Sack the Menacing Marxist Agenda 21 and Subsidiary Programs

When politicians were in full cry about the benefits of linking the state of Alaska with Canada’s province of British Columbia via rail back in 2004, the only thing I could visualize the trains hauling was human cargo.

One reason I envisioned something akin to the Jews and Gypsies herded onto cattle cars for their trip from Eastern Europe to the Nazi concentration camps is due to a United Nations brainchild called Smart Growth.

Smart Growth is just one of a multitude of methods for carrying out Agenda 21 that has been moving at a slow-motion, under-the-radar pace since the plan was hatched during the United Nations’ Earth Summit, a big environmental brainwashing conference staged in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992.

Yet the communistic theories have been on the drawing board since the United Nations was formed in 1945.

Over the years, Agenda 21’s insidious, ever-expanding tentacles have reached out in every direction to surreptitiously encapsulate every facet of people’s lives while they weren’t paying attention.

Agenda 21–which simply means “Agenda for the 21st Century”–is the ultimate plan of action to save the world from human activity. That means dismantling industrial civilization and relieving individuals of their right to own property, specifically real estate.

The Rio Earth Summit also produced the Convention on Biological Diversity; Framework Convention on Climate Change; and Statement of Forest Principles.

A host of ways and means was set up the same year to advance the ambitious Agenda 21. Working in collaboration with an incredibly large non-government organizational (NGO) structure, the United Nations formed a Commission with the cute-sounding name “Sustainable Development”.

One project among many others under the Sustainable Development umbrella is a Wildlands Project that calls for eliminating human presence. Its purpose is to “re-wild” landscape and return at least 50 percent of Canada as well as America’s 50 states back to a natural condition reminiscent of before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Proponents of Smart Growth and the Wildlands Project rank the animal kingdom and bug population above importance to the intelligent human species. Therefore, low-life humans will have to be relocated into “special” habitat areas.

Those “habitats” either will be military-run concentration camps, complete with barbed wire and guard towers, or “sustainable communities” similar to one portrayed in the British-produced TV series “The Prisoner” starring Patrick McGoohan. After catching on to what is going on inside the agency, the secret agent angrily resigns his post only to be abducted and held captive by unknown powers. Under constant surveillance from cameras and spies and unable to escape from the mysterious village, he has lost his identity and is known only as No. 6. Nobody knows who is No. 1.

Remember those dreary Habitat Conferences back in the 1970s? Habitat geniuses were designing ugly, Orwellian apartment complexes to serve Westerners well as revamped concentration camps because at the 1992 Rio conference, UN puppet and chairman Maurice Strong convinced his faithful followers that single-family dwellings were no longer “sustainable”.

Under the mandate of Smart Growth, residents are being forced from beautiful suburbia, rustic country acreages and expansive farm and ranch lands by whatever means possible. Those means may be forfeiture laws, environmental protection provisions, species at risk acts. Whatever it takes, governments are removing the occupants from their properties without legal recourse or financial compensation.

The low-life human habitat will be rounded up and caged like animals into unhealthy ghettos to allow the buffalo to roam and rabbits to romp freely in the reclaimed green spaces and wildlife preserves.

Smart Growth is a politically-correct term to mask a variety of policy initiatives designed to bring about “sustainable development” of “sustainable communities” that will produce “sustainable lifestyles”, as determined by the movers and shakers of Agenda 21.

The main mover was Manitoba-born Maurice Strong, the prophet of doom billionaire and friend of Canada’s Paul Martin One and Two (the second one is a former Canadian prime minister). At the relevant time, the Geneva-based Strong luxuriated in the powerful position as chief advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the World Bank.

Presently, Strong’s hypocritical agenda is to betray the United States, a free society which has afforded him a comfortable capitalistic living, by overthrowing and replacing the world superpower with China as Numero Uno.

Strong, a devout capitalist who passionately promotes world Marxism, owns an expansive land spread at Crestone in southwestern Colorado where he controls the valley’s water rights. Ironically, he has already announced that through his baby, Agenda 21, water will be rationed at 10 gallons a day per person.

