Anti-Gunners: Sometimes it is better to keep silent and let the world think you’re a fool…

There is a wise old saying based on Proverbs 17:28 that goes like this:

Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and let the world think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

John W. Warnock is precisely such a man who should have remained silent and let the world think he is a fool…

On November 29, 2011, John Warnock had a letter published in the Regina Leader-Post that he would have been well advised to shred, not send to the newspaper for publication.

John was very upset with an editorial written by Les MacPherson dated November 25th, 2011, titled “End of gun registry in sight” that supported the Conservative’s Bill C-19 to destroy the long gun registry.

There were some excellent comments in Mr. MacPerson’s column, such as this:

I don’t know what abolish means to Liberals and New Democrats, but to me, abolishing something is not consistent with its eternal preservation. To me, and to just about everyone else on the list, abolishing the registry means shredding it, burning the shreds and then scattering the ashes from long-range aircraft flying over an undisclosed tract of the North Atlantic. That’s what we voted for. That, or something very much like it, is what the Conservatives promised to do. But now we are told at the last minute by its diehard defenders that the registry can never be abolished, that it must be forever preserved?

Please. If the registry was somehow immune to abolition, you’d think someone might have mentioned it during the election campaign just this spring when the Conservatives were loudly promising to do exactly that. Only after the issue is decided are we now told the issue can never be decided. It is the last, desperate gasp from a lost cause.

John Warnock is the classic Liberal gun-hater clothed in the rags of his enemy.  He begins his anti-gun rant the way folks like him always do, by professing what gun-loving people they are.

It’s a facade, a careful charade, and everyone knows it except, it seems, for Mr. Warnock.

In attempting to defend the flawed, failed and useless long gun registry, John Warnock actually describes in painstaking detail its complete and utter uselessness at keeping women safe.

There are many reasons for wanting to maintain the long-gun registry. I will point out one.

A very good friend of mine broke off with her boyfriend. He harassed and stalked her. He even tried to grab one of her boys and force him into his truck as he was walking home from school.

She got a peace bond against him. The police also came to his house in Regina and took away his long guns. He then phoned her and said:

“Don’t think you are now safe. I still have guns hidden out on my farm which the police don’t know about.”

There are many flaws with Mr. Warnock’s argument.

I will restrict myself to just two.

First, the peace bond.  It’s nothing but a piece of paper.  It cannot and will not ever keep anyone safe unless the person listed in the peace bond is actually willing to abide by the law, his prior failure to do so notwithstanding.  It is his prior failure to abide by the law that was the grounds for having the peace bond placed against him in the first place, right?

It simply is not rational to expect someone who has already shown not only a complete lack of respect for a woman but also a complete lack of respect for the law to expect that person to be magically transformed simply because a judge signed a piece of paper.

Second is Mr. Warnock’s assertion that the person with the peace bond threatened the woman with a firearm even after police had seized his registered firearms.

Does Mr. Warnock not comprehend that the long gun registry has not accomplished the goal he so proudly proclaims it will, namely keeping firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them?

News Flash: Criminals Don’t Register Their Guns.

Mr. Warnock makes the ridiculous claim that a gun registry will keep his female friend safe and that destroying it will somehow endanger her life, despite the fact that at the time of the event to which Mr. Warnock refers the long gun registry and the law supporting it are in full effect.

Perhaps he can explain how the long gun registry has done a single thing to prevent the man to which he refers from acquiring, possessing and threatening someone with a firearm.

Oops… he can’t.

Mr. Warnock needs to keep his mouth shut before he babbles such nonsense publicly, for all he has accomplished is removing all doubt that he is a fool.

Yes, sometimes it’s best to keep our mouths shut and let the world think us to be fools, otherwise we do like John Warnock did in print this week for the entire world to see…

He removed all doubt that he is a fool.

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