Rookie RCMP Const. Chris Christinger — another fine example

Rookie RCMP Const. Chris Christinger clearly isn’t the brightest new recruit. Not only did he sneak an under-aged girl into a beer garden at the Bella Coola Rodeo, he took pictures and posted them on YouTube.

He really should be grateful he’s only been docked ten days pay for his break of morals. He should have been fired for being drunk on the job and lying about it to his superiors.

No wonder the RCMP has such low opinion ratings.

Full Vancouver Sun story here, excerpts below:

Christinger admitted to Wallace he had some drinks and gave a breath sample, which came back as 0.014, below the legal limit of 0.08.

Wallace told him to go home and not report for work until the next day. Christinger, however, wasn’t done partying.

Around 9 p.m., while still in uniform, he drove to the home of A.J., an 18-year-old he had met earlier in the day.

Christinger encouraged A.J. and her friends to jump on his police truck for photos, telling one, according to the decision, to “cover the licence plate so that they can’t trace it to me.”

In one of the photos, four women are shown holding beer, including one girl, identified as S.K., who was under 19.

Three of the photos taken by Christinger were later posted on Facebook where they were “publicly accessible.”

After partying at A.J.’s place for about an hour, Christinger returned to his hotel, changed out of his uniform and headed back to the rodeo with A.J.

There, the two went to the beer garden, where he “coached A.J. as to what to say to the security guards at the entrance.

“[He] also informed the security guards that he was a police officer and he would vouch for A.J. being of legal age.”

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