Earth Hour 2012: Why and How I will be celebrating this awesome event

Earth Hour is one of the most amazing events of the year.   Never have I been so impressed with a cause that has, as its reason for being, the saving of Planet Earth, since Global Warming is going to kill us all.

Just ask the same scientists who, only one generation ago, were claiming the world was entering a catastrophic ice age.  Thirty years later that same data has them fearing a global meltdown.  How awesome is it that we were able to turn the tide from Ice Age to Meltdown in a single generation?

That’s pretty impressive.

Who doesn’t want the Earth to sustain Humanity for many thousands more generations?  Who doesn’t want Johnny, your descendant a thousand generations from today, to have food, power, light and energy to sustain both himself and his family?

Nobody in their right mind wants him sitting in a grass hut eating grubs and berries like a stone-age caveman, do they?  Of course not!

Our population continues to grow so we as a species are going to have to find ways to support all those people.  That means growing more food faster, finding innovative ways to extend growing seasons in even the harshest environments, and improving technology to better provide potable water to the world.

Who could possibly be against all of that?

A truly progressive Human Race will use the talents and the treasure that God gave us to ensure our descendants will have every pleasure we enjoy today and many, many more.

God gave Man dominion over the world and all things in it.  That includes the plants, animals and even those nasty oil and gas deposits that MUST be exploited if the likes of Al Gore and Saint David Suzuki are to continue their globetrotting ways promoting their ant-human agendas.  Those promotions, of course, have a massive personal benefit, but it’s not politically correct to discuss that, is it?

The actual data tells the story, but good eco-terrorists and eco-Gods aren’t interested in the facts.  The facts are pesky little things that only get in the way of earning billions through fundraising and demonizing anyone who doesn’t get in line with, as the God of Eco-Stupidity Al Gore calls “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Saint Suzuki is a multi-millionaire thanks, in part, to his Official Sainthood bestowed by that grand bastion of common sense and intellectual integrity, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, aka the CBC.

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh—more than 20 times the national average.

It’s been widely reported that Al Gore, whose personal carbon footprint is greater than 20 average homes, left the White House with a personal net worth of 2 million dollars.  After fronting for the eco-freaks and charging handsomely for it, Al Gore is now reportedly worth over 200 million dollars.

Apparently being eco-friendly, or at least Al Gore’s version of it, is incredibly profitable.

That’s why I will be celebrating Earth Hour by doing the following:.

1. Turn on every light in the house.  I could sit in abject silence in the dark like the vast majority of North Koreans, but that’s just plain stupid.

2. Turn up the heat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  Why 78 degrees?  My wife is complaining that she’s cold.  Can’t have that!   (Yeah, I know Canada is a metric nation since Trudopia ran amok, but despite the best brainwashing of the Nanny State, I still think of temperatures this way.)

3. Turn on my computer and spend the hour connecting with likeminded individuals across our great globe and, last but not least…

4. I will turn on my television to Sun News Network to watch (Please God!!!) Justin “The Shiny Pony” Trudeau get the snot beat out of him by Senator Patrick Brazeau.

Yeah, it’s for charity, but who can resist watching the snotty little wannabe get his ass handed to him on a platter?  Certainly not me.


But back to Earth Hour… the whole point of this global publicity stunt is, to quote UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon:

“Turning off our lights is a symbol of our commitment to sustainable energy for all. We need to fuel our future with clean, efficient and affordable energy. By acting together today, we can power a brighter tomorrow.”

How does turning off our lights for an hour accomplish this?

Well, it doesn’t.

Like all good publicity stunts, the stated goal has absolutely nothing to do with the event, which is designed to fool us into thinking we’re doing something to save the planet when we are not.

Turning off our lights for an hour doesn’t do ANYTHING to help us find clean, efficient and affordable energy for the human race, but it sure goes a long way toward brainwashing us into believing otherwise, doesn’t it?

I wonder, will Saint Suzuki and Inconvenient Al be powering down their mansions tonight?  I wouldn’t go betting any clean, efficient and affordable energy on it…

1 thought on “Earth Hour 2012: Why and How I will be celebrating this awesome event

  1. Nobody in their right mind wants him sitting in a grass hut eating grubs and berries like a stone-age caveman, do they? Of course not!
    I suggest there are a lot of people whon di just that in the current Worls situation and I often wonder if the rest of the world consider this? I personally feel it’s a bunch of hoohaw involving people who have no idea what the third world is going through and are involved in it for the publicity it does for them personally. I’m totally ignorant of the main participants involved but if Al Gore is involved my point will be well made. Many people from the “have” countries feel they are making a difference in their contributions to Africa, when in actual fact they are furthering the animalistic endeavours of African leaders who will do whatever it takes to maintain their unjust, inhuman control of their people. We go to grat lengths to support them and then we endeavour to support Earth Hour!!! Give you head a shake Christopher!!

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