Alberta Sheriff Thomas Bounds: Taking Insensitivity to an All-New Low

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Thomas Bounds is a sheriff with the Alberta Sheriff’s Service.  He requires, at a bare minimum, a severe reprimand and retraining to learn how to act like a human being, since he clearly has no clue at the moment.  For his blatantly abusive and potentially life-threatening treatment of Bill Berry, a 52-year-old deaf and mute cancer survivor, Sheriff Thomas Bounds should really be fired.

Does that sound harsh?

Perhaps, but it’s certainly an apt punishment for almost killing Bill Berry for the dastardly crime of trying to pay a parking ticket.

That’s right, Bill Berry was attempting to pay a parking ticket on December 9, 2011 at Red Deer’s courthouse when Sheriff Thomas Bounds became enraged that the deaf man wouldn’t follow his orders.

Photo Credit: JEFF STOKOE, Red Deer Advocate staff

Bill Berry, as you can see, has some serious health issues.

He is deaf, mute, survived cancer and now breaths through his neck through a tube.  He has a feeding tube that runs into his nose.

It is instantly apparent that Mr. Berry is

a) absolutely no threat to anyone and
b) seriously in need of help.

Instantly apparent, that is, to everyone except a mindless bureaucratic thug like Sheriff Thomas Bounds.

Sheriff Thomas Bounds, unlike Bill Berry, has some serious mental issues, first and foremost being his utter devotion to what I like to call Bureaucrat’s Rule #1.

For the benefit of those visiting this great site for the first time, Bureaucrat’s Rule #1 is simply this:

The Rules Are More Important Than People.

It’s a simple rule, and we mere citizens had better learn our place before encountering such all-powerful bureaucrats (at least in their own eyes) such as Sheriff Thomas Bounds.

The compassion I feel for people like Bill Berry is only outdistanced by the complete and utter contempt I feel for bureaucrats (bureaucritters, I prefer to call them) like Sheriff Thomas Bounds.

On the day in question, Sheriff Bounds approached Bill Berry to inform him that he had not properly passed through security.  That’s completely fair, and indeed it is Sheriff Bounds’ job to do so.  I have no issue with that.

The issue I have is with how Sheriff Bounds chose to deal with Bill Berry after Mr. Berry attempted to gesture to the good sheriff that he could neither speak nor hear him.

Instead of acting like a human being, figuring out what the problem in communication was and how best to deal with it, Sheriff Bounds decided the absolute best course of action was to take the severely medically challenged and frail man, grasp him in a bear hug and physically drag him back to the security checkpoint.

When the thug with a badge finally let Mr. Berry go, the poor man collapsed to the floor, unable to breath because the bear hug had caused his breathing tube to be pulled out of his throat, causing him to stop breathing.

Wait.  It gets better.

During an interview after the “incident”, Sheriff Thomas Bounds actually had the unmitigated gall to say that Mr. Berry responded, and I quote:

non-verbally, by aggressively waving his arms at which time I took control of him.”

Seriously?  You’re really going to try and make that bucket of swill fly?

Mr. Berry’s photograph is at the top of the page.  He could wave his arms around all day long and I don’t think that even my cat would believe he’s acting aggressively!

That a grown man, trained and armed by the state, can with a straight face make the claim that Bill Berry is a threat means only one of two things:

1. The training Sheriff Bounds has received is not adequate for him to do his job or, the more likely choice,

2. Sheriff Thomas Bounds is a clueless, insensitive thug who needs a new job, effective immediately.

Sheriff Bounds’ use and level of force against Mr. Berry was unjustified, excessive, led directly to Mr. Berry’s stoma tube being dislodged, and the resulting serious medical emergency,” the report says.

It is simply not rational to conclude that Mr. Bill Berry is a physical threat to anyone.  Look at that photograph!  The man isn’t a threat to a glass of water, for crying out loud!

If I sound offended, it’s only because I am.

I am sick to death of thugs of the state, armed with badges and guns, who think they can do anything they want to anyone they want, without consequence.

There are literally dozens and dozens of articles about state-trained thugs on this blog that cite case after case of this sort of garbage.   RCMP Constable Geoff Mantler and RCMP Corporal Monty Robinson are just two of the dozens of examples I could quote.

Responding through e-mail, Berry said he wants an unedited copy of the courthouse’s video surveillance of the incident. Berry said he will seek legal action against the sheriff.

“I (have) been pretty much bed ridden since (the) assault,” he said. “I just lost all hope in life, not even safe to leave my home.”

Dan Laville, spokesperson for Alberta’s Solicitor General’s Office, said the office takes complaints very seriously but could not comment on the specific incident. He said if there is merit found in a complaint’s investigation, the findings will be sent to the province’s head sheriff to determine the next step.

The head sheriff would look at what appropriate action to take,” said Laville.

This action in general could range from leave without pay all the way up to termination.”

Sheriff Bounds should be immediately terminated and be charged with assault.

Is that harsh?

No harsher than Sheriff Thomas Bounds physical assault of a deaf, mute cancer survivor with a feeding tube in his nose and a breathing tube in his throat.

Unless and until actions as disgusting as Sheriff Bounds’ are treated seriously, ideally with the immediate termination of the offender, they will continue.

Only the immediate termination of Sheriff Thomas Bounds (and the next ten government-paid thugs that pull this sort of crap) will get the message out to the rest of the troops that this type of behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

Until that day, police across the country will continue to treat citizens any way they want, not with the respect and dignity we deserve.

Is it really any mystery why the trust gap between citizens and police only continues to widen?

Only to insensitive thugs like Sheriff Thomas Bounds…
Video Clip #1. Walking in through the open door. (Outside POV)

Video Clip #2. Walking in through the open door. (Inside POV)

Video Clip #3. Bill Berry attacked by Sheriff Thomas Bounds

56 thoughts on “Alberta Sheriff Thomas Bounds: Taking Insensitivity to an All-New Low

  1. Now the state has deemed court houses in need of “high security” and everyone who enters is a potential threat.

    If this man had been carrying in his pocket a Swiss Army knife or boy scout or folding penknife, I’m sure they would have confiscated that and labeled him a
    “person of interest” on his CIPIC file.

    In today’s Canada “security” means: of the government, by the government, for the government.

    General rule, the farther you stay away from agents of the state the safer you will be.