Some news people have asserted–maybe sarcastically– that he was hanging out in Beijing to avoid indictment for his role of skimming off billions in the UN Oil for Food scandal.

“If it turns out that prominent politicians and businessmen profiteered while Iraqis were deprived of basic necessities that the Oil for Food program was supposed to pay for (food and medicine), there should be serious consequences, up to and including criminal prosecution,” a non-contestable statement made in the March 21, 2004 Washington Times.

However, Strong is safe. He is too rich and powerful–as are the others involved–to be concerned about indictment. No police force has the grit to investigate, much less lay charges, and no justice system has the fortitude to prosecute. Besides, a court case would expose all the dirt in the top echelons across a broad-base of countries, especially naming all the rip-off artists sitting in lofty places of the United Nations.

When chairing the 1992 Earth Summit he controlled treaties ranging from climate change to biodiversity that provided “legal” foundation and “enforcement” of international environmental standards.

He’s the guy who called for and worked towards establishing the One-World Military.

Canada jumped in with both feet to adopt hundreds of United Nations creations, most of them coming from Strong and his NGO and environmental E-NGO disciples.

It is a misnomer that NGOs are purported to be “non-government agencies”. They are only an arm’s length in distance from the government whose decision-making is controlled by NGOs. Their lavish funding comes from one government agency or another.

A couple of people can join forces, receive funding and call themselves an NGO. Even various-sized private businesses have become NGO designates.

Since 2004, 20,000 NGOs have doubled to 40,000 to carry the Marxist message around the world.

How on earth can every single North American community possibly come to identical conclusions about what is best for populations diverse in cultures and living in various climes and unique geographical settings?

How did Whitehorse, the sub-Arctic capital of the Yukon Territory located in northwestern Canada, end up eradicating its distinctive and historical personality and taking on boring features of Anywhere Canada?

It’s called “social engineering”. And it was definitely done incrementally without people’s knowledge or approval because they didn’t hear dumb politicians talking about it, thus the press wasn’t covering the issues. Therefore, residents were totally unaware of the implications of “sustainability” that was happening right before their eyes.

Groups of cleverly-trained people skillfully manipulated a process called “collaborative consensus building”. The outcome was predetermined while leading the brainwashed participants into believing that the decision was actually their own.

See: Sustainability and a Free Society are Not Compatible

That is the way so-called “consensus” was determined under the Yukon Protected Areas Strategy which proposed to tie up all land in the Yukon but eventually died under the Yukon Party’s Fentie government watch. But, as predicted, the environmental initiative resurfaced under other titles that called for the protection of huge tracts of wilderness that has been in the bureaucratic works for the last 40 years, long before “environmentalist” was a household word.

Only countries governed by hardcore socialists dictate where and how people live, work and think and what they eat, wear and read.

Constitutions governing so-called democratic countries do not give governments such high-handed authority as has been prescribed and hijacked through Agenda 21.

Smart Growth, à la Sustainable Communities, is basically accomplished through millions of taxpayers’ dollars transferred in the form of “grants” (bribes) to woo cities and towns to accept and enforce Smart Growth guidelines that are incorporated into legislation and regulations.

Boundaries established to designate city limits or borders between territories, provinces and states–even between countries–will, in the loving terms of Agenda 21’s Smart Growth, “reach out to join hands with the adjacent jurisdiction” in an open-space concept.

This scheme removes the powers and accountability of elected representatives, thus transferring the ultimate decision-making to non-elected boards, NGOs, commissions and councils–none of which are accountable to voters.

Yet voters continue going to the polls believing they can effect change by throwing out the last batch of ineffectual politicians and swearing in a new bunch. It usually gets worse because the new ones are “green”, as in inexperienced, as well as have been brainwashed into acceptance of the environmentalist agenda.

Nothing is going to change until politicians reclaim their roles as representatives of their constituents. As of now, politicians won’t and can’t sway local policies away from the dangerous implications of a Marxist government because they don’t have the background information, understanding, nor the fortitude to endorse change. They also are busy collecting their bribes. Elections merely shift the cushy pork-barreling to another political group and its cronies for a specified term of tenure.

