The Disease of Gilad Shalit


There are moments in the ebb and flow of life on this planet which give one pause, which give one cause to stop and, looking skyward, wonder if there will ever be an end to the madness…. This is one of those moments.

I have always supported the Jews. I have always condemned those who filled the ovens. I have always met the slightest emergence of, or sneering reference to, National Socialism, with a refusal to allow those mitigating or distracting arguments to be made.

I have always condemned, without true understanding, the Nazi attempt to eradicate Jewry from the face of the earth. I have always condemned the slaughter even when mindful of the fact that many of the Jews cut their own throats by ignoring the dire warnings of their imminent destruction.

But now….now I understand…with greater depth….with greater clarity, why so many Jews walked meekly to their own destruction…

I will call it “The Disease of Gilad Shalit”

I now say this without hesitation:

The Jews are a stupid, stupid people who richly deserve that which they so diligently cultivate: their own destruction.

A stupid little soldier, Shalit, got himself caught. He spent 5 years idling away in a prison cell as little more than a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”. Hamas and Hezbollah smiled, knowing full well what Shalit could be used for. Hamas and Hezbollah knew full well the depth of stupidity and cowardice of the Jewish people…..and now so do I….and now so does the world.

Israel has now set loose amongst its own people the very mad dogs, the very animals who ran amok in years past. Israel has freed the very murderers and terrorists who sought and achieved the destruction of the Jews at every turn…killers who slaughtered the innocent, the children and the women… utterly inexplicable….how utterly nauseating….how bloody ridiculous!!!

Fine….if the Jews are that unconscionably stupid, that morally and intellectually bankrupt, that cowardly…..then fine….I too resign them to the fate they themselves have rushed to with open arms, deaf ears and blind eyes….let them suffer murder at the hands of those they have turned loose amongst their people…

Let us hear not one single complaint…not one little peep…let us not hear a whining, whimpering plea for sympathy, understanding and assistance from the international community as those loosed commence the slaughter anew…..let us not shed the crocodile tears as the blood of Jewish men, women and children run rivers at the hands of their Arab handlers……let us not see televised close-ups of quivering lips and tear stained cheeks as widows and orphans lay wreaths of remembrance while background violins tug at heartstrings…….let us not hear the flowery speeches of outrageous hypocrites gracing forums international….just quietly bury your dead and trouble us not with your laughable eulogies…. you have made a mockery of decency and commonsense…you have spit on the memories of your own people who have suffered madness and butchery……you deserve every death, every murder and every atrocity that you will suffer in the coming weeks and months at the hands of those you have loosed…

The Jews are a stupid people, a weak people, a blind people, a cowardly people… consider yourselves “Gods Chosen People”….how wretchedly laughable….even God has a limit…and in the face of such horrendous, such outrageous complicity and cowardice, God himself would turn away in contempt, sickened at the sight of this self inflicted slaughter…

There are those who will dismiss my condemnation of this outrageous cowardice as vulgar intemperance, juvenile invective, or the ramblings of one who “really, really doesn’t understand what we Jews go through” Or perhaps, and predictably,  ”the poisonous screed of a vile anti-Semite”.

To that I say this:

With the logic and reasoning of lunatics and buffoons, you have locked and loaded a weapon, you have placed that weapon in the hands of those who seek your complete annihilation… and now you have asked them to place the barrel of that weapon against your collective heads and pull the trigger…… is it anti-Semitic, vulgar or intemperate to observe that you richly deserve the gunshot that ends your lives?

The Jewish men and women deserve everything they get………. Sadly, their children don’t……


Don Laird
Edson, Alberta, Canada

3 thoughts on “The Disease of Gilad Shalit

  1. Yes, I caught something about this on the late news and was deeply puzzled as to why they would let over 1,000 murderers free to save the life of a single soldier. It seemed insane.

    While the message to their troops is that they will do anything to get their soldiers back, the message to the terrorists is equally clear.

    Don’t KILL Israeli soldiers… capture them instead.

    They’re far more valuable alive.

    That’s not the message you want to send to terrorists.

    1. I am Israeli and it is not as simple as everyone thinks.

      The Shalit family and supporters put world wide pressure on us–Israel–for 5 years. In true leftist fashion, anyone who objected was shouted down as the world pressed us–not Hamas–and Hamas won this time. I have nothing but contempt for Shalits father–but that is another story.

      Israel is a tiny strip of land about 2/3 the size of Vancouver Island. We are barely 7 million surrounded by tens of millions of violent, hateful Arabs who have vowed to destroy us–Read Their Charters!.

      The west and europe keep telling us to give more land and there will be peace–Right, we are almost in the sea now. Remember, when we went into Gaza to bring Shalit back and the world screamed until we stopped. We are still being tarred for it–recall the “free Gaza flotillas”? Not one peep for Shalit but oh, the tears for murderers of babies. When a 3 month old baby is decapitated in her sleep, the world is silent, but when Arabs are arrested for trying to kill us the world threatens us.

      Shalit came home looking like a holocaust survivor, while the terrorists went home fat, educated and in better shape than when they were arrested, yet the first thing that the UN said was they are worried that Israel mistreats terrorists!

      Israel can’t win! That is the bottom line.

      Look at every country world wide–As muslims increase, so does violence, death, and uncountable demands that insure submission to Islam. If ever Israel should fall you can bet they will find another target, but by then it will be too late for you all.

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