Walker Police Officer Trevor Slot: Killed in the Line of Duty

Today I’m writing to honour Walker Police Department Officer Trevor Slot, who was murdered on October 13, 2011 by a couple of scumbags who had just robbed a bank.  I’ve been writing a lot about the kind of cops we do NOT want here in British Columbia recently, so I thought I’d give an example of the kind we do want.

Officer Trevor Slot -- Photo Courtesy of the Walker Police Department

Officer Slot is, as far as I have been able to determine, was a good cop and a great guy.  Looking at his photograph you can see this is not some thug with a badge and gun.  This is a guy who genuinely wanted to make his community a better and safer place.

It was while he was in the act of doing just that, making his community a safer place, that he was run down by a couple of scumbags who had just robbed a bank.  Like a lot of the  scumbags who think the private property of others is theirs for the taking, these particular scumbags weren’t averse to shooting at the police officers who were trying to apprehend them.

When they spotted Officer Trevor Slot in their path (he was laying a spike belt across the road to stop them) they felt no qualms at all about aiming their vehicle right at him and running him down.

They’d robbed the Choice One Bank in Ravenna, Michigan, at about 10:30 that fateful morning and were noticed almost immediately by police.  A long chase ensued that ended shortly after they murdered Officer Slot.

Mercifly the vehicle the scumbags were in crashed just after they murdered Officer Slot, and they were stupid enough to fight back when the pursuiing officers arrived at the crash scene.

All suspects were killed at the scene.

Personally, I believe that’s a fantastic thing.  Run down a cop because you think you’re entitled to do anything and everything to keep the money you just stole and you should die for your sins.

It is a tragedy that Kim Slot now has to bury her husband of 11 years  and find some way of learning to live without him by her side.

It’s a greater tragedy, if it’s even possible to describe it this way, that his two daughters now have to grow up without their father.

All because a couple of scumbags figured they were entitled to someone else’s money.

What a senseless waste of a good man’s life.

From Kim Slot’s statement to the press following the death of her husband:

Slot’s wife, Kim, said Friday in a statement released to The Press that the father of two daughters gave his life for something he loved and was born to do. She said her slain husband’s highest priority in life was his family.

“We will miss his presence beyond words,” said Kim Slot, a Northview Public Schools teacher.

The officer’s wife expressed appreciation for the support she and her family have received since Slot’s death. The couple were married for 11 years after meeting through mutual friends.

“I want to thank Trevor’s friends and all our family, friends and the law enforcement community for their support and prayers,” Kim Slot said. “The Walker Police Department was Trevor’s family and they have been so supportive and caring, despite their own grieving.

“Trevor and I always talked about how blessed we were to live in the Northview community where people really care about one another, and they have stepped up like they do for everything.

“The outpouring of kind words and deeds show how widely Trevor was loved, and he truly was the greatest husband, father, brother and friend anyone could ever ask for.”

Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Kim, as you grieve the loss of your husband… as your children grieve the loss of their father.


Yes, we could use a few more like him here in British Columbia too, couldn’t we?


3 thoughts on “Walker Police Officer Trevor Slot: Killed in the Line of Duty

  1. Excellant Christopher. He lived by example and it is sad he paid the price. What he could have taught the ones you and others have had to deal with in these articles. I know it gives me hope to think there are more like him out there and I would love to send something to the family. My dad was killed at work at age 22 before my second birthday.

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