Trayvon Martin Case: when political agendas are more important than the facts

The Trayvon Martin Case has become the classic example of how a political agenda can drive the reporting of a case, and in this case, twists and distorts reality to fit that agenda.

Take this photo of Trayvon Martin, for example.  This image ran with opinion pieces on this case across the world.  Well, you can’t call them reporting, since the photo is itself a fabrication designed to elicit a response.

The fact that this photo is of 12-year-old Trayvon Martin is never explained by the drive-by media.

They ran this photo with his actual age, 17, as though this is what the kid looked like on the day he died.

It’s a total lie.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s terrible that this kid lost his life.  That’s not even up for debate.  What’s wrong is that his death is being used by everyone with a political agenda to advance their anti-gun stance.

Newspapers and television stations across the globe ran this 5-year-old photo with the story to sell you on the fact that a child was killed.

A black child.

Killed by a white man.

A racially-motivated killing.

Except none of this is true, other than that Trayvon was indeed black.  That’s about the only part of the story that the drive-by media got correct.

Below is what Trayvon Martin looked like about the time he was shot and killed. 

A far cry from the innocent child portrayed by the media, isn’t it?

But this picture of Trayvon doesn’t play into the media-created story of white hate, therefore the drive-by media doesn’t run it.

They also won’t talk about Trayvon Martin’s hate-filled Twitter feed (view pdf) under the name of “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA,” which has since been closed down.

For some interesting reading about what this young man was all about I suggest reading his Twitter posts, all of which were captured by The Daily Caller before the account was shut down.  They paint a picture of a young man who, at the very least, viewed himself as a tough thug in need of respect.

The man who shot Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, was described as white by most of these so-called reporters… except that Zimmerman, just like Barack Obama, is only HALF-white seems to be un-reportable.

George Zimmerman is half-Hispanic, too.

George Zimmerman is every bit as white as Barack Obama.

That’s irrelevant.

It is a fact that doesn’t fit with the drive-by media‘s proclamation that this was a white on black hate crime.

Once so-called news agency ran the transcript of the 911 call, but edited it heavily in order to make the recording fit their preconceived agenda.  It was only after they were called on their fabrication that they rewrote the story with the full transcript which showed that the person who brought up race in the call was the 911 operator, NOT George Zimmerman… the exact opposite of the impression you got reading their so-called story in its original form.

The press needed a story, so they manufactured it.  That is despicable and disgraceful.

Is it tragic that a 17-year-old was shot and killed?


But if witness reports are true, then it wasn’t the “white Hispanic man”, as one newspaper called him, who was the aggressor, it was the young black man.

Did Zimmerman aggravate the situation by following Trayvon Martin?  Quite possibly.  Had he not followed Martin then the altercation that ended with Martin’s death would probably not have occurred.

But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a case of justifiable self-defense.

If what the witness who came forward said is true, Trayvon made the choice to beat up George Zimmerman.  We will never know why he made that choice, but it was that choice that ultimately caused his death.

Now that George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd-degree murder it will be up to a jury to decide whether the death of Trayvon Martin was self-defense or murder.

Unfortunately, unless that trial results in what radical groups like the Black Panthers have predetermined to be the “correct” verdict, i.e. guilty, their calls for a race war will only get louder and more obscene.

If a jury reaches the conclusion that this was indeed a case of self-defense, look out, especially if you commit the ultimate crime  according to racist thugs like the Black Panthers: Being White in America.

Is the death of this 17-year-old tragic?


But not even “white-black president” Barack Obama can turn this into a hate crime.

Unless, of course, we allow him, the Black Panthers and the drive-by media to spread their lies unchallenged.

If you want to listen to some very disturbing rhetoric, listen to what the New Black Panthers say, in their own words:

11 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin Case: when political agendas are more important than the facts

  1. well said chris !!
    i do like the 2nd picture, by the way; quite a contrast with the first.
    but yet the blacks and the media stirred up enough hype that the hispanic guy is now in jail; i wonder if the hispanic community will now rise up ??

    i hope so.

    in fact, i hope the white community does too.

    i have seen some of the black panther stuff as of late and it is quite amusing. the chick in charge in florida is calling for a violent race war.

    i thought to myself, REALLY ??

    are the blacks so delusional as to believe that they could win a race war in the united states at the present time ??
    the race war they are begging for would be the God-send that radical white supremists pray for !!
    the fact of the matter is that there are still more whites in this country and far more of those whites have high quality firearms than do blacks.

    nearly everyone i know has enough good weapons to arm their whole family, and a few have more.
    only 1 of my friends has no guns, and just this week i took him shooting for the 1st time in his life, as he has finally realized the necessity of being properly armed.

    he really enjoyed the shooting, and will be properly armed in short order. it is funny to me that no blacks or whites have come out and merely stated the obvious, and that is that if the blacks would actually rise up en masse and start a race war, that they would be decimated.

    and why ??

    because comparatively speaking they are less educated and are therefore poorly armed for the task at hand; which seems to be a recurring problem for them as a group.

