We ain’t got no Saturday Night Specials!

And it’s a good thing too…  Can you imagine?  Someone with small hands actually being able to handle a firearm effectively and safely?

Better to have small handguns in the hands of thugs and drug dealers on the streets of Toronto, don’t you agree?  After all, the only people that can have them since we passed the stupid Firearms Act back in 1995 is drug dealers and gangs.

The rest of us are banned from owning them.  And by “the rest of us” I mean the millions of law-abiding firearm owners here in Canada.

At least one of those nasty little firearms is off the streets though, now that Tyshan Campbell has been arrested.

No doubt one of us law-abiding citizens will be blamed for Mr. Campbell’s gun.  We usually are…  just ask Wendy Cukier, who just keeps insisting that “gun control” works.

A Brampton man is facing close to a dozen firearms-related charges after Toronto police seized a loaded semi-automatic handgun in downtown Toronto Wednesday.
Officers from 51 Division in Toronto seized the .32 calibre pistol and a quantity of cocaine from a man in the Carlton Street and Church Street, according to police.
Tyshan Campbell, 27, of Brampton faces 11 charges including possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition, carrying a concealed weapon, drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of proceeds of crime, and several other firearms charges.

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