Just when I thought the Obama White House couldn’t get ANY stupider, they tax Christmas Trees

Yes, I know… it sounds totally moronic and absurd, doesn’t it?  And no, I’m NOT making this up!  I’m just not that imaginative!

Barack Hussein Obama, clearly, is nothing if not moronic and absurd.

To quote David Addington:

The economy is barely growing and nine percent of the American people have no jobs.  Is a new tax on Christmas trees the best President Obama can do?

And, by the way, the American Christmas tree has a great image that doesn’t need any help from the government.

That about sums it up, doesn’t it?

Do we really need ANOTHER government department?  To promote Christmas Trees???

Of course not, but socialists are not exactly rational critters, are they?

Socialists have never met a tax they didn’t love, and Obama is most definitely a socialist.  He is willing to do pretty much anything to destroy the US economy, all the while using Orwellian DoubleSpeak to make it sound like he is actually saving the economy.

News Flash!

If Christmas Tree farmers are having a hard time selling their product, as the Fox News article suggests, we don’t need government to step in and “solve” that problem.

The Free Market Economy has already solved it.  Consumers have increasingly decided they would rather have an artificial tree instead of a real tree.  Such is the decisions we collectively have made and we don’t need a government re-education plan to tell us otherwise.

David Addington, the Vice-President of the Heritage Foundation, told Fox News,

“If it’s one thing I think the free market could handle, it’s letting people decide what kind of tree they want to buy for Christmas.”

We don’t need another government department telling us what kind of Christmas tree we “should” be buying.

We good citizens are actually quite able to make that decision ourselves.

Governments do NOT create jobs.

They can’t.

Every single penny a government spends must first be stolen from productive citizens in the form of taxation. Governments steal the wages of hard-working citizens in order to redistribute that wealth to others.

Stopping government theft from productive citizens means no government bailouts for banks.

Stopping government theft from productive citizens means no welfare checks for Occupy Wall Street protestors.

Stopping government theft from productive citizens means citizens can actually support their families and stimulate the economy.

Such a simple concept, yet governments around the world continue to insist they are the solution, not the problem.

You want a strong and vibrant economy in America?

Get rid of Big Government and halt the theft of trillions of dollars every year from hard-working Americans.

The solution, as I said, is very simple.

Implementing that solution… well, that’s another issue, isn’t it?

Morons like Barack Hussein Obama will literally do anything to stay in power, just like the dictators around the world we’ve seen topple in the past few months.

Hopefully we won’t have to resort to those same measures to get rid of him.


2 thoughts on “Just when I thought the Obama White House couldn’t get ANY stupider, they tax Christmas Trees

  1. Christmas trees are a Christian symbol.

    They are also part of the “environment”, always a good money-grabbing excuse to feed the United Nations coffers.

    Any self-respecting de facto Muslim mulatto President of the United States and his political elitists handlers are not going to pass up a grand opportunity to divert people’s attention by threatening to tax Christmas trees and everything else out of existence.

    I was hoping this simpleton’s wonky political ideas wouldn’t rub off on our own Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who might come home mentally contaminated if the two leaders met on November 13, 2011 in Honolulu, despite Mexican President Felipe de Jesús Calderón canceling due to the death of his close friend and second in command, Mexican Interior Minister Francisco Blake Mora, who, along with seven others, was killed in a helicopter crash on our Remembrance Day.

    With all due respect owing the deceased, the meeting’s cancellation isn’t going to stop anything; the leaders were simply going to be apprised of what has already been decided and needs implementing. Shades of the Wansee Conference.

    The political palaver was that Obama and Harper still had a lot to discuss, though–maybe the replacement of North American Christmas trees with Holiday Celebration trees shipped from China.

    Although it was not reported, on the agenda was how to tie the Three Amigo countries together in another failed One-World Order experiment that would parallel the one that has failed the European Union.

    Also, there is the introduction of the Amero dollar that will eventually collapse the North American Union economy like the substitute Euro currency proved fatal to the helpless and manipulated European countries, who, if smart, will withdraw from the European Union while the “gettin’s good”.

    Yet the Three Amigos’ talks were billed as covering the subject of easier transportation across common borders, the same goop that was sold to the Europeans.

    Remember Brian Mulroney’s infamous North American Free Trade Agreement that helped mark his legacy as the most disliked Canadian Prime Minister in history? He went away; NAFTA didn’t.

    The Three Amigos would gab about tightening security within their respective countries in the name of the fake and failed War on Terrorism and the fake and failed War on Drugs that would advance loss of freedom and further reduce the North American population to slaves.

    The Americans and the United Nations can’t stand that Canada has a healthy economy and a strong banking system that have basically served Canadians well. But the world political manipulators, that is to say David Rockefeller and his Big Bank cronies, want to force Mr. Harper to destroy everything workable in the politically-correct sense of coming on board with all the other developing and industrialized countries that have been economically sacked by design.

    Mr. Harper is an economist and a Christian. He should know better. He should tell these world miscreants “Hands Off”. Leave Canada’s banks, sovereignty and Christian symbols alone.

    And, furthermore, while he’s at it, he should tell that den of thieves at the United Nations that Canada is withdrawing as a member state. Not only is the UN a waste of tax revenues but the demise of Canada is too high a price to pay for being a “good global citizen”.

    If Obama wants to illegally take his marching orders from the United Nations to declare war on American citizens and foreign countries that’s a dilemma for the United States Congress to grapple with; but Canada shouldn’t be taking marching orders from Obama whose handlers told him to divert people’s attention away from catastrophic issues by levying taxes on Christmas trees.

    Next will be books, the very items that Canadians are trying to have removed from the federal tax list.

    Following taxes comes the pyres. If governments have no compunctions about burning Christian symbols and books, they will have no conscience about re-introducing the pagan practice of burning Christians and literate humans at stakes fashioned from branch-stripped Christmas trees.

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