School Shootings Suck

Some kids in Toronto decided that shooting a gun inside the high school was a good idea.  Everyone ran from the scene, and nobody was killed, thank God.  A few probably had to clean their shorts after too, but that’s hardly the worst thing in the world, especially if the jerk who pulled the trigger was the one doing the shorts-cleaning.

The downside is that the kid who pulled the trigger and his gun are still on the loose.

Yeah, you read me right.  I want the kid caught and the gun removed from his possession.

Don’t know why that would be hard to believe.

I like guns.  Love ’em.  They’re a lot of fun when used responsibly.  Popping off rounds inside a high school is in no way the “responsible use” of a firearm.

These kid needs to learn the lesson that used to be taught in school but apparently is no longer fashionable…

we must be responsible for our actions, good and bad.

Sometimes that’s not a fun thing to learn, but if we’re to actually make it out of high school alive (three of my graduating class were dead within a year), then we need to learn some simple but valuable lessons.

Personal responsibility is one of them.

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