  2. Lack of proper procedures in screening of security personell is the simple answer. The Sheriff idea “might” have been successful if it had only inducted former RCMP personnel who had retired early. That way we would only have attracted a few not wonderful people and probably many pretty good people. Indeed; there are some well experienced former cops in the program.
    The unfortunate part of the program is that it has attracted the Wannabees who formerly strutted around with a radio on one hip, a flashlight on the other and a uniform which had “security” patches on the shoulder.
    During the second world war people who were unsuitable for the service they were sent into were sent to the rear lines as “LMF”. Translated, this meant “Lack of Moral Fibre”. Nowadays that would be considered abusive to some aspect of Human Rights.
    My feeling is simply the man should be dismissed with as little fanfare as possible and the Department should prepare itself for a damned good lawsuit. Once that is done there should be a thorough examination (not a waste of time and money of a coverup by a judge holding an inquiry) of the hiring process of the Department. Get the politicians out of it and let real law enforcement people run the show.

  3. I’m disappointed that you based your entire rant on one poorly written article in a local rag. I’m not defending MrBounds but do suggest that you do your own research, interviews, etc prior to passing judgement on the situation.

    1. I didn’t, and I don’t know why you would even make that assumption. I read every article I could find on the case before I wrote my “rant” as you call it.

      Bounds was 100% out of line and without the common sense God gave a gnat. Why get mad at me? I merely wrote about it.

      1. > First time vistor to your blog.

        First, thanks for stopping by, and for weighing in on this article.

        >It seems that you do not like people with a strong sense of entitlement. Plus you hate the government. Doesn’t this fellow now fall under the same class of people in your ‘Occupy’ post? Sounds like the same sense of entitlement.

        You are correct in that I do not like people who feel they are entitled to the contents of someone else’s wallet simply because they exist. That is nothing but Marxist garbage. I do not, however “hate” government. Government is, as has been said by men much wiser than I, a necessary evil. What I despise is not government itself, but those employed by government who believe they can do anything they want simply because they work for government. There is a very big difference.

        As to Mr. Berry’s alleged “sense of entitlement“, I do not see how you can make a connection between his being abused by an out-of-control thug of the state and the losers wasting millions of tax dollars across North America at the so-called “occupy” protests. While Mr. Berry’s life choices may well have landed him in the physical state he is in today, he has paid for those choices, unlike the unwashed masses at the occupy protests.

        Again, thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion.

        Yours in Liberty,


  4. First time vistor to your blog.
    It seems that you do not like people with a strong sense of entitlement. Plus you hate the government. Doesn’t this fellow now fall under the same class of people in your ‘Occupy’ post?
    Sounds like the same sense of entitlement.

    It seems that Mr. Bill Berry handles his problems in a unique way.
    Good luck in your law suit against the province. I can see your motivation on all this attention you’ve garnered as person who is deaf and mute. You’re a sick poor grandfather who was abused. As a healthy person who pays taxes I’m sick of your whining. I’ve met people who meet their fate with dignity. Your not dead yet due to your pre-existing medical issues. They were the problem. It’s too bad the Sheriff assumed you were of normal health, a mistake has definitely occured. I’ll assure you that the staff didn’t give you cancer. In a split second he assumed you were a person that could hear and understand his verbal directions. You can see the line up security has in the court house correct? Your failing health was something life threw at you all on its own. Much like this incident I would look to how you deal with problems and see if your ‘woe is me’ mentality has a pattern. Any reason why your family didn’t come with you for your court jaunt? Or some one who cared who could help? Don’t assume the public cares for you. They don’t.
    Individuals do. A Sheriff screens the public not individuals.

    Mr Berry, I can see your very entitled to red carpet service wherever you go. Whether in the medical or legal arena.
    I would hope that the law courts are secure from weapons or drugs if and when I attend court. Given that desire for public safety a certain sacrifice is made. Time. Time to wait in line, time to be screened by security. Did Mr Berry take the time to inform the staff of his ‘special needs’? Did he even have a reliable and popular way of communicating to anyone who wasn’t familiar with his host of medical issues? Did he have some sort of medic alert bracelet or some a sign to communicate deaf/mute issues to the public?
    Court house staff see all kinds of people come in through their door.From medically challenged to mentally challenged, the staff deal with the majority of people well. Did Mr Berry fulfil his due diligence in regards to notifying the people around him of his ‘special’ handling instructions? I read nothing of the sort.

    Where is his responsiblity? I don’t feel sorry for your medical problems. Its called life. When you don’t have your health it can suck. Seek assistance and bring someone that can advocate on your behalf. I tip my hat to the law courts staff. I see this case as the less than one percent of the people they deal with that have a problem. I cheer them on for the 99% they served well.

    1. Deez,

      Chances are that you or a close loved one will become impaired at least as much as Mr. Beery before they leave this planet.

      Now, that may happen in a situation where your or they are surrounded by friendly and understanding folks, who know what it is to have gone through cancer treatments, and have simple tasks that you never even had to think about – like keeping your airway clear – on the forefront of your day. Or maybe not.

      Maybe you will have the grand opportunity to be the freak show you accuse Mr. Berry of being. A man who is laughing up his sleeve. “Ha ha ha. You suckers. I had cancer and can’t eat or breathe well enough to live day to day, and am always at risk of infections that can kill me in a matter of hours. I spend so much time dealing with medical issues – doctor’s appointments, tests, new debilitating symptoms, paper work, TTY phone calls, medical equipment needs – I don’t have time or energy to cultivate anything resembling a real life, let alone sit around and stew up how I am entitled to stuff. Can’t WAIT to use it to pull one over on folks. I get to cut to the front of every line, and since I am deaf mute, I can just blow off everyone and pretend I don’t hear them, do whatever I please.”

      And how *would* you have Mr. Berry meet “due diligence”? Seriously, I want to hear this one. Because Mr. Berry on camera meets the due diligence requirement as he attempts to sign to the already belligerent sheriff (pretty obvious even with no sound)that he is deaf. Maybe he is trying to let him know that as a reasonable prelude to asking him to write down what he is saying. But Mr. Berry never gets that far. The sheriff denies him “due diligence” by recklessly endangering his life.

      Shake the bees out of your bonnet, Deez. If there is such a concept as civil rights still in Canada, those were violated before Mr Berry could say hello.

      Then again, maybe when the day comes you will get to deal with what Mr. Berry actually has to deal with.

      You can set accounts right by being a good cripple, stoic and toeing the line. Over tax your already depleted, strained, and sick body. Land in the hospital time after time, with ever-increasing co-morbidities and complications. Insist on doing all the work and duties you do now, and see if you don’t destroy your family and friendships with your rigidity.

      No special considerations for you, no sir. You’ll making sure to let everyone in the room know what your disability is with a sandwich board strung over your shoulders advertising it.

      While we are at it, let’s be rid of all the needy whiners. Why hold the door open for people who have their arms full, children in hand? And why let anyone go before you in the grocery line when they have a few items and you have a cart full? After all, they are not entitled.

