Word of Montague Home Seizure by Ontario Gov’t Spreads

Bad news travels fast.  So the old saying goes, I think.  It’s certainly true in the case of the Ontario government’s intention of stealing the Montague family home while hiding behind the Civil Remedies Act’s forfeiture clause for “proceeds of crime”.

I found a link to the case on some Canadian firearm chat boards, as well as on blogs across the country.

My prayer is that the Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley will put an end to the needless persecution of Donna Montague, who will have to pack up the family belongings (whichever ones they will actually allow her to keep) and move out of the log home the Montague family built by hand.  The kids are all off at university and Bruce Montague, of course, is in jail serving out his sentence for possession of firearms without the proper paperwork now that the Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear his case.

A.G. Bentley is inheriting this proceeding from a former government, and it is fully within his power to stop this unjustified action. If you’re of a mind to do so, please write him and ask him to drop the case. Can’t hurt for him to hear from some more people on the subject, I’m sure.

Ontario’s Civil Remedies Act is a particularly nasty piece of legislation.  If you want to scare the crap out of yourself, give it a read.  You never need to be charged with a crime for them to seize everything you own.   And unless you can prove absolutely that you did not gain your property by illegal means (how do you actually prove a negative???) then the court SHALL issue the forfeiture order in whatever fashion a government lawyer decides.

Not nice at all, but it gets them around all that pesky proof that’s required in an actual criminal trial, and that’s the whole point anyway, right?

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