Alison Redford: Just the same old political payoffs, not the “renewed party” she claims

Alison Redford will say anything to get elected on Monday.  Literally.  While she claims that she is the face of a “new Alberta” and the future of hope and change in that province, her actions say quite the opposite.

While saying on the one hand she would drop retirement pay for MLAs but in March it was discovered that retiring MLAs are set to walk away from the public trough with over $10 million in severance pay.

Speaker Ken Kowalski will walk off with $1.2 million, and former premier Ed Stelmach leave with $991,000.

Cindy Ady and Ray Prins will take away $784,000 between them, according to estimates from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Sadly, Alison Redford will tell anyone anything they want to hear so long as it wins her their vote on Monday, while ensuring the gravy train continues for her political chronies.

Sure, she said she’s against these massive payouts but she absolutely refused to table legislation that would get rid of it.

Actions, as the old saying goes, are louder than words.

Then despite a promise to make unions more accountable (the PC policy document page 30) she made a backroom deal with those very labour unions to make the whole thing go away as soon as she was elected.

Redford is not the face of hope and change… she’s the same old tired face of politics as usual in Alberta.

Really, what more would you expect from a former United Nations lawyer and bureaucrat?

Nothing, that’s what. Absolutely nothing.  Now admittedly I’m biased in the Alberta Election.  On the one hand I utterly despise United Nations bureaucrats and I hate their lawyers even more.  Given Redford’s ties to that useless but incredibly dangerous organization I have no use for her at all.

Then there is the so-called conservative Ted Morton who brought in all the Agenda 21-inspired legislation that strips Albertans of their property rights.

If these are “conservatives” then I want nothing to do with them.

On the other hand there is Danielle Smith, who is everything that Alison Redford claims to be but is not.  She’s smart, she’s articulate and she comprehends property rights.  She was the driving force in the Alberta Property Rights Initiative and the Canadian Property Rights Research Institute, which is how I first came across her.

Danielle Smith has vowed to repeal all of Ted Morton’s atrocious legislation so she can restore Albertans’ Right to Private Property.  For that reason alone I would vote for her and her party in Monday’s election.  Danielle Smith comprehends Rights and Individual Freedoms in a way that United Nations’ trained Alison Redford and a “new” PC government never will.

Below is a video explaining Redford’s flipflop on the labour union issue.  Like most career politicians, Redford lies and doesn’t even realize she’s doing it.  As I wrote the other day in my column “Danielle Smith and Wildrose’s “lack of experience” running deficits or voting themselves 30% pay increases…

As Danielle Smith said,

Ms. Redford’s implication is I don’t have experience. Well, I don’t have experience running deficits or bullying doctors and MLAs, or voting myself a 30-per-cent pay increase.”


The problem with career politicians is the same the world over.  They are out of touch with reality, out of touch with mere citizens, and they always feel entitled to the contents of someone else’s wallet.

Both Redford and the Chateratti ignore the fact that Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall had no experience before he was elected Premier either but that’s worked out incredibly well for Saskatchewan, hasn’t it.  He was returned to power with an overwhelming majority in the last election because the mere citizens of Saskatchewan knew a good thing when they had it and didn’t want to let it go.

The perfect example, and one that made me laugh as I watched the Alberta Leadership Debate, is the 30% pay increase Alison Redford voted for herself 4 years ago.  Redford will go to ANY length to not talk about that, will offer bribes to any and all special interest groups, and will say almost anything except, “It was wrong.  I’ll reverse it immediately.”

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