Edmonton Police praise the gun registry

Too bad they have no idea what they’re talking about!

Let me explain.

To bolster support for the gun registry, Edmonton police are telling people to think about a domestic violence call they responded to early on September 30th. A woman called and reported that her estranged husband, who may have access to firearms, was drunk and had scared her during an “emotional conversation”.

The patrol officers who responded checked the gun registry and YAY!, it confirmed the man had a firearms license and three registered firearms.

The system works!!!!


Police involved in the call say the case is a good example of why they see the need for the long gun registry.

Are they listening to themselves?  Or do they just think we’re all a bunch of complete and utter morons.

Is the Edmonton Police Service really saying that its people would have accepted a “No” from the gun registry as proof there were no firearms at a domestic violence call?

Wow.  Because any cop I talk to says they ALWAYS assume there are weapons at a call like that until proven otherwise. They don’t waste their time on the gun registry, and they sure aren’t about to put their lives on the line because a computer says there are no guns at an address.

That’s a recipe for a funeral, not proof the gun registry works.

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