PETA and the UN: No Friend To Man Nor Beast

If PETA’s cause was to bring awareness to prevent cruelty and undue suffering to domestic animals, livestock and wildlife, the shock-treatment approach might be considered a noble one.

It isn’t.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) beats a Marxist drum that embraces the United Nations’ property-sucking Agenda 21 and is leading to a unified New World Order/One World Order/One World Government/Global Governance. Call it what you will.

Their fanatical religion believes that animals were on this planet first, which, through some kind of warped rationalization, renders the human population a worthless bunch of sub-species creatures cluttering up the orb and draining it of resources.

That is Marxism.

In their opinion, which is greatly enhanced with mega-buck endowments flowing from United Nations affiliates and private foundations, people must get used to the idea that the honourable thing to do is to commit suicide to save the planet, or be prepared to die in a mass government-engineered extermination that purports to save the Earth from exhaustion of water, fossil fuels and food crops.

Only a chosen few shall survive.

Even pseudo-scientist and rabid environmentalist David Suzuki of CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) fame was caught on camera babbling incoherently to young school children, who, sitting on the ground, listened in confused attentiveness to the great gushing guru.

Did he truly believe his own words as he tried to indoctrinate these brighter-than-he-is youngsters into believing fruit flies are more important than humans?

That is Marxism.

The only fruit in that semi-circle setting was Suzuki. But he is one of the privileged few, rich enough to live in a resource-draining house with all the resource-draining accouterments and amenities.

His motto is: “Do as I say; not as I do”.

He can espouse whatever dross he wants while trying to brain-drain people in person or as he jams the airwaves with his junk-science prattle.

The only problem is that the over-the-top messages have become more ridiculous over the years from all eco-sociopath misfits who have something personal to gain from their yammering. Hopefully, the public is catching on that their words are nothing more than wild, hyperbolical, lunatic ravings.

Back in 2001, it was no surprise to learn that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was hypocritical. It was not a puzzle to learn that they only used spray-paint bombs on expensive fur coats worn by defenceless owners.

Neither was it a puzzle why PETA pests didn’t bother paint-bombing members of the Hell’s Angels and Grim Reapers who wear expensive cow-leather motorcycle jackets and eat prime rib. Hint: These guys are big, tough, pack sidearms and may not have a sense of humour.

But it was a puzzle why the PETA president of the Norfolk, Virginia chapter directed a letter at the Whitehorse Star in Yukon, Canada on June 14, 2001 referencing Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, the man accused of committing an act of terrorism and was executed three days before on June 11, 2001 by the U.S. government in Terre Haute, Indiana,

Or was it a PETA scattershot blitz? Simply click the “send” button and the computer spews out electronic copies of the letter to every known newspaper in the world?

The writer insinuated that McVeigh repented his meat-eating sins in his final days of life for a vegetarian diet.

That seems like a bogus observation since “Unrepentant to the End” was the head on an Associated Press story that appeared in the Star on Death Day.

“Offering no trace of remorse, Timothy McVeigh went to his death today with the same flinty look he showed the world when he was first arrested for killing 168 people in the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building on April 19, 1995,” said the AP article.

The article noted he ate nearly a litre of mint chocolate-chip ice cream as his final requested meal.

That is not astonishing. People regularly forfeit their daily intake of meat in favour of ice cream because illness, stress or heat curbs their appetite–not because they converted to vegetarianism.

The point of bringing McVeigh’s ice cream eating to the fore was a puzzle because ice cream is a forbidden ingredient on PETA’s menu.

Ice cream is a frozen confection manufactured from cream that comes from dairy cows. It’s out-of-bounds and animal-rights activists want policy-makers to levy fat taxes on any animal-based food–meat, butter, cream, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream.

If people can’t afford to buy these foods, farmers will go out of business. Presto! PETA’s objectives will be met without fuss.

These objectives are very close to being met through the government’s latest bogus campaign on “Obesity” which is an excuse to label everybody overweight and tax them for their sins.

Besides taxing dairy products, the government will see fit to levy a fat tax on individuals by the pound or kilogram, even if they suffer an anorexia nervosa eating disorder and have a slender frame that makes Twiggy look porky.

It is doubtful that McVeigh’s alleged rejection of meat was a statement about accepting vegetarianism. If he were a meat-eater and purposefully refused meat in his final hours, it was probably because he had no appetite for any type of heavy edibles. Ice cream is always a favourite comfort food when people suffer a loss of appetite.

The Norfolk PETA president’s words were reminiscent of an opening address given by Maurice Strong at Earth Summit II, the big, brainwashing United Nations conference he staged in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992.

“It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class, involving meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and convenience foods…are not sustainable (euphemism for ‘environmentalism’),” proclaimed the Canadian-born prophet of doom, the-then Geneva-based senior advisor to the UN Secretary General and World Bank.

If people think the Dark Ages sounded like fun, then everybody is going to be giddy with the “pleasures” in store when the new green Nazis and their animal-rights bedfellows rule the world.

Vegetarianism is just one among many of their dumb dictums about “save the Earth; kill yourself”.

People will have to live solely on fruits and vegetables–if they are lucky enough to have access to such luxuries–until the new society kicks in.

