Egyptian Forces no strangers to brutally abusing women

There has been a lot of uproar over the video footage of armed Egyptian Army thugs brutally beating an Egyptian woman in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, and for good reason.  The heinous actions were caught in a video (below) that showed with stark clarity the extent of how little things have changed in Egypt, despite the removal of former dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The Egyptian Army is caught brutally beating an unidentified woman, stripping her clothing off and stomping on her belly and breasts with their boots.  The woman, utterly defenceless, is continued to be kicked, beaten and stomped on.

It is unknown if she survived the assault.

Here is how Adrian Blomfield described the assault in his article in the Telegraph:.

Footage, widely broadcast on the internet, showed helmeted officers charging towards a veiled woman among the protesters in Tahrir Square earlier in the weekend. Dragging her along the ground, they beat her with their clubs and aimed kick after kick at her limp body.

Pulling her veil over her head to expose her bra, one man stamps on her breasts. Nearby, other security officers jump on the body of a man who had tried to help her as furious protesters throw stones to scare them off. Other footage showed an army officer apparently firing his pistol at the demonstrators.


The Egyptian Army, like all good thugs would, did their very best to prevent the footage from getting onto the internet.  According to Blomfield, the Egyptian Army went door to door to the homes surrounding Tahrir Square and confiscated cameras from citizens, as well as confiscating equipment from reporters in the square itself.

Hardly surprising actions in a military dictatorship.

What is surprising is that anyone actually believes that anything has changed in Egypt, just because Mubarak is gone.

Who do people think was imposing Mubarak’s will on the Egyptian people when he was in power, the Muppets?

Egypt has a long history of brutally abusing individuals they don’t like, and when that individual is a woman their actions are particularly heinous.

Take the case of Egyptian citizen Martha Samuel Makkar.

On December 13, 2008 Martha Makkar attempted to leave Egypt for Russia with her two sons, aged 2 and 4.  She was arrested by Egyptian police at the airport for the crime of using her Christian name on her passport.

She was attempting to flee Egypt because both Egyptian Police and her own family had harassed and threatened to kill her for over 5 years.  The reason? She converted to Christianity.

After her arrest at the airport she was taken to El-Nozha police station where police officers stripped her naked and repeatedly raped her.  Her children were kept in a separate cell and were starved for 5 days while the police did as they pleased with Martha Makkar.

At her bail hearing on January 24, 2009 she was granted her release, but not before Judge Abdelaa Hashem told Martha that he would gladly kill her himself, if he had a knife.

Is it any wonder the horrors continue in Egypt today?

I’m amazed that anyone actually believes they ever stopped!


Egyptian Soldiers Brutally Attacking Unarmed Woman

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