A Cell Phone Stun Gun? In Canada? But that’s illegal!!!

This story from early September is rather strange.  Think about it.  I’ve seen cell phone guns, cell phone lighters, and I think I even came across a cell phone razor once.  But a stun gun? What will they come up with next?
Of course the obligatory “officer safety” issue had to be included….

A Toronto man faces charges after police found a stun gun disguised as a cellphone during a vehicle search in the east end.

Officers with TAVIS, the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy, stopped the vehicle in the Birchmount Road/Kingston Road area Monday evening.

Officers do occasionally come across weapons that have been disguised as everyday items, said Constable Tony Vella of the Toronto Police Service, but this discovery was “something of a rarity.”

Cellphone stun guns are widely advertised online, boasting of models that can discharge 800,000 to 4.5-million volts.

The Immobilizer, for example, is described as follows: “This cell phone can not call for help but with 900,000 volts of protection you will not need to! This is the most realistic-looking cell phone stun gun on the market today.”

Though banned in Canada, they are legal in some states south of the border.

The presence of the devices on Toronto streets means “there is definitely an officer-safety issue,” said Const. Vella.

Timothy Grady, 27, of Toronto, has been charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.

1 thought on “A Cell Phone Stun Gun? In Canada? But that’s illegal!!!

  1. Old post but “Officer safety issue”? Police officers respond usually after a crime is committed, with the use of a stun gun I might not become that casualty they respond to.

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