Then it’s Orwellian unsalted boiled cabbage while the Illuminati control-freaks polish off 50 to 75 per cent of the estimated six billion world population (some eugenicists have seriously contemplated going for 95 percent of the scalps). One accepted method of extermination is with vaccines Big Pharma designs to “treat” fantasy avian and swine influenza strains and other false epidemics.

CNN founder Ted Turner, a donor to United Nations’ population-control programs of more than a billion dollars, was quoted in the January 26/12 satirical rag, The Onion, as saying: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

God’s decision used to be supreme and final in determining when life began and how long it lasted. Now it is the unauthorized God Squad who will determine who lives and who dies at a certain age and by what method.

The question of why sophisticated aircraft are spraying derivatives of barium and aluminum oxide residue over the United States that is killing vegetation and infecting people with asthma and other allergies and death-causing illnesses can only be answered by experimental scientists.

Their answer is to deny existence of the milky chem-trails seen in the sky. “Don’t look and you won’t see,” is the government incantation.

Geoscientists also are busy pumping chemicals such as C02 (carbon dioxide) and sulfuric compounds into the upper and lower atmosphere from platforms far out in the Pacific Ocean to carry out their experiments to control weather. Yet they seem clueless and uncaring about the potentially-disastrous fallouts that most likely will result to humanity, animals, vegetation and the water supply.

If scientists botched cloud-seeding, a form of weather manipulation usually using silver iodide and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide), for more than 60 years, often making precipitation fall on monsoon-flooded regions and leaving drought-stricken areas dry, what makes them think they can safely perfect global-weather control?

Intended or unintended, millions of world inhabitants will likely bear an enormous negative brunt from these ill-conceived chemical-spraying experiments and inducing chemicals into the upper and lower atmosphere.

The ultimate fallout will undoubtedly be death.

But the United States is one of several countries ready for the fallout. It has built a string of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps (euphemism for “prisons”), reminiscent of the clanking skeletons of Dachau, Buchenwald, Auschwitz and complete with electric, double barbed-wire and watch towers. Instead of ovens, stacked in rows are polyethylene-like coffins large enough to contain about seven corpses each.

Nine similar type camps have been reported to exist across Canada’s HIgh Arctic. But no readily available references indicate who built and maintains them: NATO, NORAD, United Nations, U.S. military and/or Canadian Department of National Defence.

As of December 31, 2011, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), under the guise of national security, granted complete power to the United States Tsar to unleash his Oprichniki to wreak havoc on American citizens anywhere in the world. Without charges or trial–no due process of Constitutional law whatsoever–U.S. citizens can/will be rounded up, tortured, imprisoned or disappeared on nothing more than an accusation of “a belligerent attitude”.

Another population-control method to “save the planet” will see government doctors playing God. Doctors will “diagnose” a quota of unborn babies as mentally and/or physically unfit to grow up to be “productive” members of society, therefore they will be murdered pre-birth. Read: believed to be unqualified for slaving on collective work farms growing food for the power elitists.

Same with the infirm and demented who are past their prime. Rather than going into unaffordable extended-care facilities, the elderly will be euthanized with Big Pharma’s mysterious flu shots.

In December 2011, Canada announced that healthcare transfer payments from Ottawa to the provinces and territories are not “sustainable” (euphemism for “environmentalism”) to continue increasing at a six percent annual rate.

On January 26, 2012, UN lapdog, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, caused a firestorm when coerced into prematurely announcing at the Davos, Switzerland World Economic Conference, instead of on home turf, a badly-planned intention for Canada to fall into the New World Order line-up and reform its Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) programs, which, in UN buzzword vernacular, he said “are not sustainable”.

Read: programs won’t be needed. By the time the government overhauls its taxed-based giveaway programs, all the old folks will be killed off. Reminder: those of the upper crust who own basketfuls of interest-paying securities and other assets should never have received one penny of the welfare-type GIS funding, anyway.

These roll-backs are standardized across the board wherever socialized programs exist. Yet it was central robber baron banks that bled the European Union (EU) countries dry playing and losing on the derivative markets; not the fault of recipients of social programs who have to suffer the consequences.

Residents of the United States and EU have experienced cut backs; now Canada, which has a sound banking system if the UN and Big Banks aren’t allowed to tamper with it, is even promising UN compliance.

People living under dictatorships never had generous social programs which is why the United Nations apparatchiks want the programs eliminated so all people of the world can be “equal” under the same One World Order tenet.

That is a puzzle. What happens to the generous foreign aid packages Canada, the United States and other democratic countries lavish on these tyrants for the betterment of their dirt-poor countries and oppressed people? Hint: part of the money supports militaries to defend their respective countries against NATO/UN member bombings; the main part of the riches go into the dictators’ personal offshore tax-haven bank vaults.

The drastic depopulation intentions negate the need for countries to “sustain” their previous levels of healthcare, pharmacare and old-age security funding because nobody is going to be around to collect. They will either be dead or be “taken care of” in the government ghettos.