      Let the milk of human kindness curdle and the purpose of government – the Common Good – rot. Even though each and every one of us rely upon a million things other people thought of, developed, created, and teamed up with a million more others to accomplish and provide you every step of your waking and sleeping day to survive. You whiner.

      So when that day comes for your or yours well, with that toxic environment in your brain that you call reasoning, good luck.

  5. I Stepped into a fully open door ( 9 seconds before I entered a unknown male is seen on video exiting the courthouse using a auto door opening aid we all know the time lag) in a public building and within 27 seconds Im going into convulsions on the floor due to actions of some overzealous POS …………..HALF WAY THRU SIGNING HIM HE ATTACKED ME.I was already standing at the payment counter with credit card and ticket out .who does he think he is……….27 seconds from the time I entered the building till I was going into convulsions didnt he noticed the feeding tube in my nose and a breathing tube in my neck..HE WAS OUT OF LINE

  6. I seen better assesments skills on a jack-ass than that of Mister Bounds of which our tax dollars went to the state to train the likes of …as for me paying taxes I began working at 14 and paid taxes and didn’t quit till I wasn’t able too, as did the rest of my family before me that came to Alberta in the late 1800s

  7. may I also add having family that fought and wounded in the Battle of King’s Mountain during the American Revolutionary war… myself got as much right as anybody not to be attacked for simply walking in a fully opened door in a public building without being attacked to the point of going into convulsions … there’s such things as rights and freedoms

  8. The man looked dangerous. I mean he walks through the wrong way and then he doesn’t respond when the officer yells at him … later he is approached and he’s waving his arms in a bizarre way ? The officer thought he had issues probably. This would be enough to have someone tasered in the USA. The officer gave him 3 opportunities to change his ways but he was persisting so he had to use more force. The only part that is not right is normally the officer doesn’t carry the suspect, you just tackle him to the ground, that’s the part I thought was not appropriate here. I don’t see any kind of behavior that would be worth compensation as the guy had to be restrained ASAP considering he was a potential threat to everyone there. He should be blamed for not respecting the procedure. He caused all this trouble, really.

    1. Marc,

      The man looked dangerous“??

      You’ve got to be joking. With all due respect to Mr. Berry, he looks more like a walking skeleton than a danger to anyone. I’m at a loss to comprehend how you or anyone can consider the man pictured above to be a threat. A “potential threat to everyone there”?? He was standing politely in line to pay a parking ticket. Only an out-of-control state-appointed thug could possible find this man to be “a potential threat.”

      As I quoted in my article, the report into the actions of Sheriff Bounds made it very clear that he was way out of line.

      “Sheriff Bounds’ use and level of force against Mr. Berry was unjustified, excessive, led directly to Mr. Berry’s stoma tube being dislodged, and the resulting serious medical emergency,” the report says.

      But you want to blame Mr. Berry? Wow. Okay.

  9. Oh yes, I really believe the guy walking in is responsible here (The gentleman made about 5 serious mistakes within 40 seconds, almost causing his death.) You can make one or two possibly … not 5 in a row ! He was pretty lucky to walk away especially considering his condition. I know if I am deaf/mute and I have to go to a super secure building like this one, I’ll make extra sure to walk in using the right door and go through the procedure. I’d be looking everywhere around me so if an officer is there yelling and waving his arm, I actually see him. I won’t walk in quickly ignoring everything/everyone around me, the security checkpoint, the officer, etc. That looked highly suspicious to the officer and if he indeed had a weapon and started shooting we would all be saying : “Why didn’t the cop do anything, so incompetent, he was just standing there !”… The guy wasn’t big but even kids can be dangerous when they have a weapon. Behavior like that could be perceived as a major threat in a secured building. You have to follow all the rules … Good thing the man didn’t die though since it was a false alarm but the officer only had a few seconds to judge the situation. I’m surprised they said it was in any way excessive actually, except for the part where he was carried of course which is definitely not the correct way to handle a suspect.

  10. Side note, I don’t know Mr. Berry or any of the officer involved in this case. I just base my opinion on the video evidence and the information I found on various websites about this case. Sorry if he was hurt in this incident but I just find it unfair to blame the officer here, that’s just my opinion. No exceptions. Quick anecdote, my own father was involved in an incident a few years ago and I told him he made several mistakes as well that could have lead to real trouble too. He was pulled over by a cop on a minor speeding infraction. Instead of sitting there and waiting for the officer to come over he jumped out of the car immediately (I wasn’t there, I was just told later about the incident !) and was yelling and waving his arm too, frustrated about getting pulled over abnd getting a ticket. The officer was really quick, pulled out his gun, pointed it and ordered my father to his knees, then the ground, handcuffs, searched, etc. I told him later even though he was complaining about what had happened, plus getting his clothes dirty laying down on the ground (and it had been raining earlier !), that it was the correct procedure. Hey, the cop doesn’t know you .. it’s a traffic stop, he doesn’t know if you have a weapon or anything, you jump out of the car like a bat out of hell yelling and waving your arms, seems like you were very threatening and you could have had a concealed weapon too … I told him he was lucky he hadn’t been brought to the police station over this behavior. My father was still yelling a bit of course insisting it was excessive but he knew I was right, later he said he would follow my advice in the future. :-)

  11. My dad (He was around 60 years old at the time of the incident) was lucky he didn’t make a 3rd or 4th serious mistakes in a row as Mr. Berry did … for example if my father had refused to go down on his knees when he was ordered to do that, argumenting, another mistake … or getting back in the car and speeding away, ignoring the officer … or going in the car and looking in the glove box … even putting your hands in your pocket can be dangerous in a situation like this … you see, that’s how it can get from bad to worse in a hurry when you are dealing with the police you are only allowed to make a couple of serious mistakes usually … if you make more you will probably have to face more serious consequences, getting arrested or worse. Ok, sorry for the rambling, I just thought I would write a more complete explanation. Cya.

  12. go to youtube the whole package is there under (police brutality canadian courthouse ) come on from time I stepped in to convulisions on the floor is 27 seconds………the door was fully opened and in front of me was a sign that stated traffic fine payment counter…. come on 27 seconds…….the guy was a overzealous POS….I know my natural right………..

  13. You do not pay attention and get a speeding ticket. Who’s fault? You decided to go to court house when you could have mailed in the payment. Who’s choice? You clearly have no mobility issues as you do walk with no visible complications. Great to see. You clearly did turn to security guy when he called and pointed for you to turn back and saw he was running around to meet you. Who’s fault. You acted as though you were not aware he was coming and when he did confront you clearly try to use your health situation to wave him off. The security guy clearly was trying to communicate with you however you kept waiving him off. Who’s fault?

