Withdraw from the UN’s Agenda 21. It’s easy. Just follow the lead of College Station, Texas.

Jane Gaffin wrote a great article about the United Nations’ Agenda 21 the other day titled Everybody Has Heard of Agenda 21; Most Just Don’t Know It.  After reading that I stumbled upon an article about a city in Texas named College Station.  This Texas city had withdrawn from Agenda 21, the program created at the UN’s 1992 Earth Summit on climate change held in Rio de Janeiro.

Specifically, College Station, Texas, was opting out of International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that promotes what it calls “Local Governments for Sustainability” by enforcing “sustainability, climate protection, and clean energy goals” on its member communities.

City Councilman Jess Fields explains why College Station decided to cancel their ICLEI / Agenda 21 membership.

At last Thursday’s council meeting, I proposed to the council to withdraw College Station’s membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – an international organization founded in 1990 by the United Nations. Our city has been paying somewhere north of $1,000 to be a member of this organization, yet it is not to be found anywhere within the budget. Few have ever heard of ICLEI, and fewer still know that College Station has actually been a member since 2009.

I am truly excited to announce that the proposed 2013 College Station budget will not include funding for this organization. It is an insidious, extreme institution that does not represent our citizens, and for our taxpayers to continue to fund it would be ridiculous.

I applaud our management staff for their thoughtful decision to agree to withdraw from ICLEI in the next budgetary year. In particular, I’d like to thank Jason Stuebe, Assistant to the City Manager, for his extraordinarily thorough research into this and many other topics. Our staff has made the right decision here.

I also want to thank a citizen, Mary Oliver, for her steadfast efforts to bring this issue to my attention over the past couple of years. Without her interest in the subject this might not have been possible. College Station is blessed to have citizens like her who care about what goes on with their local government.

For those who think a single person can’t make a difference, I give you Mary Oliver of College Station, Texas.  I also congratulate her for her tenacity to see her city remove itself from ICLEI and Agenda 21.

As Jane wrote, Agenda 21 is just the code name for a group of anti-human activities that include so-called “Sustainable Development.”  That title sounds great, except that when used by the United Nations and their minions, the words don’t mean what you and I… you know… normal people, expect them to mean.

Sustainable, when used in the UN’s vernacular, means the exact opposite of what you would expect.  Take logging, for example.  Logging is and always will be a sustainable resource that we develop into products human beings can use.  That includes everything from wood to build our homes, wood pellets to heat those homes, the paper we write love letters to our wives and husbands, and even the toilet paper we wipe our behinds with.

Trees grow back.  Trees grow back even when we don’t want them to.  That’s just their nature.  Even in those places where “evil” clear cutting has been done, you can’t stop the trees from growing back.  They grow back in spite of the so-called devastation the land has suffered by clear cutting.

Using the definition of sustainable that the United Nations would have us use, cutting down trees to manufacture homes, heat homes and create the newspaper we read and then toss in the trash daily is somehow evil, wrong and immoral.

Agenda 21 can best be summed up by this statement:

Human Beings are a blight on Planet Earth.  Animals and plants are more important than people, and where conflict exists between animals, plants and humans, human beings are always wrong and must be punished.

So, if you want to mine your land for gold, Agenda 21 would tell you that the flowers growing on that land are far more important than you are, and you cannot mine your land.

Sure, mines are ugly things, but they provide us with the metals we need to manufacture all kinds of useful and good things like, for example, the computer you are using to read this article.   Mines, when they are exhausted, are returned to the wild and with Man’s help, Nature does a spectacular job of ensuring the plants and animals return.

These are just two examples of true sustainability, and while I grant you my attempts at describing them may lack the finesse some might want, my descriptions get the job done.

Below is a video that describes Agenda 21 quite well.

If you want to find out if your city or town is a member of Agenda 21 through ICLEI, check this page.  Then do everything in your power to have your city or town do as College Station, Texas, did and drop your membership in this freedom-crushing organization too.

ICLEI USA Membership List

I urge you to follow the many links in this article to learn more about why College Station, Texas, made the decision it did, and why your city should make the same decision.  Specifically, I recommend Jess Fields blog article “A Primer on ICLEI, an organization College Station, Texas, will withdraw from.”

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