Windy Wendy Cukier on Bill C-19: “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

As routine as the cuckoo clock bird that chirps with each passing hour, Wendy Cukier can be counted on to toss out a gazillion reasons why the failed and useless “long gun registry” must be maintained… no matter the cost.

Statistics on how often police “use” the system… the numbers sound unbelievable … but that’s only because they are… unbelievable, that is.  The Canadian Police Information Centre’s computers have been programmed to query the registry for every call that comes in, no matter what it is.

Get pulled over for speeding?  Guess what?  You’re now one of the “20,000 times per day” statistic Cukier and the other lying con artists throw at us.  Did the cop want to know if you owned guns? Nope… but who cares… it’s about making the numbers look good, not what the cop on the street wanted to know.

Just as predictably as Cukier’s blathering is the nonsense being spouted by the police chiefs’ lobby organization and a host of other people whose jobs and budgets rely on the registry for their existence.

Even the Canadian Auto Workers union can’t help itself and wades into the debate that it knows nothing about.

The end of the world is nigh and, just as all the hand-wringing morons claimed when state after American state passed Concealed Carry laws allowing citizens to legally carry firearms, there will be blood running in the streets if the long gun registry is killed.

It’s the Sacred Cow of Canadian Gun Politics, after all, and if there’s one thing about Sacred Cows it’s this:

You Can’t Kill a Sacred Cow!

It’s clearly in “the rules“!

Well, I for one am extremely pleased to see this particular “Sacred Cow” slaughtered and its corpse tossed in the garbage dump to rot.

That’s where it belongs, after all.

You see, there is one simple fact that nobody from the hand-wringing Lunatic Left can dispute:

The Firearms Act and all the evil it spawns , while there is absolutely no evidence that it has actually saved a life, there is ample evidence that it has COST one… and that’s the life of a 15-year-old boy named Martin Angnatok.

His is the name that nobody from all the people and associations wringing their hands and claiming the world as we know it is about to end want to talk about.

The reason is simple.  Martin’s murder in 2000 in Nain, Newfoundland, shines the light of truth on all their lies and misinformation.

For now, whenever one of these morons blathers on how without the gun registry Canadian Culture will come to a bloody end… simply ask each and every one of them about Martin Angnatok and why HE doesn’t deserve to be remembered and why HIS life is somehow LESS valuable than anyone else’s.

You will be met with stunned silence which will inevitably be followed with a predictable

“I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with that name.”

What you will NOT hear, of course, is this:

“Can you please tell me who he was and what happened to him?”

No, you will NEVER hear that question being asked by the lunatics that believe law-abiding hunters and target shooters are somehow the cause of all the gang shootings in every major Canadian city, not to mention the minor ones.

For those unfamiliar with Martin’s case, would you really be surprised to know that, despite the police knowing exactly who murdered him (here’s a hint: the man picked up the murder weapon from the RCMP detachment and returned it there once he was done killing Martin), the [alleged] murderer Abraham Zarpa has never faced a trial.

What’s worse is the fact that he never will.

Why not?

Because then government prosecutors would have to explain to a courtroom and put on record why the RCMP was forced to hand a man with a firearms prohibition order the very rifle he used to murder a 15-year-old boy in cold blood.

There’s not a court in the land that wants that information on the record.

So remember… whenever one of the blathering idiots hops on your local radio station…. be sure to ask them about Martin Angnatok.

Then be ready to be amazed by the stunned silence.


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3 thoughts on “Windy Wendy Cukier on Bill C-19: “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

  1. The internet has been instrumental in getting unbiased, objective information about crime and gun control out there.

    Canadians are much better informed on the issues that they were in the mid-90’s when Wendy Cukier manipulated the emotionally charged aftermath of the Ecole Polytechnique shooting to encourage Justice Minister Alan Rock & the Chretien Liberals to pass Bill C-68 as a knee jerk solution to violent acts committed with firearms.

    15 years later Canadians know that the only thing the C-68 long gun registry did for certain was add approximately $2 Billion to our already staggering national debt.

    Ms Cukier is an empress without clothes and nobody important believes her nonsense any more.

  2. Wendy Cukier (THE kook) is a fat, useless woman (?) who has cost the Canadian people more than CAN$2 billion. Shame on this glory seeking idiot. She and her family should be made to pay it back..

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