    1. Look man you are full of it and I have to say something. Bill pointed at his ears and mouth, and that should tell even an idiot “deaf-mute”. Picking him up and dragging him is obsurd. I hope justice is served and feel the officer should have heavy legal action taken. I made smaller mistakes and bit the bullet, so should he. Some say something because after this im fired up.

  14. What happened to Bill Berry is truly unfortunate however look at every step along the way you see the path that was taken. We all have to take most of the responsibility for the paths we choose.

  15. Well, first time I was on your site. Not really sure what to think expect I hear a lot of anti-governement, anti-gun, and really anti-law enforcement rhetoric..but I have to say the fact I can click on a christian single site and find a “christian man” with great morals is real nice hit of lets just say class..I really hope all you readers can pick up on my sarcasm. Now back to the issue I am posting on which is the Bill Barry vs Thomas Bounds.

    First of all I want all the people out there who are in medicine to know that just because your stoma comes out of your throat does not mean you cannot breathe. A stoma helps to keep the patency of the air tube when it is not in place a patient my experience a temporary decrease in oxygen levels in the blood, however, this is usually nonfatal if the tube is re inserted back in. In Bill Berry’s case it was. Secondly, I would like to ask is Bill Berry blind as well? Does he not know how to read a sign outside a door that says which door to proceed through? Was this first time Bill Barry was ever in the Court House? I doubt it, is it possible that Bill Barry thinks perhaps because he has a disability that he can do whatever he pleases? Thirdly, I would like to remind everyone just because you a “disabled” does not mean you cannot possess a knife or a gun and walk into a court house and blow everyone away. A sheriff’s job is to protect the people in the courthouse, how was the Sheriff Bounds supposed to know that he wasn’t carrying a weapon? Logically, if you were carrying a gun would you really want to go through the door with a scanner that would catch you? Would you stop when a Sheriff says to? Nooo…you would keep on going to your target.

    People are feeling sorry for Bill Barry because he looks sickly, skinny and is deaf (or is he?) but they are not looking at the harm that could have been caused. If Bill Barry had a gun, Thomas Bounds would be a hero.

    Bill Barry didn’t die, he doesn’t have PTSD because of this, over half of vetrans don’t have PTSD and they were taking shells on a everyday basis for Christ Sake!! (OMG, im going to hell now!) So how about everyone stop feeling sorry for someone who knew fill well what he was doing, doesn’t have any respect for law enforcement and just did what he felt like. Geez, I wish I had that freedom too, wouldn’t that be nice to know have to follow rules??!!! And if you ask me, undo force is when you someone kicks the shit out of you for no reason, that didn’t happen to Bill Barry did it? NO hes alive and well…and guess what? Probably has nice little settlement in his bank account over this that can from your hard earned tax dollars!! Think on that for awhile. Peace!

    1. I truly do not comprehend these lower life-forms that think police, sheriffs and any other law-enforcement type should be able to abuse people at will just because “the rules” say they can. Since when are “the rules” more important than treating human beings with even the most minimal levels of dignity and respect? Bill Berry was certainly afforded none of that as even Thomas Bounds’ own departmental investigation concluded.

      I must have been the only person who read that though…

      Sheriff Bounds’ use and level of force against Mr. Berry was unjustified, excessive, led directly to Mr. Berry’s stoma tube being dislodged, and the resulting serious medical emergency,” the report says.

      Then again, this is probably just more ramblings from one of those “anti-government, anti-gun, and really anti-law enforcement” types… who believes people have rights that actually need to be respected by law enforcement.

      For the record, I’ve never been “anti law-enforcement.’ I have, however, always been “anti rights-abusing-thugs-posing-as-law-enforcement.” Hopefully that will clear up any confusion. :)

  16. 2 bouts of throat cancer surgeries, total of 5 neck reconstruction along with radiation after first bout……. not a normal total laryngectomy by any means in fact

  17. I wonder if Sheriff Bounds treats foreigners the same way when they do not understand plain English. Imagine being thrown to the ground in another country because you do not understand the language. Sheriff Bounds should have had some sort of in-service regarding dealings with those with communication disabilities and those with physical disabilities, unless he took a sick day and missed the training. No excuse, though. His actions were extremely inappropriate. I could see in the video Mr. Berry pointing to his ear, which is generally the accepted way to indicate a hearing problem. The Sheriff was doing nothing less than being a bully and throwing around his weight. Too many law enforcement people do that same thing. Give them a badge and they suddenly become above the law. Too bad. I hope the video of Mr. Berry’s treatment is used in training law enforcement people about the effects of ignorance. I think he has grounds for a hefty law suit and I hope he files one. Good luck, Mr. Berry.

  18. Your assumptions about the guy’s training left out a likely alternative: that he was trained to justify, after the fact, his use of force by categorizing normal movements and stances as ‘aggressive’. It’s also likely if he had decided to arrest the guy instead of merely dragging him over to the security station, he would have been yelling ‘stop resisting!’ despite the complete and utter lack of resistance.

    In other words, he probably WAS following his training, and that’s the problem.

  19. listen closely at the 59second mark this is alberta solicitor general and justice minister clearly stating ” he not happy I wasn’t serious injured…….listen to the remarks at 59 second mark I am outraged at these remarks ……All Tyrannies rule rule through fraud and force , but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively with force my lord what a thing for a justice to say , Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.
    Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice.

  20. Finally getting the sack of shit thru private prosecution. Justice is a conscience, not a personal conscience but conscience of the whole of the humanity.

    Those who clearly recognize the voice of their own conscience usually recognize also the voice of Justice… may need to do some wheeling to be sure the charges stick… We may not win the war but the odd battle is sure sweet.. It’s like a cancer has been lifted from me knowing I will finally get a date with justice..

    The system did everything possible to intimidate me into silence…. There no way I will be treated less than a human just because of a cowardly disease that’s stolen so much from us all…. call your MLA and MP and demand this trend of attacking the disabled must stop … We are no less of a human…

    Thanks for your support! Most of my facebook is public, just search Let’s demand justice for us all……… STFU = Show Them Fury Unleashed.

    God Bless and thank you.

    1. just in the past month in western canada along with taking of a life

      just in the last month along with charges finally laid in this
      the disabled are under siege are we now less than human.. along with this horror out of bc ………shameful appears us disabled are viewed less than human and our charters and freedoms are under attack by the state

    1. running his piehole is worthy of a boot to the mouth …. after collasping his baton he even calls on the crowd ……Democracy is defended in 3 stages. Ballot Box, Jury Box, Cartridge Box.

