RCMP announce a high-risk Sex Offender Andrew Aurie Jefferson is now living in Mission, BC

Kelowna’s loss is Mission’s gain, if you can call it that.

Andrew Aurie Jefferson, known as the Falconridge rapist for a series of rapes he committed in Calgary in 2006, was released from prison on November 10, 2011 and will be living in the Mission, BC area.

Falconridge-rapistOriginally thought to be living in Kelowna upon his release, RCMP informed Mission officials of the change in residency as soon as they found out.

Prior to being released, Jefferson spent five years in prison, but was not exactly a model prisoner.  He never completed his counseling and police consider him to be a high-risk for re-offending.

According to news reports his mode of operation is this: he grabs a woman from behind, threatens to kill her with a knife if she doesn’t do as he demands.

James Atebe, the mayor of Mission, is not thrilled with the lack of notice his community has received, and is concerned for the safety of the women of his community, and rightfully so.

“I have called a special council meeting on Monday, I will be getting to the bottom of the line what happened, and what kind of procedures and protocols took place in order to release him to here,” Atebe told CTV News.

That being said, there really isn’t a lot that Mayor Atebe can do.

Mission RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Sharon Siluch said that Andrew Jefferson has very strict parole conditions which include a 10pm curfew, abstaining from alcohol and is required to check in with police daily.

“We will be doing our due diligence to ensure he is abiding by those conditions,” she said.

That is all well and good, but the RCMP cannot have eyes on Andrew Jefferson every minute of every day.

Unless Mr. Jefferson has turned over a new leaf, and given the reports coming from both the prison system and police there is no reason to think so, he will be a considerable risk to the safety of women in the Mission and entire Lower Mainland area.

Rapists aren’t exactly the reform-able type.  The kicks they get, the feeling of power they take from their victims is something that doesn’t tend to leave them.

While statistics show they are more likely to be serial criminals than serial rapists, almost 20% of convicted rapists go on to commit a violent offense, not necessarily rape.

46% of rapists who were released from prison were re-arrested within 3 years of their release for another crime.

  • 18.6% for a violent offense.
  • 14.8% for a property offense.
  • 11.2% for a drug offense.
  • 20.5% for a public-order offense.

None of those are good numbers for Mission.

Let us pray that Andrew Jefferson is the exception rather than the rule, despite his poor performance in prison.

Should he prove the rule, however, then let justice be swift and sure.

1 thought on “RCMP announce a high-risk Sex Offender Andrew Aurie Jefferson is now living in Mission, BC

  1. Looks to me like this situation is the Prime Candidate for all women to be allowed to “Carry and Conceal” and Legally.

    All it would (or “Should”) take is….a Concerned Citizen to gather all the women from Mission and surounding areas who wish to participate, and, a) Take a Crash Course on Handling/Shooting/Firearm Safety, at the local Gun Club…b) write the test immediately….and, if passed…c) take directly to the local RCMP Detachment….and a Back-ground check..(On the spot) and they CAN do this……Stamp your Test Paper,allowing you to Carry and Conceal, and, d) you’re off to the local Sports store that sells firearms.

    This would validate two things…..show that the women in this area ARE concerned…..and secondly, are the local RCMP actually concerned about the safety of the women in that particular area considering the circumstances and the fact this (Mr. Jefferson) cannot be under 24 hour surveilance, thereby allowing him the possibility to re-offend.

    I know this seems to be a “Fantasy Wish”….but if nobody beats the Drum….nobody knows there’s a Parade.



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