Quebec wants a provincial gun registry but doesn’t want to pay for it

Quebec is leading the charge to have a provincial gun registry, but in typical fashion, doesn’t want to pay for it.

“Quebec should lead the way on provincial registries,” Universite de Montreal law professor Stephane Beaulac said.

But a Quebec registry is unlikely unless Ottawa lets the province have the data, he said.

“It’s too cost-prohibitive to start from scratch.”


Either all of the reports about $2 billion cost overruns in Miramichi, New Brunswick didn’t get translated into French or Professor Beaulac has  had his head stuck somewhere it really doesn’t belong for the past 15 years.

S0-called intellectuals like the good professor really ought to listen to themselves before yapping off to reporters like this.

“It’s too cost-prohibitive to start from scratch.”

That’s exactly what all of us who are willing to look at this logically and truthfully have been saying for 15 years.

It’s too expensive.

It doesn’t do anything to keep the public safer.

It doesn’t do anything to STOP suicides.

While yapping chimps like Professor Beaulac and Windy Wendy Cukier like to crow about how suicides with firearms are down, they conveniently and disingenuously fail to report the REST of the story… that suicides by hanging are WAY UP, and more than make up for the drop in firearm suicides here in Canada.

People haven’t stopped killing themselves as these opportunistic and truth-challenged people would have you believe.

The TOTAL suicide rate in Canada is basically unchanged for over a generation, not that you’ll ever hear THAT truth from the likes of Windy Wendy or the good professor.

The fascination with a database of guns is truly puzzling to folks like me and perhaps like you.

You’d think Canada has no controls over firearms at all without the gun registry, and if the “long gun registry” is dismantled, somehow guns will be freely available to anyone and everyone in the nation, criminal and citizen alike.

This is, of course, a blatant lie, but one that will get more and more press as both media and misguided academics like Professor Stephane Beaulac confuse emotion with logic; confuse psychotic murderers with average, everyday, peaceful and law-abiding Canadians.

The truth that none of these doomsday criers will tell you is really very simple.

In order to legally acquire a firearm of any kind in Canada you must:

1. Take the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC)
2. Pass the written and practical exam for the CFSC
3. Apply for a license
4. Pass an RCMP background check
5. Get permission from your spouse, if you’re married or living with someone
6. Get two references that will tell the government you are safe to own firearms

Then and ONLY then will you be issued a Possession and Acquisition License and be “allowed” to legally acquire a firearm.

That’s hardly an insignificant set of criteria and is, in fact, the portion of Canadian firearm controls that are designed to keep the public safe.

Criminals are, of course, exempt from all of this legislation because… well… they don’t obey the law anyway, so no database or licensing system will ever stop them from doing what they want.

A database of guns doesn’t have a thing to do with public safety, and is only required if you have some other motive for the list.

Any rational person will comprehend that if you have gone to the trouble to take the course, pass the test, apply for and receive a firearms license, it’s reasonable to believe you will own at least one firearm, right?

Well… you and I comprehend that simple truth.

Clearly Professor Stephane Beaulac has neither the common sense God gave a gnat nor any ability to comprehend Canada’s current laws as they pertain to legal firearm ownership.

Not that I’m surprised by that…

The truth has never gotten in the way of their ridiculous agenda before… no reason to believe the truth will have any effect on them any time soon.


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