  21. I watched the video(s) & at first thought the Sheriff used too much force but after thinking about it I think it was just a circumstance that happened and actually it wasn’t anyones fault….like a victim of circumstances…If I would had been in charge of security & you went in a door which evades security precautions I to may have been alittle wired that you came in to do harm and size don’t really matter when a gun may be involved. Bullets do what bullets do…injur & kill! I thought that he was trying to explain his medical situation to the Sheriff but in all the excitement the Sheriff’s responsibilty is to people in the courthouse. I would make sure that in front of the building had visable signs directing people into the secure section of the courthouse so that this doesn’t ever occur again. I would not discipline the Sheriff nor hold him at fault. He used his best judgement at the time of the incident and could have turned out a person bringing a firearm into the building to do harm. I feel sorry for what occurred but juding by what all happened and what could have happened it’s good that this incident didn’t turn out any worse. If the Sheriff would have kicked him or beat him when he was down then I would be looking at this differently.

  22. You should file a Title 42 Action Lawsuit along with a Title 18 Action lawsuit. You should represent yourself (pro se) because NO lawyer is going to sue his friends and give you a victory! Also pull the oaths of office on all those involved-most likely they do not have them. 2nd find out if they have surety bonds. Sue them each individually and force them to each hire their own counsel. You are not necessarily suing the PD, but the thugs that were unlawful in their actions in fact criminal. Good luck.

  23. Holy fcuk there are some right psychos in the Northern Hemisphere! I don’t even mean the thug who tackled Mr. Berry, but the people defending the thug. I’m a bit of a left-wing Libertarian I guess and our system is not perfect (Springbok Tour incidents of the ’80s) but this would be far less likely to happen here. And there would be OUTRAGE. The sick guy is a threat? WTF?!

  24. And at the rest home where I used to work as a teen there was a guy with a permanent tracheotomy tube. He could talk, just – it was in a hushed wheeze and I think I was the only one who bothered stopping to listen. His was a sad, silent life, with no internet access, and solace only in the poetry he wrote. But at least no one BEAT THE LIVING SNOT OUT OF HIM. Jesus Christ, you people…

  25. I think this is very unfortunate. Mr. Berry entered a secure area BECAUSE the area wasn’t secure.

    The sheriff responded appropriately to situation – the assumption has to be made that the individual, who is not responding to verbal confrontation, is dangerous. That’s his job.

    I think, really, that it’s not on the sheriff. It’s on the people responsible for the door – it’s clearly not secure if it can be defeated so easily. And due to the negligence of the people in charge of the door, I believe Mr. Berry is due significant compensation. He could have lost his life due to this faulty security point.

    Regarding the sheriff, I expect his actions should be reviewed. But I don’t think he is the problem here. I think he’s being made a scapegoat, perhaps to reduce the amount of damages Mr. Berry can collect.

    Mr. Berry, I’m sorry this happened to you.

  26. Hello from Montreal. Stay strong, people are getting more and more conscious of abusive pigs. What goes around comes around, they will get a taste of their own medicine sooner or later.


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: William Berry
    Date: Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 10:54 PM
    Subject: Re: follow up questions in regards to threat file. 2012-1160036. William BERRY
    To: James GALLANT

    reason Im pushing this HARD now is I plan on raising conflict of interest having the whole Thomas Bounds issue dealt with in Red Deer since it happened in the red deer courthouse and his wife is employed and all the witnesses work along with the threats of the flower guy who must be related to either your dept. or the sheriff office at the least hes connected to somebody in the courthouse

    On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 10:23 PM, William Berry wrote:

    1,,,first friday of sept……sept 7 / 2012 around 2 in the afternoon
    2…in front of the courthouse
    3…older extended cab pickup reddish creme in color ALBERTA PLATE SPA887 HEAVY SET MALE EAST EUROPEON ACCENT
    8…. he left after he left I walked back to my car parked inacross the street in front of the courthouse where i noticed the flag i had handing over the windows facing the courthouse was also missing
    9… this character was indeed involved with the courthouse why eles he be taking flowers to the courthouse
    12 …….told my lawyers about it around 1 st week in dec after we were arranging private prosecution
    13… gave my lawyer copy of statement early march when i seen her in edmonton
    14……went to rcmp march 11 finally gave statement
    15…. return to rcmp roughly last week in march was informed they knew nothing about it
    16…… returned to rcmp today april 9 and again was informed nothing known about it

    william berry

    On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 9:24 PM, James GALLANT wrote:


    Mr. BERRY,

    On the above noted date I received your hand written statement from Sgt. SHEPHERD.
    The statements seems faded and is hard for me to read.
    I am requesting some follow up questions which will assists me in investigating this complaint.

    On what date did this occur?
    Where did the offence occur?
    Describe to me the vehicle, plate number and description of suspect.
    was the suspect male or female?
    what did the suspect say to you?
    was there any violence? If so go into detail.
    have you ever seen or meet this suspect previously?
    have you had any dealings with the suspect since September of 2012?
    was there any witnesses to the offence?
    how long did the altercation last?
    if there is any other relevant information please feel free to add.
    if you made any notes or such at the time those will also be eneded.

    I have also CC’d my supervisors, Sgt. R. MARSOLLIER and Cpl. J. BABBITT if you have any further concerns.

    Thank you,

    Cst. J. GALLANT Reg # 56625

  28. even alberta justice employees are running their pie holes I DEMAND A PUBLIC INQUIRY
    harges stayed against former sheriff in Red Deer incident

    Posted: April 11,2013
    The Crown has stayed assault charges laid against a former sheriff more than a year after a mute man was forcibly removed from the Red Deer courthouse.

    In February, a judge agreed there was enough evidence to charge Thomas Bounds with assault and aggravated assault in the December 2011 incident involving Bill Berry.

    Surveillance video from the courthouse shows Berry, a throat cancer survivor, being dragged out by a sheriff after entering through the wrong door to pay a speeding ticket.

