Handgun Registration Works! (or not…)

Handguns have been registered in Canada since 1934.  You can’t even buy one legally without jumping through all sorts of bureaucratic hoops, and when that’s all done, you’ve got to apply for a Authorization to Transport just to take the thing to the range to shoot at a paper target.

Unless you’re a criminal, of course.  Then none of this hassle applies, as is clearly shown by the video cameras capturing some young thugs shooting up Montecristo Jewellers the other day.

Fortunately nobody was killed during their armed robbery, and what appears to be the youngest of the three thugs has already been arrested.

Did any of these jerks have a firearms license?


Were any of their handguns registered?

Too early to tell, but my bet is a resounding NO!

But Canada’s gun registry works, right?

When will our politicians and police chiefs comprehend what these criminals (and all of us law-abiding gun owners) know all too well…

Violent criminals don’t register their guns.

Probably never.

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