Donna Montague’s Thanksgiving

I had a long talk with Donna Montague on Thanksgiving.  We covered a lot of ground in our almost 2-hour conversation.  Toward the end I asked her if she’d write me a note on what exactly she’s grateful for this Thanksgiving, as we hadn’t actually gotten around to that particular topic.

I think her answer to me might surprise you, given everything that’s happened to the Montague family this past few months… husband Bruce Montague is in jail for refusing to get a permission slip for his firearms, the Ontario Attorney General is about to take the family home using the Civil Forfeiture Act…

Thanksgiving by Donna Montague

I am thankful for having a Saviour that carries me, lately at all times. I am blessed with love from my husband, family (nuclear and church), friends, acquaintances and supporters across this country.

I am so pleased with how our children have developed. They have faith in the one true God. They have sound morals and ethics. They are hard working, healthy, intelligent, and compassionate people. God is good! After 31 years I still love my husband, and he still loves me. God is good!

I am blessed by having shelter to live in. Our home was built with love. I designed it. Bruce, our family, and some friends built it. It is an extension of us. In a sense I can’t even look at a wall without thoughts of Bruce and our families efforts.

I am blessed to have employment. I like where I work and who I work with. Having the lowest seniority I feared loosing my job for several years, and had several close calls. God has prevented a job loss that I thought was eminent. I am currently training in a new position. I’m blessed that the people I work with are great teachers and are being very supportive to me through this process. I’ve even been blessed with some overtime lately.

I am blessed to have a freezer full of chicken (that Bruce raised). My garden was very productive.

I am blessed to have the help of my case management team and trusties. This case has taken over our lives. These people have counseled, assisted and supported us through the most difficult time of our lives. They have gotten to know us on a very personal level. Through thick and thin we have grown close. I pray I will have the opportunity to be there for them when they need it.

I am blessed that God is using me to work his plan. I do know that for my burden to get past God and Christ through to me it comes with a great purpose.

There are many many more things I have to be thankful for, but these are the most significant.

Thank you God!


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