    More on the story here: CBC News
    Photo: Charges stayed against former sheriff in Red Deer incident Posted: April 11,2013 The Crown has stayed assault charges laid against a former sheriff more than a year after a mute man was forcibly removed from the Red Deer courthouse. In February, a judge agreed there was enough evidence to charge Thomas Bounds with assault and aggravated assault in the December 2011 incident involving Bill Berry. Surveillance video from the courthouse shows Berry, a throat cancer survivor, being dragged out by a sheriff after entering through the wrong door to pay a speeding ticket. More on the story here: CBC News
    22Like · · Share
    27 people like this.
    Shaunna Stevenett that whole situation was disgusting
    Thursday at 1:52pm · Like · 8
    Jenn Fedoruk Effing sick.. Justice system is a joke!!!
    Thursday at 1:58pm via mobile · Like · 5
    Diane Hermary What are the “true facts”, Rhonda?
    Thursday at 2:01pm · Like · 6
    Phreakert D Danials
    Alberta Sheriff Thomas Bounds: Taking Insensitivity to an All-New Low
    Thomas Bounds is a sheriff with the Alberta Sheriff’s Service. He requires, at …See More
    Thursday at 2:03pm · Like · 5
    Phreakert D Danials Rhonda. There is indisputable video footage of the incident. Not to mention that Bounds no longer works for the provincial government…. I see where you work rhonda rodgers. so one would assume that you have a biased opinion of this issue
    Thursday at 2:11pm · Edited · Like · 16
    Diana Pittman Melnyk So tired of reading about more and more incidents of abuse of authority and excessive force and then they get away with it! It’s like they are untouchable and not accountable to anyone for their actions!
    Thursday at 2:10pm · Like · 9
    Kevin Rodway i aint liking this…. but at least the guy isnt working there….anymore….
    Thursday at 2:12pm · Like · 3
    Phreakert D Danials Bounds was probably offered a job, where he is aloud to be a dink.
    Thursday at 2:20pm · Like · 3
    Ashley Neufeld That’s terrible
    Thursday at 2:23pm via mobile · Like
    Braydyn Jahraus Note to self: Don’t enter the wrong door when going to pay for a speeding ticket.
    Thursday at 2:25pm · Like · 8
    Sonja Kerner-Matulka typical of our crappy legal system even with visual evidence still not enough
    Thursday at 2:30pm · Like · 7
    Sylvia Parsons This is brutal. After watching this video footage, all that poor man did was walk in a door that was already open. Then, he was attacked and thrown to the floor. Disgusting.
    Thursday at 2:35pm · Like · 5
    Corinne Paquette So tired of people not being held accountable for their actions they have video of the of the crime and still do nothing. I don’t know what the point is paying for police and R.C.M.P when they do their jobs and the courts don’t.
    Thursday at 2:36pm · Like · 5
    Krista Cornell Wow unbelievable!!! Who is up for moving to a New Counrty? Corrupt Police, Governments.. whats next… makes me sick to know that our children are growing up in this crap!! Scary
    Thursday at 2:45pm via mobile · Like · 6
    Scott Rowan Krista, which country do you propose doesn’t have those things? I’m doubting any country is clear ov corruption in the legal and governmental systems.
    Thursday at 2:52pm via mobile · Like · 4
    Tiffany Szigeti – Video of sheriff using ‘very excessive’ force at Red Deer Alberta Court House
    ————————-THE MAN IS DEAF AND MUTE.——————————…See More
    Thursday at 2:52pm · Like · 2
    Tiffany Szigeti Beyond mad!
    Thursday at 2:53pm · Like · 2
    Dwayne Wilson They are government workers with authority and not much training and absolutley zero training on comunication and people skills.Everytime i goto the Red Deer court house i see people being treated like trash by the clowns at the front door. Im shocked something like this happened?
    Thursday at 2:55pm · Like · 5
    Heather Margaret Kind There are good and bad people in all hats..
    Thursday at 3:12pm via mobile · Like
    Phreakert D Danials Heather. that is stereotypical. You think there are bad folk, involved in the spca, for example..?
    Thursday at 3:18pm · Like
    Iris Dow We as citizens don’t stand a chance against the government, RCMP, court systems health care but yet they tell us we live in a free country but we must pay with our self respect and dignity by just bending over and taking it up the you know what
    Thursday at 3:26pm via mobile · Like · 5
    Estelle Tayler Andersen Bill I am sorry to hear this. Hopefully you can pursue a civil suit.
    Thursday at 3:27pm · Like · 1
    Connie Green that is just terrible
    Thursday at 3:28pm · Like · 1
    Deborah Montgomery-Broadnax WTF I think there’s enough evidence to kick that fkn. cops ass
    Thursday at 3:29pm · Like · 1
    Iris Dow Then they wonder why people take the law into there own hands because we can’t trust our own systems
    Thursday at 3:31pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Stephanie M. Smith Scott, to answer your question… Singapore
    But who wants to move there!?
    It’s said to be the safest country in the world!
    Thursday at 3:32pm via mobile · Like
    Dwayne Wilson After one just about kills him the others still man handle him after like he just robbed a bank. Another thing i noticed in the vid is they are all way over weight. lay off the doughnuts guys. lol. I hope this man sues and wins.Id rather pay his winnings than these jerk offs wages any day
    Thursday at 3:41pm · Like · 2
    Becky Nichole I know someone who witnessed this incident and the “footage” doesn’t show everything. It’s sad that the man had to be taken down yes but don’t be blaming the cop unless you actually know the entire story, just bc he isn’t employed there anymore doesn’t prove anything. There’s a lot more to his story then meets the eye
    Thursday at 3:45pm · Edited · Like · 3
    Doug Noris Becky , only thing Mister Berry didn’t do is drop to his knees to lick the POS boots whats missing here videos from him walking in to nearly dying on the courthouse floor ….. enlighten us all Becky what is missing
    Red Deer Alberta police brutality canadian courthouse # 1
    Red Deer Alberta police brutality in canadian courthouse
    Thursday at 4:00pm · Like · 1
    Phreakert D Danials Is there becky..? The footage goes from beginning to end, of the situation. the only thing lacking, is audio. which is not needed, in my opinion. The man, could not communicate via speech. the officer never gave him a chance… Maybe, if this was how they treated everyone, I could understand. But its not. I myself, have walked through the exit doors, to pay a fine, and not been treated so ignorantly. I made it to the same spot, bill made it to, before I acknowledged the sheriff.
    Thursday at 4:06pm · Like · 2
    Dwayne Wilson Maybe shes a cop as well? I notice on every news link about bad cops is that cops are first to jump in and say the cop had every!
    Thursday at 4:15pm · Like · 1
    Becky Nichole Where’s the footage at the counter??
    I didn’t say he had a right but there’s more to this story and it will come out and all you who don’t realize there’s two sides to every story….as well as numerous witnesses that know what really happened
    Thursday at 4:24pm · Edited · Like · 2
    Phreakert D Danials
    right here becky. You can clearly see Bill Berry try to communicate to the officer, the best he can.
    Red Deer Alberta police brutality canadian courthouse # 3
    where is the perimeter line you notice I ‘m right at the stanchion with the paym…See More
    Thursday at 4:26pm · Like · 3
    Zac Lambert The counter footage is #3… Click the link??
    Thursday at 4:27pm via mobile · Like
    Dwayne Wilson I would love to see it. He musta pulled out a gun for Rambo to act like that….
    Thursday at 4:27pm · Like · 1
    Michael Dawe I have a lot of problem reading “you don’t know the real facts”, and “there is a lot more to this story than you know” No one is actually giving “another side to the story”. This is only innuendo and quite frankly comes across as anonymous smears. Remember Robert Dziekanski ? The RCMP sent a team to Poland to see if they could find some dirt on him instead of properly investigating how it came to pass that he was tasered to death. If there is another side to a story, let it go to court so people will have to testify under oath in front of a judge. With Dziekanski, a judge found that the RCMP officers had perjured themselves.
    Thursday at 4:37pm · Like · 9
    Jeffrey Marozzo Old helpless man … What if that was ur grandparents .. Cus he is to someone … Cops think they have the right to bully people .. Said thing is they basically do.
    Thursday at 4:43pm via mobile · Like · 4
    Rys Adrias Breathing tube thru throat, yup. Hes mute, so why assult him?
    Thursday at 4:44pm via mobile · Like · 2
    Rush Pickford Sweep it under the rug ,right in front of the tax payers… Disgusted and not suprised are law system is a joke……
    Thursday at 4:55pm via mobile · Like · 3
    Will Schneck We need protection from those who are supposed to be the good guys. It’s alarming to see what a brute force the police have become. This shits gotta change!
    Thursday at 4:58pm via mobile · Like · 3
    Kendra Washbrook Does anyone have family / know anyone who works at the courthouse? Some messed up people walk through those doors, possibly with weapons. I like to rest knowing that the officer on duty protected everyone inside from a potentially dangerous situation. There are metal detectors for a reason, the man should have known to go through them.
    Thursday at 6:25pm via mobile · Like · 7
    Diane Hermary I for one would really like to know these “true” stories. Seriously. No judgement, just pure curiosity. Here is your chance…a forum filled with perked up ears. Why not tell us the other side instead of teasers and innuendo. I’d love to know, especially since we know there won’t be a court case, there’s no reason for silence.
    Thursday at 6:27pm via mobile · Like · 2
    Lyle North-Wind Richards This makes me sick. You should see how they react to large brown people. Thank god no where near like this but tin-plated wantta be police take this way too far.
    Thursday at 6:41pm · Like · 1
    Max Deutscher Are we being serious? Are we actually assuming that a provincial law enforcement officer wouldn’t first vocalize a command to stop before taking physical action? Bill Berry was old, mute and a survivor of lung cancer. He was NOT blind, deaf, or mentally delayed in any other way that could prevent him from reading the posted sign to use the other door or comprehend the instruction from officer bounds to use the other door.
    Thursday at 6:57pm via mobile · Like · 8
    Shane Paszcza Moo
    Thursday at 7:00pm via mobile · Like
    Matthew McKellar he is deaf
    Thursday at 7:21pm · Like · 1
    Kendra Washbrook Ive read hard of hearing. But not blind… Meaning reading a posted sign or noticing an officer waving his arms is NOT impossible?
    Thursday at 7:50pm via mobile · Like · 4
    Dale Zak While its not like he was rich or anything as important as that.
    Thursday at 7:54pm via mobile · Like · 1
    William Berry tatus Update
    By Bill Berry
    William Berry Courthouse Assault-Justice Denied Again

