Best Buy Co Inc. Creates Close Alliance With Terrorist Front Group C.A.I.R.

RE: BEST BUY doubles down on its financial support of terror-linked CAIR

Mr. Mike Mikan
CEO (Interim) Best Buy Co Inc.
7601 Penn Avenue South
Richfield, MN, USA 55423

Dear Mr. Mikan,

I am writing in regards to the recent decision of Best Buy Co Inc. to support and ally itself with the terrorist front group CAIR.

Initially, I thought this must be a mistake that, when brought to the attention of senior corporate officers, would, after a review of both the consumer base of Best Buy as well as the criminal past and present of CAIR, be immediately rescinded with an apology to the American Public.

Unfortunately I was very wrong. After a growing public backlash against the alliance of Best Buy with the terrorist group CAIR, Best Buy has chosen to reaffirm its relationship with and, enthusiastic support for, the same. This is both outrageous and incomprehensible.

In seeking to resolve the “incomprehensible” facet of the actions of Best Buy one has to look no further than the corporate bottom line for your motivation in the support of terrorists. I direct your attention to the recent financial difficulties as experienced by your company detailed in this link:

Best Buy confirms closure of 42 stores by May 12, CEO search

Best Buy, owing to its lack of intimate understanding of its customers, in other words, Best Buy, being completely out of touch with the foundation upon which the corporation rests and which, in fact, is its life’s blood, is now floundering badly and in danger of finding itself in receivership.

Best Buy is now having to close more than 42 stores, dozens of mobile locations, fire hundreds of employees, restructure and fire dozens of senior corporate officers and betray the confidence of thousands of investors. This said, it then comes as no surprise that the blind stupidity and incompetence that has led to the near destruction of Best Buy, continues on unchecked as reflected in the cozy and comfortable alliance with the terrorist front group CAIR.

As for my resolution and understanding of the “outrageous” portion of Best Buy’s actions in this matter one has to look no further than CAIR itself. CAIR is directly linked to, and an enthusiastic supporter of, many terrorist organizations around the world including Hamas, Hezbollah as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. These groups that CAIR supports administratively, logistically and financially are responsible for untold acts of murder and terror around the world. In fact, the spokesman for CAIR, Ibrahim “Doug” Hooper, has mirrored the stated goals of the Muslim Brotherhood by saying that he wishes to see the current administration removed from the White House and replaced with a Muslim Caliphate.

Many of CAIR’s directors have been deported after convictions relating to money laundering, fraud, acts of terror and violence and weapons and explosives charges. Further, CAIR has stated its final goal is the removal of our current system of laws and their replacement with Muslim law, Sharia Law. Sharia Law, is responsible for acts of mutilation of little girls as well as a program of some horrific treatment of women.

This Mr. Mikan, incomprehensibly and outrageously, is what Best Buy has chosen to ally itself with.

In closing, Mr. Mikan, I find irony in the fact that hundreds of your customers, in fact thousands of your customers, are American servicemen and servicewomen and their related families. That your corporation has chosen to support terrorism in order to shore up a floundering company is obscene.

Personally, and this may be dismissed as false, I am purchasing a new desktop computer. My final three choices were systems from Best Buy, Dell or Compu-Trade.

I now have two choices Dell or Compu Trade.

As this email has been cc’d to senior corporate officers of Best Buy as well as hundreds and thousands of other email addressees, I trust the remainder of time left for Best Buy will be short lived.

When the Best Buy corporate officers who made the decision, not once, but twice, to ally themselves with a terrorist front group, find themselves in the unemployment line, perhaps then they will realize the wholesale stupidity of their actions.

When hundreds of loyal and hard working Best Buy employees find themselves in the unemployment line, they will know who to blame.

Regards, Don Laird
Edson, Alberta, Canada

1 thought on “Best Buy Co Inc. Creates Close Alliance With Terrorist Front Group C.A.I.R.

  1. Thank you for giving this some exposure Christopher.

    I hope your readers will also make the connection that not only is there a Best Buy in Canada that needs to be boycotted but their subsidiary as well which is wholly owned by Best Buy…..FUTURE SHOP.

    CAIR is a part of the islamist web that provides ammunition that is responsible for the deaths of our Canadian soldiers and their brothers to the south of us. Its not a convoluted or distant connection either but very close.

    That Best Buy would ally themselves with CAIR is tantamount to Toys ‘R’ Us enlisting the aid of NAMBLA or Jenny Craig seeking out Ted Bundy or Robert Picton as spokesperson… boggles and addles the brains…..just sheer bloody lunacy.

    Again, thank you.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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