“Gun Control” kills. Here’s how…

The advocates of “gun control” are forever telling us that guns are too dangerous for mere citizens to use.  It’s just not safe, they say.  That mentality has always bothered me because what are police officers except mere citizens with a little training?

Anyone can become proficient in the skills needed to handle firearms safely.  Training facilities like Front Sight can give you that training over the course of a single weekend.  It’s hardly difficult.

But those who despise firearms, and the right to self-defense generally, always claim that only killers have guns.  It’s bullsh*t, of course, as study after study shows that firearms are used defensively millions of times per year in the United States without ever firing a shot.  Merely showing the aggressor or home invader the firearm is usually enough to stop the attack.

Cases like young mother Sarah Dawn McKinley are the exception, where the home invader is too stupid to comprehend they are about to lose their life if they don’t stop.  For those who don’t recall the case, Sarah had just buried her husband earlier earlier on New Year’s Day 2012, and was home alone with her baby when two morons decided that was the perfect time to break into her home to rape her and steal any medication that might have been left over from her husband.

That moronic decision cost one of the home invaders his life, and so it should.  Every single time.

Why should a young widow and her baby be forced to submit to the deranged demands of two thugs?  Because the Rosie O’Donnells of the world say so while they hide behind armed bodyguards?

Here is an awesome video showing the end result of that sort of stupidity…

1 thought on ““Gun Control” kills. Here’s how…

  1. There will always be the Rosie O’Donnells in the same way there will always be the Oprah Vegitarians. The Arms people, clubs and Associations should challenge a high profile person who uses their unrelated exposure to exert mind control on public habits which are outside of their sphere. It certainly changed Oprah’s tune didn’t it? This would be cause for them to back off and apologize for their ignorance.
    There is little doubt that Television has been cause for many people to fear guns if they have never been taught how to handle them.
    I feel that by giving the government any control over the training and safety of guns we are handing the keys to the chicken coop over to the weasels again!
    Instead I feel the gun groups and the manufactures should form a proposal that any purchaser of a gun which is new to him/her should be certified by the manufacturer in the safe use and operation of the firearm. This places some liability on the manufacturer but what’s wrong with that? They should be interested in this as it may well produce followup sales. Clubs and other organizations should have Open Houses more frequently and invite groups from various walks of life to experience target practice and so on.
    If firearms interest groups don’t leap on an opportunity like this we will see the bureaucrats do everything in their power to regain control which they haven’t really lost all of…..YET!!!!

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