Gangster Murder shines the light of Truth on the Gun Registry Lie

Date: November 6, 2011
Crime: Murder
Location: Downtown Vancouver — Ash and West 7th Avenue
Nearest Police Station: 1 block away
Weapon Used: Handgun
Handgun Registration Implemented in Canada since: 1934

Sunday morning’s broad daylight hit just a block from a police station in downtown Vancouver is just the latest round in The Big Lie and the Gun Registry…

Canadians from coast to coast are willing to drop the registration requirement for long guns because it’s useless, doesn’t prevent crime and costs too much money. Except Quebec, of course, who now want to sue the federal government for the crime of passing federal law. Such is the nature of Quebec, I suppose…

Outside of the gun registry-loving province, those same Canadians happily and mindlessly parrot the statement that “Handguns must be registered!

The truth that nobody seems willing to face, the truth that the daylight murder of Axel Curtis just one block from a Vancouver police station with a handgun SCREAMS from the headlines is this:

Gun registration of any firearms is utterly useless at preventing crimes.

We Canadians have now registered our handguns for 77 years.  Well, I suppose I should be clearer on this point. We Law-Abiding Canadians have registered our handguns for 77 years.  Violent and murderous criminals… well… they’ve never bothered.

The murderer who gunned down Axel Curtis one block from a police station… do you seriously believe he registered the handgun he used to fire six rounds into a man on Sunday morning?

Of course not.

That gun, if ever found, will most likely be shown to have been a) smuggled from some other country or b) stolen from a law-abiding firearm owner.

If it turns out to be the latter, you can be guaranteed the police will charge the victim of the gun theft who will face, at a minimum, unsafe storage charges, and in all probability, he or she will also face charges relating in some way to the death of the man gunned down on Sunday morning.

Now, this is NOT a knock on the police, but they showed up, as they ALWAYS do, AFTER the crime has been committed.

You can’t blame them for this.  They simply have no way of knowing that a murder is about to be committed just down the block.  How could they?

Those who believe “guns are bad” will be screaming that this latest murder is just one more reason why the Conservatives are insane and killing the “long gun registry” is the wrong thing to do.

What they don’t realize and are even more unwilling to face even if you explain it to them using really tiny words is this:

Sunday morning’s murder proves how utterly useless the ENTIRE gun registry is.

But don’t go telling Windy Wendy Cukier any of this.

Her head will likely spin right off her shoulders as she spits her rage and fury at you for daring to say her “Sacred Cow” is already dead.

All that’s left is to bury its rotting corpse.

1 thought on “Gangster Murder shines the light of Truth on the Gun Registry Lie

  1. Every thing I read in the News about Wendy Cukier , Convinces Me That Her Name Says it All, Everytime She Opens Her Stupid Mouth It Just Serves To Reinforce That She Is Getting Cukier (KOOKIER) and DUMBER aLL The Time. What She Needs To Do Is Shut Her IGNORANT Noisey TRAP , And Put Her Brain In Gear, (If She Has One, Which I Somewhat Doubt) .


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