100 Guns Stolen from Police Armoury

But only the police and military should have guns, right?

Except the police can’t even trust themselves, according to this story on the Latin American Herald Tribune, where some very organized criminals broke into the police armoury and stole over 100 firearms.

Puerto Rico’s police chief, Jose Figueroa Sancha said it was an inside job.

““I have no doubt that it’s an inside job. They knew where to find the weapons right from their arrival.”

Over 750 murders have been committed on the island of Puerto Rico this year alone.

There is a serious corruption problem there too, as just two weeks ago almost 100 police officers were arrested amidst allegations of corruption relating to drug trafficking.

USA Today reporte:

Nearly 100 current and former Puerto Rican law enforcement officers were arrested today on drug-related charges as part of the largest police corruption investigation in the history of the FBI, USA TODAY’s Kevin Johnson reports.Attorney General Eric Holder said the two-year inquiry involved 1,000 FBI agents, including 750 federal investigators who were secretly sent to Puerto Rico in the past week to take part in the arrests.

The 133 people charged today include 97 current or former police officers.

But that could never happen in Canada, right?

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