Keith Gregory Wiens: Another BC Justice System Outrage

There’s nothing more heinous than a man murdering his wife, and nothing outrages the public more than releasing that [alleged] murderer on bail, apparently just because he’s an ex-RCMP member.

I’ve written alot about the double-standard for treatment of [alleged] criminals and ex-RCMP Corporal Keith Wiens is yet another stunning example of why British Columbia needs to get rid of the RCMP.

Were the [alleged] murderer you or me… you know… just some regular person, there wouldn’t be any hope of being released on bail.  The double-standard for RCMP treatment that applies even to their retired members comes to the rescue for Keith Wiens though, doesn’t it?  Like all RCMP members both past and present he’s just “a little more equal” than the rest of us.

Lynn Kalmring was allegedly murdered by her fiance, RCMP Corporal Keith Wiens

On August 16th, 2011 Lynn Kalmring was shot and killed in the home she shared with her fiance, ex-RCMP Corporal Keith Gregory Wiens.

Cause of Death: a single gunshot to the head.

Keith Wiens was arrested at the scene of the crime by Penticton RCMP members and despite the seriousness of the crime, it seems he’s been treated with kid gloves ever since.

His bail was set at a pathetic $50,000, which tells us exactly what figure the [in]Justice System places on Lynn Kalmring’s life.

That is beyond pathetic.  It is an outrage.

Like I said, you or I would be sitting in a jail cell until our trials in all probability.  We certainly wouldn’t be getting released on $50 grand bail after shooting our spouse in the head!

There’s nothing quite like the arrogance of a lawyer to point out the double-standard and then defend it.

This is what Corporal Wiens’ attorney Don Skogstad had the audacity to say to reporters:

This person spent all of his life obeying the law, and half of it enforcing the law,” said Skogstad.

If he can’t get bail, who can?

Well, I suppose from the family’s perspective, when you value the [alleged] murderer more than the murder victim, this line of reasoning  makes total sense.

Just a two months after [allegedly] murdering Lynn Kalmring, Wiens is “going home” to live in the scene of the murder.  I guess the RCMP doesn’t have an issue with the alleged perpetrator of the crime having full run of the crime scene.

Let me just say this.  I share the family’s outrage that this guy is back on the street as though nothing happened.  All outward appearances are that this special treatment is because he is an RCMP Corporal.

The conditions of his release are pretty onerous too…

He’s got to live at home and be supervised by his brother.


That’s gotta hurt!

I’ll bet Robert Picton wishes he could have been treated so… special before his trial.  The cops were at his house for years while he sat in a jail cell.

To quote “eyeswideopen”, who commented on this story in a post at,

So cause he was a cop he don’t have to stay in jail.  What kind of two tiered justice system is this?  Any one else would be sitting in jail until their trial came up .  But thats okay we trust him to be a good boy cause he was a cop.  Sickest justice system I have ever seen.

Justice Peter Rogers has a few things to answer for it seems.  The BC Supreme Court Justice made the decision to release Wiens on this postage-stamp bail for reasons nobody in their right mind can comprehend.

We are not able to comprehend either, because the good judge saw fit to ban the publication of his reasons for releasing the [alleged] murderer back into the community.

Brandy Cummings, Lynn Kalmring’s daughter, was more than a little upset by the ridiculous ruling, and understandably so.

My mother has absolutely no rights,” Cummings said outside the Kelowna Law Courts.

This is absolutely absurd. I think the judge was completely wrong and it just goes to show money can buy you freedom no matter what you do.”

Well said, Brandy.

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mother.  This will be one of hardest things you will ever go through.

You need to know that the good people in BC support you and your entire family in your outrage, even if the Justice System can’t comprehend their double-standard when it comes to dealing with cops, both past and present.


9 thoughts on “Keith Gregory Wiens: Another BC Justice System Outrage

  1. Here is a list of some people who have been charged with murder in B.C. and have been granted bail and none of them are RCMP . It’s not uncommon to let people convicted of murder out on bail.

    Kathrin Quinn , Gregory Barret , Thomas Allen Vaughan, Daniel and Matthew McRae , Anson Lloyd Schell . And of course Ruby Ann Ruffolo.

  2. Thank you for this article. I can tell you there are many details in this case that would make you sick and outraged. Due to publications bans and risk of comprimising the case I am not able to share those at this time. They will come out eventaully. We Lynns family appretiate all the love and support from across Canada….we are starting two petitions so that BAIL will never be granted again in a simalar situation. Stay tuned, as we plan to launch that campaign in the media in a few short weeks.

    Thanks Again!