    April 11, 2013

    My Solicitors have just received a letter from D. Vaughan Hartigan, the Assistant Chief Crown Prosecutor, stating the following:

    “ I have concluded that the position of the original reviewing Senior Prosecutor was correct.”

    “That being the case, pursuant to the Criminal Code, and the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Private Prosecutions Guideline, I will be directing a STAY OF PROCEEDINGS in this matter.”

    Justice has been denied again, despite the investigation by the Solicitor General’s Office’s Law Enforcement and Oversight Professional Standards Unit concluded that Bounds used “excessive” and “unjustified” force in the incident.

    Justice has been denied again, on Feb 28th, Former Chief Justice Fraser, ruled that there was sufficient evidence for a Private Prosecutions to proceed.

    I will do everything in my power to pursue justice for myself and others, who have been assaulted, abused or injured by law enforcement thugs.

    My health is failing; however, this pursuit for justice has given me strength to continue my fight for life.

    The law enforcement and judicial branches of the government are more interested in their welfare and protecting their owe skins, not the protection and safety of the public.

    I am reviewing the options with my Solicitors and further actions and/or suits will be taken.

    I will be at the Courthouse as planned on Monday April 15th to ensure that my pursuit for justice does not fall into a bureaucratic “blackhole”.

    I urge members of the press and public to rally round myself and other victims in the quest for justice.

    William Berry
    Thursday at 7:55pm · Like · 3
    William Berry Although judges and lawyers hypothetically take an oath to uphold the laws, in many cases that oath might as well have been taken on the cook book, to brew up litigation to use the legal system for an assembly line conversion of the victim’s assets into fees, or to confiscate it outright.
    Thursday at 7:56pm · Like · 1
    William Berry The extend of the supervisory jurisdiction of the courts

