Donna Montague Needs Your Help

Donna Montague asks supporters of her family to write to the Ontario Attorney General and ask that the forfeiture proceeding against their family home be dropped.

September 30, 2010

Dear Supporters;
Refer to this page for current instructions on writing to Bruce.

Last Thursday, Sept 23rd , I received a letter from the Ontario Government which states that the time has come to deal with the forfeiture of our family home.  A copy of this document is now posted on our web site at

Proceeds of crime?! Our home was paid for with my family inheritance. Our home was hand-built from the ground up with the blood, sweat and tears of my entire family. We worked together as a family for over 6 years to build it to the point it is at now.

Personally I see the Ontario Government’s action as vindictive! We have not profited in any way from our peaceful protest to federal firearms laws, and nobody has been threatened or hurt.  I do not see any justice in taking my home and put me on the street. At our age taking our property and our home, utterly destroys our lives. This is more than excessive.

We invested over 6 years of our lives in the courts, peacefully trying to correct the error that was made by this legislation, and Bruce is paying for this challenge by serving time in jail and loosing his livelihood.

I feel this act publicly bringing our “justice system” into Disrepute!

Is this democracy? Is this what the people want? Or are they simply trying to make a harsh example of anyone who dares challenge them in court?

Yours in Liberty

Donna Montague

P.S. Please take 3 minutes right now to write to the Attorney General for Ontario, Chris Bentley and ask him to drop these proceedings immediately.

Attorney General for Ontario Chris Bentley

Randy Hillier MPP,

if you are a resident of Ontario, please write your local MPP. Howard Hampton is my MPP

and your local newspaper.

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