw the writing on the wall and decided to quit.
    Aren’t you all pleased to note that in his loss poor old Morton will be well endowed in his forced retirement? Like many other Alberta MP’s, he has been rewarded for being a loser!
    This election is probably the worst political nightmare for a longstanding Alberta government since the days of Harry Strome and the Social Credit’s run of something like 35 years.
    Alberta didn’t get the government it wished for; it got the government it deserved! Time will change all that.

  2. Whenever we talk about the Alberta land theft bills we should include Bill 24 (Carbon Capture & Storage Statutes Amendment Act) which actually expropriated real property without compensation or access to the courts. In effect Bill 24 threw all common property rights in the garbage can, right back to (and including) the Magna Carta!
    Our property rights group (Alberta Surface Rights Group) has actively been opposed to the Stelmach/Redford kleptocracy and several of our board directors worked to get Wild Rose candidates elected. As an example, I was the campaign manager for newly elected WRP MLA Kerry Towle (Innisfail/Sylvan Lake), and we took a “no name” candidate and worked like beavers to get her elected!
    In the next election we intend to expand our efforts and turf this den of thieves out the door!

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