    [T]hey must act in good faith and fairly listen to both sides,for that is a duty lying upon everyone who decides anything.
    Thursday at 7:56pm · Like · 1
    William Berry There is absolutely no such thing as a “common law” right of an “Attorney General” to stop a proceeding at their whim. Our common law has always been based on Rule of Law, and the equality of ALL under the law
    Thursday at 7:57pm · Like · 1
    Dale Zak The sign outside of the courthouse says ” Court of Law” not “Court of Justice” just an observation.
    Thursday at 7:58pm via mobile · Like · 2
    Lyle North-Wind Richards No honour no respect none offered none given
    Thursday at 7:59pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Becky Nichole Exactly Kendra…and max he can read…disabled ppl want the same respect we get and I fight for that right…however I know 100% that this man was in the wrong. I personally do have a family member that works there and saw the entire thing take place. I do not agree with the force the officer used that was uncalled for, a frail man doesnt need that…but there are facts that are not mentioned. And bc my family work’s at the court house I’m not a liberty to say. There’s a reason why the claim is denied…that’s bc this man didn’t obey the law!!
    Thursday at 8:17pm · Edited · Like · 3
    Becky Nichole Video #3 shows that the officer tried to explain what was going on…..the “victim” fought back against the officer ANYBODY who would have done this would be escorted out. Its common sense to not fight back
    Thursday at 8:20pm · Like · 2
    Max Deutscher Because of Williams inability or decision to not follow SIMPLE direction a man lost his job. How many people walk into that SAME courthouse every day and have never been drug out by an officer doing his job?
    Thursday at 8:33pm via mobile · Like · 4
    Darlene Cardinal Good for him. Reminds you of the incident at the Vancouver airport. Get a uniform on them and they think they are invincible.
    Thursday at 8:53pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Diane Hermary Wow. Perhaps he had never been in the building before? He saw an open door and entered. He’s looking at the papers in his hand, intent on doing the right thing and paying his fine. Distracted. Who hasn’t been there? There was a time when you could enter that building without feeling like you’re in an airport. Maybe the last time he was there it wasn’t gestapo headquarters like it is now. I understand that some people want to bring in weapons, for whatever stupid reason, but c’mon. Simple observational skills would reveal that Mr. Berry is no threat to anyone, least of all a burly, armed security guard. This was EXCESSIVE force. Plain and simple.
    Thursday at 9:14pm · Like · 3
    Kendra Washbrook ‘Simple observational skills’ would also reveal that you are supposed to enter through one door and exit through another in a courthouse. We don’t go through metal detectors on our way out of a building. And I don’t care how the guy looked, NO ONE knows if he is a threat or not.
    Thursday at 9:32pm via mobile · Like · 7
    Max Deutscher It’s not the Gestapo headquarters its the red deer court house! And those SHERIFFS (not security guards) are there for your protection, and the protection of the employees that work there. If they didn’t stop EVERYONE who went the wrong way through that door then it would be YOUR safety on the line Diane. If you are ok with sacrificing your safety and everyone else’s than please let your local mp know that the sheriffs at the court house aren’t needed any longer.
    Thursday at 9:40pm via mobile · Like · 3
    Thursday at 9:48pm · Like · 1
    William Berry TRUST ME i will defend the charter of rights and freedoms, my crime was walking thru a fully open exit door surely worthy of getting murdered over… why not let a judge decide
    Thursday at 10:06pm · Edited · Like · 1
    Becky Nichole At least I’m not the only one that thinks that this man was in the wrong…funny how his comments are gone?!
    Thursday at 10:06pm · Like
    Beth Cooper This man is not deaf, he obviously hears the Sheriff direct him to return out the way he came, he looks directly at the Sheriff in the video, and then he looks away. This Sheriff tells Mr. Berry at least 3 obvious times in these videos, and even points to the door. How many times in 27 seconds does it take before a person understands that they need to leave, and come back through security. 27 seconds is not a huge amount of time, but if you actually repeat it to yourself…sir you need to go through the other door…sir you need to go through the other many times can you say it in those seconds? Mr. Berry may be a mute cancer survivor, and while that is terrible, he is not deaf and can or should be able to take instruction from a Peace Officer. This incident was approximately one week after the poor woman in the wheel chair was bombed in her own house…I ask you all, what does a threat look like exactly? If Mr. Berry would have used his own feet instead of rearing back and walked out or didn’t grab onto the door jams…who knows…This man is a victim of circumstance, which he had a part in creating as well.
    Thursday at 10:14pm · Like · 6
    Becky Nichole Very well put Beth!!!!
    Thursday at 10:18pm · Like · 2
    Janice Smith Townend I agree with u Beth 200%!
    Thursday at 10:49pm via mobile · Like · 1
    Dale Carriere I can not believe people are sticking up for the bully.
    Thursday at 11:43pm · Like · 1
    William Berry clearly they dont understand what chemo and radiation and tinnitue effects or even the amount of pain killer you taking for the day affect ones hear let alone if you got a infection or feeling under the weather,my point is let a judge decide,I will be down there today ,maybe mister MAK___ whos related to red deer courthouse will show up again threatening me as he have before in the past…you think I should been allowed to pick up my credit card and car keys off of the counter maybe giving me time to show my laryngectomee emergency medical card …defend him if you want but I also deserve to be heard fairly in a court of law……I seen court case for far less all Im asking is let it go to court….as far ask me hanging onto the door jam I sure wasnt letting him get me out sight where he been able to shoot me and get awake with it……his own employer found he use unjusttified and excessive
    Hearing loss common following radiation therapy for head and neck cancer
    Patients who undergo radiation therapy for head and neck cancer appear more like…See More
    Friday at 6:34am · Edited · Like
    William Berry Just dropped off my third same statement at the RCMP about the guy taking flowers in to the courthouse back on Sept 7 /2012 that have been threatening violence a number of times while I been picketing the right to defend the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms must been one of their own or a member of the Solicitor General office the character was watching me from afar walked up half a block threatening me and went into the courthouse so I went down the street to where he was parked and got his plate he came around the corner noticed me getting his plate , lucky for me the library doors were there so I ducked in there to avoid further threats from him but this character came in carrying on about me getting his plate number after he was threatening me,sure glad the place was full of Canadian Commissionaires this is the third time I asked for a status update from the Red Deer RCMP since Sept and my lawyer Erica Norheim been requesting a status also……. and the Mounties rather not talk about it , Seriously thinking it was one of their own
    Friday at 6:22am · Like
    William Berry in Canada, when the Court wants to do away with a citizens right to Court Access, often time the Crown will wrongfully charge the person with either a simple charge of uttering a threat and/or criminal harassment. ……………… flower guy failed
    Friday at 6:25am · Edited · Like
    William Berry There is absolutely no such thing as a “common law” right of an “Attorney General” to stop a proceeding at their whim. Our common law has always been based on Rule of Law, and the equality of ALL under the law
    Friday at 6:24am · Like
    Becky Nichole Not a bully its FACTS!!!!
    Friday at 6:42am · Like
    Doug Noris FACT is FORMER CHIEF JUSTICE FRASER APPROVED CHARGES , why not let it go to court there are Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms issues.As for Mister Berry fighting back what I see is his palms turned sky ward pleading before the overzealous sheriff seized him with out even allowing him to gather up his property from the counter,from the time he nearly knocked him off his feet to seizing him is roughly 7 seconds not even time for a person to pull a disability emergency card out of his wallet .
    Friday at 8:11am · Edited · Unlike · 1
    Dallas Ogilvie If the same guy walks in with a gun and shoots your spouse then the sheriff is labelled lazy and not doing his job. If the guy walks in with a a gun and the sheriff does the exact same thing he did and prevented your spouse from being shot, he is a hero.
    Is it the sheriff’s fault that this guy couldn’t read directions or follow visual directions.
    Where exactly was the assault? I see an guy lifting his hands in an questionable manor, then the sheriff grabbing him and carrying him out of the building. He was not punched, kicked, or beaten in any way. I got more of a smacking as a kid when I disobeyed my parents.
    I bet next time he will follow directions when asked. mI think it is sad that an elderly “man” can’t follow directions.
    Friday at 10:35am via mobile · Like · 4
    Bill Berry come on now my wallet was in my hand and credit card was on the counter…….. enough already this isn’t over
    12 hours ago · Like

  29. just so everybody knows what I’m up against .. Bounds, Heather Provincial Court – Administrators / Managers. Justice and Solicitor General Court House 4909 – 48 Avenue Red Deer, AB T4N 3T5 Phone: 403 … bounds wife
    must be nice

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