Free WiFi Internet and a $50 discount for killing your unborn child on The Lord’s Day

It’s quite the deal, really.  The catch is the ONLY day you can get the $50 discount for killing your unborn and unwanted child is on Sunday, commonly referred to in some circles as the Lord’s Day.

Highly ironic, don’t you think?

Or perhaps disgusting is a better word for it.

Free Pap Smear With Abortion Procedure at EPOC Clinic in Orlando Florida!

screams the popup on their website.

3 minute pain free safe abortion…

The Orlando Women’s Center (OWC) in Orlando, Florida, has found what they think is a great way to increase their bottom line: abortions while “daddy” is watching the big game.  Wouldn’t want to drag him away from the game while you deal with “the problem”!  No, that wouldn’t be good.

And, naturally, you probably don’t want to miss any of the game highlights yourself, so you can catch all the latest scores with their “Free WiFi Internet Access”.

That’s so considerate of them, but lest any woman get greedy they limit their discounted Sunday-Only abortions to “one coupon per patient.

There was a time when mothers cherished the life growing inside them.  Those days seem a long way away in today’s “progressive” culture where anything goes and truth is whatever you can convince yourself it is.

Yes, it’s true…

I‘m on of those pesky people who believe that abortion is the intentional killing of an unborn human being. You are, of course, free to dress that killing up in whatever legalese will let you sleep at night, and that’s okay. Current “wisdom” says that your “truth” and mine don’t have to be the same.

An unborn baby isn’t a human being, you and Orlando Women’s Center cry.


Try NOT killing that baby in its mother’s womb and see what happens.

The reality, whether you or the folks at Orlando Women’s Center want to face it or not, is that if the baby in the womb is left alone in peace he or she WILL be born.

We just don’t want to face that pesky little fact because it makes us squeamish and sparks whatever is left of our own humanity, deep down inside us.

But “women have the right to choose!” scream those who believe killing our unborn children is perfectly moral.

Well, let me put this notion out there…

I agree 100% that a woman has the right to choose… but the choice isn’t whether or not to kill her baby… it comes long before that, and it’s a very different question.


4 thoughts on “Free WiFi Internet and a $50 discount for killing your unborn child on The Lord’s Day

  1. I think U.S. Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, who has delivered 4,000 babies, should weigh in here on the subject of “Life is Precious”.

    Readers may be squeamish with his graphic message which, after listening to, I think Dr. Paul would be disgusted by a clinic who offers a $50 discount for killing an unborn child on The Lord’s Day, not to mention a woman who accepts the offer.

    Ron Paul Ad – Life

  2. Thank you Chris for this post. While it is truly sickening, we need to know what is going on.

    Jane, with all due respect, Ron Paul is inconsistent. While I appreciate much of what he says and stands for, his answer at the GOP debate on 9/22/2011 indicates some inconsistency; i.e. abortion is permissible in cases of rape and his reasoning with reference to the day after pill is bizarre. While I realize the law does not necessarily promote morality, it certainly should be designed to punish immorality.


  3. I don’t want to be rude and accuse you of maybe having a problem with comprehending the English language, Jim, but I think you do have a bit of a problem with comprehending the English language.

    The two video clips are dealing with two separate set of circumstances. It has been on the books for eons that abortion is permissible, for instance, if conception was the result of statutory rape or if a mother’s life is endangered by a pregnancy.

    I just wish lecherous old men would get the hell out of women’s wombs, the same as I wish the immoral TSA agents, who have no medical training, would stop public and private fondling of passengers’ and motorists’ genitals and sticking fingers in and up orifices with those germy, disease-infested gloves.

    Too many male politicians come into the abortion-issue fray packing a load of disgusting, perverted, sinful, immoral sexual baggage. Some are so far beyond redemption they couldn’t even get into the contest.

    When politicians set out hypocritically and intimately discussing a woman’s body in public and how she got pregnant, I want to throw up. It might be a shocker to learn how many abortions some of these libidinous gizzers had to pay for; or how many hit-and-run rape jobs they’ve committed.

    Dr. Ron Paul, a gynecologist who has delivered 4,000 babies, is the only male politician I can think of at the moment who does not offend my sensibilities when talking on the subject. As a qualified medical doctor, he has earned the right to talk about abortion because he knows what he is talking from a moral, intellectual, scientific–and, yes, legitimate–point of view.

    Women who willfully abort a pregnancy are tormented by their decisions for the rest of their lives; so are the women who were secretly whisked off to unwed mothers’ homes where they were forced without alternative options to forfeit unseen babies to the State’s “moral uplifters” who left no paper trail when the babies were put on the auction block for adoption.

    There is no easy, “one-size-fits-all” answer.

    But a return to a two-parent family that Marx loathed would be a good start and get away from the Free Love concept he promoted in order to destroy moral society.

    Yup, I’ve been called old-fashion by more than one person of both genders for some of my views, but after the “accusers” married and raised a family we had a good laugh because they turned more conventional than I am!

    Maybe age sends people gravitating back to their roots seeking security or as a way of atoning for past sins!

    Morals can’t be legislated although modern society still makes a feeble attempt at punishing what it perceives to be immorality (the target is mostly white, Anglo-Saxon, Christian males).

    These laws are based on ancient church doctrines, except in such cases where the State has authorized cops and TSA agents to “legally” carry out unfettered groping that will lead to turning terminals, stations and jails into rape factories. Then the State will have to unleash a battery of abortion doctors to kill all the unwanted babies, unless the State brushes off the victims like so much nuisance lint.

    Morals are taught and learned at home, the church–and, back in the Dark Ages–at school.

    Although today’s hands-on sex classes seem to have replaced reading, writing and math classes that is not to say that sex classes should be taboo in schools; city kids are curious. Farm kids know all about sex. They have grown up watching livestock breed and sometimes helping with the birthing. They immediately become attached to and help care for the little creatures–all good training for when a human baby comes into the family.

    Sex classes were taught back in the Dark Ages, too, but rather than kinky Kinsey-style stuff, a series of serious lessons were tied together in related subjects: love, marriage, sex, body anatomy, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, good parenting, caring for the baby, child-rearing, serving healthy, nutritious meals, and so forth.

    As the Dark Ages waned most female students were being born liberated. Still, it would have been blasphemous for a teacher to whisper the word “abortion”.

    I don’t know if you are an American or not, Jim. If so, perhaps you will be able to appreciate Ron Paul more. He equates life with liberty and liberty with life. They go together hand in glove.

    He believes in personal property rights, national sovereignty, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    Some of his colleagues have borrowed his popular Libertarian platform for their own agenda.

    To my knowledge, Dr. Paul has never voted for an anti-constitutional bill, which means he probably wasn’t doing much “voting for” in his long career as an esteemed U.S. Representative. Every piece of new legislation coming out of the Congress law-making mill in the last 30 years seems to be unlawful; Canada is no exemption.

    Now, I suggest you go re-watch those two video clips, back to back, and see if you can discern the difference between a rape and/or unknown conception and a fetus old enough to be well-formed.

    Personally, I don’t detect a contradiction or inconsistency in Dr. Paul’s philosophy. But, then, maybe I missed a literacy class at school and am having a problem comprehending the vargaries of the English language.

  4. Jane, I was merely pointing out that there is an inconsistency in his position: if abortion is murder then it follows that abortion of a child conceived through rape is murder.

    I like Ron Paul. I like much of what he says. I do think, however, that a consistent pro-life position extends to all unborn babies, even in the case of rape. After re-watching both clips, I agree with Ron Paul: who are we to judge which lives will save and which ones we won’t?” If the child conceived through rape is a child, we ought to save him too.


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