Lawyer Solomon Friedman hits a home run before the Canadian Senate

I’d happily add my 2 cents worth to what Mr. Solomon says in the video below, but then I would be robbing you of the opportunity to listen to someone who, on a daily basis, has been battling the stupid legislation we know as the Firearms Act and its Criminal Code amendments.

Lawyer Solomon Friedman does an excellent job of explaining why ordinary, law-abiding Canadians are fed up with being the scapegoats for the actions of violent criminals.

So, without any more from me, here he is.  Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Lawyer Solomon Friedman hits a home run before the Canadian Senate

  1. I have no idea what hoops the man had to jump through to speak before the Senate nor do I know what he did to keep them awake! I’m as against the gun law as every Canadian should be but what the Dickens do we elect our MP’s for if it isn’t situations like this? Surely we can have this sort of protest accomplished by our elected members of government instead of a %$#*&^@ LAWYER!! If he said anything new I must have missed it because in my mind it’s all been said before. WHY WHY speak to the Senate? The Senate has proven to be as toothless an organization as we have in what we call government! In Alberta when a fellow shows up in cowboy boots and Stetson and begins preaching about ranching when everyone knows he grows cucumbers, he’s rudely addressed as “Big Hat, No Cattle”. This guy is reading from his notes constantly, he’s no one that an old guy like me would give the time of day to. What have I missed??? Is the Senate going listen to his every word and kill the law without asking the permission of the political friends who had them appointed as Senators? I’ve got broad shoulders; tell me what I missed!

    1. Kenneth, we elect our Members of Parliament to tell us the lies we want to hear when we elect and re-elect them. They only tell us what we want to hear, but never actually solve the problems they claim to be solving.

      What was great about Solomon Friedman’s speech to the Senate (so what if he referred to his notes!) was that he told them to their faces, just like he did with the committee on Bill C-19, that they didn’t do their jobs and the need to start doing them now. Solomon Friedman is a lawyer who focuses on firearms cases. He is one of very few lawyers who do, which is why he is so credible.

      I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy his presentation as much as I did. He did a great job. Will the Senate listen to him? Who knows. Really, who cares. The point is that the truth was spoken loud and clear, on record, and they can’t hide from that.

  2. Christopher: I thoroughly enjoyed your response!! It was a pretty good speech if I hadn’t heard it so many times before. Careful now; your frustration with the ENTIRE structure of Canadian Government and it’s inability to solve anything is beginning to show! If the problem which is presented to them doesn’t increase the wealth of the politician or garner him more votes, it will never be resolved by them.

    Unless this government cannot find a Liberal or an NDP with their pants down in the middle of a herd of sheep, how are the Harper sucklings going to rid themselves of this telephone problem?

    Following Obama’s lead with a Canadian version of closing down anti political demonstrations in the presence of politicians will no doubt be on Harper’s agenda, but it’ll have to stay on the back burner for a bit won’t it? Personally I think Chretien is currently now pounding the Dickens out of his golf bag saying “NOW WHY IN THE &*^%$LL DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!!!!! I MUST HAVE BEEN SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME TRYING TO KILL DAT PAUL MARTIN!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed that, Kenneth! If my frustration is showing, it’s only because government ALWAYS claims to be problem-solvers, when in reality they are nothing more than busy-bodies who create problems where none previously exist. The Political Class believes they are entitled to the gravy train and they can’t comprehend why ordinary decent Canadians don’t believe it too.

      As for importing that crap (extinguishing our Right to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly) from America… I would hope the good people of Canada would not stand for that. Yes, I’m an eternal optimist… I realize that.

  3. Frustration with Ottawa continues and I felt I should let my MP Rob Merrifield know of my latest concern:

    Sir: I apologize for taking so long to reply to your last email as I’ve been diligently searching out the background and references you sent me.

    Today though, I’m requesting your attention to another matter. As I’m sure you understand, it has been very tough to remain a Conservative voter for the last ten years, what with lack of strong representation and poor leadership. I’ve hung in there in the hope these dark clouds would eventually disappear. The latest mess over the telephone scandal tells me my choice of political parties has dropped themselves to the level of the Liberals, and even worse, got caught at it! I know email protest carries no weight with Ottawa as the hub of our country is still somewhere ahead of the rest of the world in ignoring protest, but I do wish to let you know that I most certainly do agree with every word in it:

    Canadians do not expect a timely legal remedy to the various investigations surrounding the Conservative Party’s suppression of democratic voting. Election fraud has occurred in 77 ridings to date, however we may never know the full extent or full effect of this Criminal Act. We ask the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call forth a new Full Election immediately, as we are currently under an illegitimate Government and have zero tolerance for voter suppression. We act in solidarity to use every democratic instrument at our disposition with resolve. It is an essential need for the preservation of the most fundamental and sacred right of every Canadian to see the Harper Government deposed.

    Kenneth G Ryan

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