    1. Dude you are just plain dumb. Racist and dumb. White people have more guns? Race war. Whites Vs. everyone else. If your on the side of us white people…I’ll shoot you first.

  2. Isn’t it strange that if this where a white group talking like this it would be on the front page of every news paper and the leading talking point of every talking head in the country and yet because it is a “poor minority”It’sseems to me they can get away with anything.
    Also I’ve alwaye kind of leaned toward elected judges and other law officalsbut now having seen the results of people bending ot politcal pressure and stand behind the”Canadian way”
    One final note I beleave there is a good chance that once again a small group of very vocal people will get thier way,anyone remember O.J? he was innocent acording to the same group of ill informed poeple.
    Thank God we have the indians.

  3. While trying to find recent pictures of Trayvon Martin as they have all “disappeared” magically, I ran across your article which is very well written and needs more public views to explain the awful news agencies in this country who propagandize everything and make it into what will get many upset and cause more uprising. There are so many cases of hate and actual race related violence and killings that need more attention than this case, which does not have any place being connected to those phrases. Hopefully the law does pull through and the public does become aware of the laws in the USA and the states and specifically state laws that are different from other states. As of 8:08pm in the evening of the 12th, the 2nd picture has disappeared showing him flipping off the camera. Who is doing that?????

    1. Well, I can’t answer who is erasing the 2nd image from the internet but that’s one of the reasons I always host all the content used on my site. They can’t erase what they don’t control. It’s only by telling the truth over and over again that we stand any chance of averting the sort of thing the asinine “New Black Panthers” are calling for… the murder of white people wherever they may be found.

      Had white people made the kinds of comments that these black folks are making the drive-by media would be all over it and the entire world would know what had been said. Because it’s some black people who are being the racists… suddenly nobody will talk about it.

      A BLACK racist group can place a $10,000 bounty on someone’s head but nobody will do a thing about it.

      Imagine if a WHITE racist group had placed a $10,000 bounty on a black person’s head. That would play in prime time on every newscast across the nation for the next week. When a black racist group does it… the drive-by media just says, “ho hum, nothing to report here…

      Racist agendas are just that: racist. I don’t care what color is being the racist. Why should that matter? It shouldn’t, yet it does…

      1. That is so true, racist is racist no matter who is on the giving end of it. It should be treated the same no matter if it is going to a known minority group or vice versa. And I was really surprised when they kept posting pictures of Zimmerman in the beginning and refer to him as “white”. It was pretty clear by his looks he was not “white” – sounds like it was being used for propaganda perhaps..

  4. Thanks so much Chris. You are a voice of reason in the wilderness of “Political Correctness.”

    You may have also read Ilana Mercer’s article on this subject. It is very comprehensive and accurate. EVERYTHING she writes is up front and accurate.

  5. The media whore has done it again. It seems almost like a test to see how much “Brainwashing” they have done and who they can infect.
    Shows what they will do for $$ (Ratings)

    This is no different than Dr. Paul getting no attention and shut down because the big banks who run this country now own most media. (look it up.) Dr. Paul was going to expose them.

    Coincidence that the Government is pushing hard to ease drop and control the Internet. That way, you wont get the fact, only what they spoon feed on TV.

    As for this specific case, I think Christopher laid it out simple and clear. I think Zimmerman should have been apprehended for trial. Without the media swaying the world.

  6. Doesn’t matter what Trayvon looked like.

    Fact is, Zimbo stalked him , got out of his car and shot him.

    Zimbo is a bully and coward,. ex bouncer who thought, ”I have a gun” this guy is going down.

    I did send a case of KY jelly to the jail though to show my support.

    Either he walks or he does some time. he is ”dead meat” if he walks. Contracts do NOT expire.

  7. I just wanted to point out, I also saw recent pictures they are publishing of Zimmerman are new photos that they found somewhere that make him look like a softer nicer version of himself.

  8. I really don’t get it. Two of my good friends were killed in Detroit and came from the suburbs, with an unknown killer, but the trayvon Martin murder is potentially starting riots and major uproars? Is is because it was just another murder in Detroit that it’s not getting the publicity that it should? Or because they were white and killed by blacks? My friend’s murders were a huge impact in our community, I just don’t understand how a double slaying could not get that kind of attention.

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