For the same reason, it is acceptable to put raising livestock to feed multi-millions of humans each day on the taboo list. Before rendering commoners mainly extinct, all beef-producing domestic cattle, dairy cows, hogs, sheep and poultry must be eradicated.

Already, it is curious the number of domestic livestock said to be suddenly contracting “mad cow” disease and other strange viruses. Then the perfectly-healthy animals are slaughtered by the thousands and carcasses incinerated in enormous pyres without any compensation to the owners.

These scaremongering rumours are spread to frighten people into not consuming meat and to purposefully put farmers and ranchers out of business.

Livestock extinction is only one notch above human extinction in the “save the Earth” warfare.

Earth First, a green group that once shared space with Greenpeace, was co-founded by Dave Foreman of Wildlands Project fame that ended up in Canada. The group adopted the belief that all decisions had to place Earth First!–even ahead of humanity’s well-being, despite it may mean human extinction.

The extinction of Homo Sapiens would mean survival for millions if not billions of other Earth-dwelling species. Without humans cluttering up the planet, there would be no need for domestic livestock, anyway.

The world has come full circle in this Marxist madness.

Yet the PETA activists believe people should reject killing. So, it is a puzzle how the letter-writer could claim that PETA was working to stop violence in every part of society, including the slaughterhouse, while the globalist axmen want to kill off humanity, and PETA enthusiasts proposed that hunters should go slaughter docile cattle on the range.

Back in 1997, Washington State-based author Ron Arnold provided background in his book EcoTerror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature–The World of the Unabomber on how the radical PETA organization dovetails with the green movement.

Arnold, a former Sierra Club official, knows how the cogs turn the Green Machine wheels. He revealed the threat to dismantling industrial civilization posed by ecoterrorism. He warned that the environmental movement must be brought under control before “public hysteria” destroys civilization.

Destruction of civilization also can be termed “psychotic mania” which is “the desire to change the world by force of will.”

Arnold microscopically examined what made the wound-too-tight Unabomber tick.

Theordore Kaczynski, a PhD and former university mathematics professor, is rotting in a Colorado maximum-security penitentiary for killing and maiming strangers with mail bombs that were directed at people associated in some capacity with natural-resource industries.

Before the authorities captured him, he sent ransom notes to key people of the national press. He promised that mail bombings would only cease if his 35,000-word Unabomber Manifesto was published.

In September 1995, both the New York Times and the Washington Post set aside eight pages to pay the ransom in the spirit of “public safety”. The manifesto also was given wide exposure via the Internet.

An excerpt clearly expressed the intentions behind the new religion: “We have no illusions about the feasibility of creating a new, ideal form of society. Our goal is only to destroy the existing form of society.”

It is not necessary to create a special kind of social system to relieve the worst part of pressure on nature so scars can heal, he wrote. It is only necessary to get rid of industrial society.

“Whatever kind of society may exist after the demise of the industrial system, it is certain that most people will live close to nature, because in the absence of advanced technology, there is no other way that people can live,” he continued.

“To feed themselves they must be peasants or herdsmen or fishermen or hunter, etc.,” he insisted.

No puzzle here; the message is loud and clear: Kooks who lead the environmental movement and animal-rights causes are enemies of nations and mankind and must be treated accordingly.

As nutbar as they are, their moronic ideals garner leaders big payouts flowing from the UN cesspit’s affiliate organizations while their agenda has been incrementally transformed over the last 60 years into a totalitarian New World Order that is breathing down the world’s collar uncomfortably close.

Totalitarian regimes have proven to be unworkable. So, why are the power elitists eager to foist an unworkable system on the whole world? Well, reducing the populace to slaves means nobody will be around to compete for land, property, money, oil, minerals and other wealth and assets; not even the power elitists’ traitorous quislings.

The High Priest of the New World Order and mentor to many fellow elitists and useful idiots over the years was the late John D. Rockefeller who wanted to destroy the middle class which comprises educated, innovative, thinking people and is the backbone of a free, functioning society.

Rockefeller’s philosophy was: “I don’t want a nation of thinkers; I want a nation of workers.”

His heirs are carrying on that New World-Think.

However, a monkey wrench has been thrown into the gears. As the public becomes more aware of the criminal agenda masterminded by a few influential Illuminati heretics, the ordinary people grow more alarmed, agitated and scared of the evil mission and goals carried out by the United Nations.

And people’s understanding is coming on at a rapid-fire rate, thanks to the indestructible Internet. The masses are catching on to the tyrannical tricks of the United Nations, which, in knowing it has been found out and is on the losing end of the stick, has stepped-up speed to fully implement the New World Order.

Not so fast, you blistering, overbearing bigots.

It is way past time for the Marxist nanny busybodies of the world to keep their noses out of other countries’ affairs, especially Canada’s.

Canada is not the global gatekeeper.

Since charity begins at home and Canadians have no vote on UN matters, it is high time Canada put a stop to the wanton interference by withdrawing posthaste from this international body.

That denouncement would save multi-billions of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars that are being wasted without their knowledge or consent on useless UN annual fees, dues and global programs that could be put to better use if spent on something constructive and productive at home.

Meanwhile, People First, folks! Stuff your freezer with wild meat or support your locally-owned meat market.

February 6, 2012

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