Politically-correct politics has squeezed voting out as a form of a democratic exercise. (Those without a definite understanding of political science, history, subjects and the candidates should stay away from the polls, anyway.) All knowledgeable voters have to show for their votes is a socialist country ripe to join the ranks of a tyrannical One-World Order.

Smart Growth, along with other UN plans, calls for the permanent preservation of all watersheds, rivers, lakes, streams, forest, farmlands, and Crown land.

Huge buffer zones and wide swaths cut for animal corridors designate special-management areas and resources off limits to human activities.

In the Yukon, land-use development decisions were transferred to six boards to be established under a piece of environmental legislation known as the Yukon Econo-Socio Assessment Act (YESAA, pronounced “Yes, suh”.)

Psychologically–but not legally–it took precedence over other binding parliamentary statutes dealing with land and its uses.

As environmental groups dismantle industry, communities decay into ghost towns, as planned. Those residents will be relegated into regulated residential areas, mainly Whitehorse, then relocated again when the masters decide when the trains will run.

A great cancer has enveloped people in the name of a One-World Order, an agenda sprung into motion with United Nations’ treaties and instruments that aren’t law, of which Canada endorsed an unknown large number that was definitely well over 200.

These cancerous policies have spread throughout the bodies of every federal, state, provincial, territorial government and into the tiniest organs of city and first nation councils.

Regardless of a community’s size, there are freelance bureaucrats running residents’ affairs under the guise of UN-sanctioned non-government organizations, of which there are roughly 40,000 operating worldwide today.

Most people/voters never give a moment’s thought to the UN or an NGO.

Those freelancers are “policy entrepreneurs” who work directly against the grain of society’s contributors. They directly influence the salaried bureaucrats and city managers, who, in turn, pull the strings of the elected ministers and councilors which sometimes is met with the inconvenience of a mad-mob backlash that can at least stop or reverse political decisions in the short term.

NGOs dictate fascist-style rules about how property will be used and determine through a conduit of government bodies how businesses will operate–or not be allowed to operate–in individual communities.

Residents and elected politicians have no say in this “social engineering” matter, or, more to the point, they don’t bother to speak up.

Yet has anybody ever heard of a vote called in any parliamentary session, legislative assembly or city council to uphold any of the United Nations’ rubbish that is succeeding in re-structuring wealthy, industrialized countries and communities into third-world regimes?

“It’s all under the radar,” advised Tom DeWeese, president of the American Policy Center. “It’s all done through cleverly arranged wording of existing programs and budgets, using UN treaties as guidelines.”

In my own not-so-humble opinion, this huge bureaucracy has for too long held governments hostage to its radical agendas. The only way to stop the creeping insanity is for industrialized countries to opt out of the mafiosi institution instead of joining up.

DeWeese said he tells every one he meets, every day of his life: “Get the United States out of the United Nations.”

To take his message one step further, Canada, too, should withdraw from the UN and boot all the arses of those tin-pot dictators and their entourages back to their homelands since they like Marxism so much.

See: The United Nations Needs Dismantling

They don’t want to go home, though; they never had it so good working inside a 37-floor Manhattan ivory tower (the 38th floor is reserved for His Highness’ offices) and feathering their nests lavishly on the back of capitalism they are so eager to destroy.

Individuals in every jurisdiction have to start thinking in terms of what is best for the local citizenry, businesses, commerce, industry and their futures for a particular locale.

Otherwise, the freelance bureaucrats will be rounding up the masses for a train ride into the Dark Ages where the human species will be forced to reverse roles with the lower animal order because as the Marxists like to say “the animals were here first”.

February 22, 2012

1 thought on “Sack the Menacing Marxist Agenda 21 and Subsidiary Programs

  1. Absolutely loved your article. I will be recently attending a meeting for my state (New Jersey) Strategic Development Plan. It is chock full of Agenda 21 crap – the buzzwords, the ideology, etc. It is unbelievable that NJ’s plan is the same as Utah’s, is the same as California’s, is the same as Maryland’s…and no one notices!!! Beyond frightening. I am going to do what I can to alert everyone I come in contact with about this Marxist agenda.


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