McSherry Auction’s Annual Fall Gun Auction

Gotta love gun auctions!

Haven’t been to one in a while, since the last one in the lower mainland was canceled after long gun registration came into effect.  Too bad too, because it was a lot of fun.  Some good deals too.  At the last one I think some friends of mine and I were buying shotguns for $10 each or something ridiculous like that.  Were they pristine?  Of course not, but they still fired.  And for ten bucks, what more do you want?

So the only thing I’m sad about after hearing about the McSherry Fall Gun Auction is that it’s in Stonewall, Manitoba.  Not exactly a day trip from BC!

If you’re in Manitoba though, check it out.  From the pictures and detailed list available on at it looks to be a good time.

If you end up going, drop me a note and let me know how it was…  and know that I’ll be thinking of all you gun hounds that are lucky enough to attend this event!

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