  3. I am the oldest sister of Lynn Kalmring, the lady that was shot in the head by her common-law husband, an ex rcmp. Our family feels that our sister, mother, auntie and nana and best friend and daughter was murdered and that’s ok because the man who did it is an ex police officer. It is so wrong on so many levels! Our justice system is on the rocks. Do we have two sets of laws, one for the common people and one for the r c m p?

    How can we stand for this? It’s not right. My family is being treated like we did something wrong. We did and my sister did nothing wrong to deserve this treatment from our court system.

    I have lost faith in the law as it stands here in Canada. Canada is a nice place to commit murder. You have a better chance of going free than our family has hoping for justice.

    I am just sick. It makes no sense to me. God help us all!!!





  5. I am Lynn’s sister and this whole situation is so disturbing on so many levels. The type of gun that was used,the illegal bullets (I thought the gun and bullets were suppose to be in a locked secure place and not together) He seemed to have it waiting for my sister loaded and ready to shoot her in the face. NOT GUILTY plea is just absurd, he made the call, he said he did it, any questions???? Cover up, boys club, RMCP not sure what to beleive. Does it seem right that the RCMP investigate one of their own. They say he is not an rcmp anymore he retired 9 years ago, another question, a little early to retire isnt it? Another little coverup…but he still gets to collect his RCMP pension even if he goes to jail…hmmmm. I think they should put all the seniors in prison (they would then have the best medical, dental care, education, three meals a day all the activities they could ever imagine and its all FREE) Put the prisoners in nursing homes and see how long they would last and then they would have to pay for every little thing, even an aspirin for the criminal headaches….I am sick about the whole justice system and that judge that let him walk,,,wonder how long they have been friends. I will tell you exactly what that judge said when this is over,,smart to put a ban on it so the public wont be as outraged as we are after hearing his comments. Wonder how he sleeps at night? Maybe with a loaded gun at his bedside table too.

  6. I am Lynn’s sister and this whole thing STINKS. How does the RCMP invetigate the RCMP, oh yah he is retired over 9 years ago something a little fishy about that. Well he still collects an RCMP pension even if he goes to jail. He pled not guilty,,,ahhh he made the call, he said he did it…questions???? As for the judge I guess they were buddies, I will tell you the comments that judge made as soon as I can, he put a ban on it so the public wouldnt be outraged at his comments, dimissing my sisters death as if she was a nobody and that violence against women is acceptable??? Wonder how he sleeps at night, maybe with a loaded handgun by his bedside table. I thought that guns were to be locked up and the bullets in a different location?? Funny how the loaded gun was waiting for my sister who didnt stand a chance when she was brutally shot in the face. Justice my ass!!!!!!!!

  7. My heart goes out to your family. What a terrible tragedy. We have had an experience with the RCMP and the jusicial system that my daughter describes as an unspeakable betrayal. Our daughter Kathi, was severly beaten, had her estranged RCMP husband Staff Seargent Owen Wlodarczak, point his loaded RCMP revolver with a bullet loaded in the breech and 4 more in the chamber at her and then at his own head. All this took place with our two grandaughters ages 8 and 14 watching in horror. The aftermath of what my daughter and our family has had to endure with the RCMP and the judicial system is unbelievable.

    I know that your family is going to go through a very emotional time. We have endured the trial process and reaction from the RCMP and the sentencing of a very prominant RCMP Officer. (he was head of Interrogation and Polygraph for all of BC.) His guns had been taken away a year prior to this incident and given back with no investigation.

    Perhaps it’s time to put a stop to the disgusting way the victims are treated by the RCMP and the judicial system.

    I would like to attend the trial. Has a date been set? If you would like to talk to me about any of this please contact me at 250-768-5763. I live in Westbank.

  8. Why is a former member of the RCMP being singled out here? Murderers of all walks of life receive pardons under the judicial system in every province of Canada. Don’t pick on the RCMP just because the entire Force is faltering under poor leadership and political interference. No; I’m not a member nor ever have been in the Force, but for love of God, vent your wrath on the MP’s and MLA’s you have voted in for the last number of years. YOU gave them access to the public trough of cash and power without placing demands on them or even bothering to monitor their performance. Instead of petty bitching, get off your duffs and work hard at overhauling the politicians. There’s even a complaint here of using illegal bullets of all things!!! Who cares? Dead is Dead! Murderers don’t concern themselves with petty rules on guns and bullets!!! They are criminals Lady….they KILL PEOPLE .TRY’EM IF GUILTY..HANG’EM after the appeal period of ten years in prison. Canada spends to much time pussy footing and rehabilitateing at the cost of further lives.

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