Freedom of Speech? Not for Christian Pastors in Alberta…

As the lunatic left tries desperately to find some way of slowing down the Wildrose electoral juggernaut, such bastions of tolerance as Warren Kinsella and the Edmonton Journal have declared that pastors have no right to actually write about what they believe.

This is hardly surprising from either source, both of whom believe tolerance should only be applied to their views, not anyone else’s.  Freedom of Speech rights only apply to left-wing ideas and pastors such as Edmonton’s Allan Hunsperger should, well, just shut up.

It’s typical of the left.  Tolerance is a one-way street, that one way being their way, of course.  Any opposing views are nothing more than hate.  The very title of Mr. Kinsella’s post, Danielle Smith defends hate, made that very clear.

Hating God is completely okay, but expressing the Bible’s (and God’s) viewpoint that sin will place you in Hell for eternity is somehow inherently evil and hate-filled, if the likes of Kinsella are to be believed.

It matters not whether the sin is homosexuality, adultery, lust or any other made clear in the Bible, any Pastor who would preach approvingly of that which God hates (sin) isn’t much of a preacher.

The line that seemed to so offend both Kinsella and the Edmonton Journal is this:

“You see, you can live the way you were born, and if you die the way you were born then you will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, hell, a place of eternal suffering.”

This statement is true of every single one of us despite the fact it was written specifically addressing homosexuality.  There is not a human being alive that can claim to be sinless and therefore un-deserving of that lake of fire.

Imagine that… a preacher writing about sin and salvation.

I’m shocked!

Thankfully, however, Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith is not.  Danielle Smith comprehends the simple reality that everyone, not just liberals, have the Right to Freedom of Speech.

Gasp!  You mean even Pastors?

Yes, even Pastors.

The post that so upset the looney left was written last summer, long before the election and before Pastor Hunsperger was a candidate for Wildrose.

Now, simply because he is a candidate he is somehow supposed to sanitize his personal and pastoral beliefs to satisfy the likes of the Edmonton Journal and Warren Kinsella?

That’s ridiculous, as is Alison Redford’s anti-religious retort.

“I think that it’s absolutely wrong. Of course I disagree with it and the fact that these are people who think that that’s a legitimate perspective, just absolutely blows my mind,” she said.

Thank God Danielle Smith has the courage to stand up to this nonsense and reiterate what she has said repeatedly throughout this campaign, even though the looney left is incapable of actually hearing her:

“When a person is making personal statements in their capacity as a pastor, which he was, I don’t think anybody should be surprised that they’re expressing certain viewpoints,” she said to reporters.

“We’ve communicated on this, that we will not be legislating on contentious social issues. He understands that. He accepts that.”

Every Albertan, every Canadian has the Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

Yes, even Christian Pastors.

2 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech? Not for Christian Pastors in Alberta…

  1. Give it a break!!! In the history of Alberta and Canada we have elected people who once in a position of responsibility and power, proved to be liars, cheats, thieves, embezzlers, and alcoholics. Why in Hell are we going to prejudge a person of the cloth! I’m not (and therefore likely a minority) a believer in Hell! I also don’t believe in fire and brimstone and often wonder if either we we live here on earth as a Hell or if we don’t manufacture it ourselves. None of my beliefs should govern my opinion of a man or women who is determined to represent my wishes, (in a democratic manner) and not their own, in my government.
    Redford can sit back and let me make a decision on whom I want to speak for me unless the word Democracy has been dropped during the Stelmach trials.
    The only pleasant thought I can muster of Redford is maybe she’s simply “too Worldly” for little old Alberta with it’s farmers, oil-workers, and folks who are attempting to survive, raise families and all the time hoping we will be spared some small corner of our little world where we will be allowed to make a few decisions for ourselves!
    If Smith seriously means everything she says I have the feeling she will form a government which will be made up of MLA’s and their leaders who will listen and not put us under the orders of those who feel they “know” and decide what we need rather than asking us!
    Smith: If you can put a government together which will allow Democracy from the bottom up instead of the top down; you have my vote and I’ll stick with you. I’m tired of being ruled by do-gooders, minorities, leftists; all with personal agendas.
    I’m really sorry for the ducks lost in Ft Mac, I’m also sorry for the human deaths lost to wars which maintained the democracy I live in. Such is collateral damage in the ongoing battle of human survival and progress. Alberta requires a government with a vision of progressive development and like all progressions there is a cost, even when serious control of loss is respected as it is in the operation of Alberta Companies and workers.

  2. So Pastor Nasty has the right to attack gays using Freedom of Speech but no one else can exercise Freedom of Speech to point out that Pastor Nasty is hiding his hatred & intolerance of gays behind the same Christian faith that ordains gays as reverends/priests in mainstream Canadian Christian churches.

    Pastor Nasty is free to be as much of a bigot as he wishes. The rest of Canada is equally free to point out the inherent hypocrisy in his bigotry masquerading as “religious freedom”.

    When Pastor Nasty steps away from his bully pulpit into the national media spotlight he best be wearing his bigboy panties.

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