Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu: Reason #6 to Dump the BC RCMP

Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu is not a serving member of the RCMP.  He is included in this list because the very fact that he WAS an RCMP member shows the complete lack of proper screening the RCMP as a whole uses when recruiting its members.

Instead of hiring the best possible candidates, regardless of race, the RCMP has long had an affirmative action plan that requires visible minorities and women to be given preference over, say, your average white male with impeccable credentials.

That’s how we end up with cops like Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu on the payroll of the RCMP.

While this story arguably begins with his recruitment, I’m going to skip all of that and move ahead to 2003, when Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu was allowed to resign from the RCMP instead of face charges as a result of an internal RCMP investigation.

Here lies Problem Number One with the RCMP.  The brass will go to almost any length to prevent a serving RCMP member from facing criminal charges.  They will cover up criminal actions and, as in the case of Rapinder (Rob) Sidhu, allow the member to resign instead of facing criminal charges.

Long gone are the days of Right and Wrong.  Today in the RCMP, Right simply means whatever protects the RCMP from public scrutiny, and Wrong is anything that allows the RCMP’s tarnished image to get even duller.

After leaving the RCMP, Rapinder Sidhu chose a different career path: drug dealer.  Having received all the training that the RCMP’s Regina Depot had to offer, it seems the logical choice, right?  No point letting all that training, not to mention knowledge of internal RCMP procedures, go to waste. He was a trained undercover drug cop, after all!

That knowledge allowed Rapinder Sidhu to use RCMP resources to get the home addresses of his drug dealing rivals, the notorious Bacon brothers, directly from RCMP intelligence.

It is this action that caused Sidhu to be charged with impersonating a police officer. On July 31, 2007 he [allegedly] called the RCMP’s Operational Communications Centre posing as a homicide detective in order to request the home addresses of Jonathan, Jarrod and Jamie Bacon.

Since then, coincidentally, all three Bacon brothers have been shot, and two of them are now dead.

It wasn’t until AFTER RCMP operator Julie Sanghera gave out the information that she got suspicious and went to her supervisor.

Just a little late for that, I’d say.

What this case shows is the RCMP has some very lax security measures in place that allow anyone to simply call in and obtain whatever information they want about anyone.

I would hope that procedures at the Communications Center have changed since then.

Sidhu is also the subject of criminal charges in Washington State, where it is alleged he is part of a drug smuggling ring that has transported an estimated $19 million of cocaine and marijuana over a 5-year period.

He somehow convinced a BC border guard, Jasbir Singh Grewal, to join his drug ring and it was Grewal who allowed shipments of drugs through his lane at the Canada/US Border. For his services he was paid $50,000 per shipment he allowed through.

Grewal’s greed has now netted him a 5-year prison sentence in the United States after he pleaded guilty for his part in the drug smuggling operation.

So far this case has seen 24 British Columbia men plead guilty to charges for their parts in the operation.

Should Canadian authorities ever allow Rob Sidhu to be shipped to the United States for trial, he too will no doubt be spending many an unpleasant night in a US federal prison.

Currently Rob Sidhu is, from the information I’ve been able to uncover, free on bail and will remain that way until his trial resumes in March of 2012, five years after he [allegedly] impersonated a cop in order to get the home addresses of his rivals, the Bacon brothers.

It’s very ironic that the RCMP was forced to notify the Bacon brothers of that security breach, causing them all to move from the addresses known to the RCMP and [allegedly] given out to Sidhu.




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