Occupy Vancouver’s drug overdoses and deaths are no big deal according to event spokescritters

The depths of human stupidity never cease to amaze me, and the yahoos currently making Vancouver’s Art Gallery site look like a refugee camp are no exception.  The double-speak coming from some of these folks is truly amazing.

As has been widely reported, there has been one drug overdose that almost killed an American man and it is believed a second overdose is the cause of death for a young 23-year-old Victoria woman, Ashlie Gough, who was found dead in her tent.

Event organizers, of course, claim the camp is drug-free.


Apparently drug-free just doesn’t mean what it used to, but that really shouldn’t surprise me.

The folks currently making a mess of the Art Gallery lawns are, of course, not the kind of folks who will actually pay to clean up any of the mess they’ve created.  They prefer to say it is their “right” to be there and along with it, their “right” to have someone else pick up the tab for their “lifestyle choice”.

I remember when the Clayoquot Sound protests were going on many years ago… Everyone was asking me if I was going. I laughed at them for the simple reason that I had a job and rent to pay…

The only people that I knew who could afford the time to go to Clayoquot Sound to protest were the guys and gals on welfare.  Anyone with a job (and who wanted to keep that job) wasn’t going anywhere…

I doubt the current Occupy Vancouver protestors are much different.  Who else can afford all the time just sitting around demanding someone else foot the tab for everything?  Certainly it’s not the folks with jobs and bills to pay.

They’re too busy… well… working to earn the money that will be stolen from their paychecks by government in order to fund all these Occupy Protestors’ welfare checks.

Anyone that’s not homeless isn’t really about to go sleep in the rain with a bunch of people who haven’t showered in weeks when there’s a perfectly good bed (warm) and shower sitting at home in the apartment they pay for.

But hey, I’m probably just one of those nasty capitalist pigs these people seem so dead set against.

Corporations make profits.  That’s their function, after all.  How else do you think all those pesky employees get paid?

It’s not like the losers sucking off the government tit (aka welfare), whose primary goal in life if these Occupy Protestors are anything to go by, appears to be to destroy the very system that hands them money every month for doing nothing.

Where exactly do they think the government gets all the money these leeches demand like it’s their bloody birthright each month?

It’s stolen from the productive citizens with jobs, those working for the evil corporations whose products these hypocritical protestors use daily.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson has finally gotten off his ass and is attempting to get the squatters removed from Vancouver’s Art Gallery.

It’s about bloody time.

Everyone has the right to protest things they think are wrong, let me be clear about that. They do NOT, however, have the right to destroy public property and squat in tents wherever they please.

Someone sent me a link to a video that perfectly describes the hypocrisy the world is being forced to witness across North America with these Occupy protests….

It’s called “A Day in the Life of an Occupy Wall Street Participant”.


Jordan Bateman, the BC Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has a discussion with Sun TV’s Krista Erickson on the half million dollars this has already cost the City of Vancouver taxpayers.


4 thoughts on “Occupy Vancouver’s drug overdoses and deaths are no big deal according to event spokescritters

  1. just thought I would give my thoughts about the occupation in my area. I am staying a breast of the Nanaimo and Victoria occupation in BC Canada. It seems a group of people barged in and took over the occupation. They call themselves facilitators and they have many followers who are censoring topics other than the ones that are acceptable for them. These facilitators are in all of the major OWS groups across North America. Notice how there is no investigate 911, no chem trail activist signs, not even any anti war signs..No mention of Peace and stopping the wars..did the peace activist get silenced by the facilitators as well.

    I have experienced censoring on the part of the facilitators here in Nanaimo. They have bullied their way into the occupation by pushing the real truth speakers out of the group by ridiculing them and spreading slandering about them amongst their peers other occupiers.

    These groups of OWS are so co-opted and I do believe the OWS is completely orchestrated.

    Debbie Newhook

  2. Do you want to have fun and get a Marxist riled until he is red in his puffed out cheeks, fists clenched and ready to jump up and down in the air like the selfish, petulant brat he is?

    Tell him: “You’re wasting your time, fool. Socialism doesn’t work; never did work; and never will work.”

    But the problem with these so-called Occupiers is they don’t have a click from a clue what they are supposed to be protesting.

    Most of that disgusting, hypocritical crowd is composed of professional protesters who are on-tap with NGOs (Non-Government Organizations, a misnomer if I ever heard one!)

    These groups receive funding filtering down from organizations associated with the corrupt United Nations gangsters whose palms are lavishly salved to carry forth the evil plot to form a One-World Government.

    These so-called Occupiers, whose job is to get media attention through disruption and damage, do the bidding for the whims of influential Big Bankers and Bilderbergers who have the clout to send out orders to have enforcement units step down.

    In other words, this whole display is a ploy–a scam–intended to offset the legitimate protest carried out against the FED (Big Banks) that has been robbing the American people since December, 1913.

    But the piggy-back “Occupy Movement” was quickly orchestrated with the at-the-ready NGO puppets who oozed over America like a great blob and on into Canada and Western European countries.

    You didn’t hear about any protests staged in China or North Korea, did you?

    But let a group of peaceful, sensible volunteers, who aren’t on the “inside track”, try protesting something important such as governments constantly breaching constitutional rights and freedoms and unlawfully and evilly moving toward a One-World Order and the special enforcement units will be dispatched in full strength to violently beat back and scatter the orderly crowd.

    Thanks, Christopher, for bringing those priceless videos to your readers’ attention. They speak volumes.

  3. Man your article is dead on! And thanks for sharing the videos!!!! I have your site on my favorites now! These idiots need to stop buying expensive Apple products and StarBucks!

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