Wendy Cukier & Heidi Rathjen, Join The Gun Registration Certificate Burning Party!

That’s right… folks across the nation are having parties to burn their long gun registration certificates.  It’s the best way I can think of to celebrate one small step in the proper direction for the rights of Canadians when it comes to firearms.  I wish I’d thought of it before I received Mike Ackermann’s photos. All of mine apparently had an accident involving a shredder…

Dr. Mike Ackermann, pictured here, posted a series of photos of his own personal gun registry certificates bonfire on Facebook two days ago.  Along with the photos he has a running commentary of why he’s burning his certificates, along with a description of why he built a house of cards out of them first.

So I made this house of cards of my registration certificates, to represent the Firearms Act and its useless gun registry that provides only illusory security. Note that just like Allan Rock and his ilk who lied to parliament to fraudulently enact this house of cards, I have also cheated by using tape to hold it together. Without ever increasing amounts of red tape and sculduggery, this monument to political foolishness would never have held together as long as it did.

The latest party I’ve been made aware of is in Williams Lake, British Columbia.  The fine folks from the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association have decided to invite the world to join them as they celebrate Canada’s baby steps toward Freedom.

Being good-natured, they sent the following invitation to Wendy Cukier and her Coalition for Gun Control.  They have not yet heard back from Wendy, and I doubt she will be attending.



Special Invitation

We are holding a long gun registry burning event in Williams Lake, BC, on Sunday, April 22nd at 2:00 pm and we would like to invite you to the ceremony.  There will be hundreds of people attending this celebration because we wish to deliver a clear message that your efforts at criminalizing law abiding Canadians has failed.

If the efforts and money you have wasted would have been focused on deaths and injuries caused by legally registered vehicles then maybe you would have saved some lives.  Lives of innocent men, women and children.  Instead your efforts have been spent on the efforts socially engineering the lives of innocent people that do not conform to your twisted mentality.

I wish to invite you to this event so that you have the opportunity to defend your position before those that you have maligned in the public consciousness.

Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association

Jacques Drisdelle
640 Atwood Place
Williams Lake, BC
V2G 4J6

Tel: 250-392-2417

3 thoughts on “Wendy Cukier & Heidi Rathjen, Join The Gun Registration Certificate Burning Party!

  1. You do so many real gold plated public service acts, you should be made a “National Treasure.” Hang in there. We can’t afford to lose anyone such as you and Mike.

  2. Chris: If I had firearms I would be burning the certificates in the most public way possible. With much fanfare and and noise.

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